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By asha3
Inspired by a landscape in Jigoku Shoujo

My first time drawing beach. *_*

done in photoshop cs2, with mouse.

*comments will make me happy!
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For hell it's really beautiful!
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WOW!!! very cool!!! good job!
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The moon is mesmerizing! :wow: And the waves on the sand and the lights create a dreamy amosphere. :heart:

Well done, my dear, you have a great talent! Keep on like this! :hug:
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Beuatyfull *,*
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lol... this sounds weird, but I actually like this even more than your normal work. You're really good at backgrounds. :D
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The landscapes really beautiful. Are those paper lanterns?
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woow I like it. I never designed a beach but maybe i can try, I like the waves too specially for your first time yo did a good job man (Y)(Y) but maybe you needed give a little blur to the frame beyond the rocks but looks good. trust me I'm a designer I paint mangas and I like this picture so I'm going to add to favorites
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SORRY ABOUT THE MAN THAT'S BECAUSE I always say that, is like an habit xD and I forgot that you are a woman sorry about it ;^;
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This is beautiful Asha! :heart:
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Thank you,D! XD
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This is great! I love the effect of the water and the lanterns. :)
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Thank you XD
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Such an emotional piece with the lanterns floating out to sea. I love the shades of purple and the way the clouds circle the moon. Very beautiful work! :heart:
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Glad you approve :D
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kayak gini pake mouse???bagus *__*
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iyah. Lautnya bikin tangan gempor hahaha
Hachiretsu's avatar
nee ini pake mouse atau tablet seh? :O
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mouse... Ane ga punya tablet. Ehehehe. cuma mouse logitech setia kuww
Hachiretsu's avatar
selama ini saia kira pake tablet.. oh NOES! :ohnoes:
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