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Blue Lovers: by Honey Canon

*Sasuke and Sakura (c) Masashi Kishimoto
*Drawing (c) Honey Canon

*Vector art & background by me.
*Done in Photoshop CS2
*Download for full size
* for a companion fic, click on this [link]

Tried another anime-style coloring... I like both, but doing it watercolor-style with soft colors are definitely faster. :lol:

Don't really like the background. *sulk* Please don't kill me if the prespective and the lightning is all over the place. I was stuck with it for days.... until I simply can't stand it anymore... *_*

Anyway, the BG is inspired by my dream house. Hahaha. I want a house with a lot of big and tall windows :love: It'd be bright in during the day ^_^

I still love the characters, though :love: Honey Canon's art is so squeeable! When I'm working on this, Sakura kept saying in my head:
"Ne, Sasuke-kun, your lips are a bit dry..." *hint* *hint*

Comments will make me happy ^_^
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This is amazing. I love it so much. :heart:
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SasukeXSandy Drawing Contest Open! hope u can enter!
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Ohh, Sasuke looks just so innocent and cute! OMG, I love so much how his face looks! This is amazing.
CrowMax's avatar
it's cool and well made xD
asha3's avatar
Ne, this is after she kicks his butt and he starts to respect her though right? Amazing art, love it.
sasusaku0213's avatar
LatifaDraws's avatar
coool pic :heart:___:heart:
ArtisttaLove's avatar
Whats 'ambiguous' Mean?(it was in ur fanfiction.)
asha3's avatar
means the sentence could have double meanings. ^_^
DAYUUUM, that puts thoughts in someone's head~! "Ne, Sasuke-kun, your lips are a bit dry."

"Oh fuck." XD Write a fanfiction to go along with this~~!!!! :D
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Awww you naughty!! Now that plot bunny got loose! Arrgh.. I wrote this until 4 AM... I shouldn't have checked my mail before going to bed. sigh.

The mission was supposed to be a piece of cake: Deliver a gigantic porcelain vase to Mr. Sakamoto's house. He's this old man who lives uphill just behind the Hokage mountain. It was supposed to be a simple, boring, D-ranked delivery mission that's so easy even Kakashi decided to leave it in their hands.

Sasuke still had a hard time figuring out how this ended up with him on top of Sakura with the vase's broken pieces scattered around them. Naruto was nowhere to be seen. The accident went too fast. He had been arguing with Naruto. The blonde idiot finally got fed up and swung his fists around. The dobe's hand slipped and the gigantic vase came stumbling towards their pink-haired teammate.

Sasuke's body reacted before he could think.

He should have saved the mission and caught the vase before it crashed to the floor. However, when he saw the terrified look on Sakura's face as the three feet tall porcelain vase came tumbling towards her, his body quickly changed its course. The next thing he knew he had literally pounced on her to the floor.

continue here: [link]
Ashen-Phoenix's avatar
Couldn't agree with you more, luv. :highfive:

Absolutely love your vectors, especially of this pair. :heart:
asha3's avatar
SasuSaku gives me inspirations ^_^
wow, cool, really good drawing ^^
only thing is that his left arm is a tad to thin, but you don't think about it too much when you see the drawing :D
asha3's avatar
hahaha. I didn't draw it, just tracing the original lineart. X) Drawing belongs to Honey Canon
oh, hehe xD well anyway xD
kurahns's avatar
awhh this is cuteee(:
where can i find some of Honey Canon's drawing? :D
asha3's avatar
uh.. i manage to snag the images from google hahaha. some came from a very old doujinsi scans.. i don't even remember the links.. sorry :(
kurahns's avatar
ahh, thats okay ^~^
starangel35's avatar
Ash, your colouring's so gorgeous!! Did you use a tablet to help you colour it? :heart:
asha3's avatar
^_^ No I did this with my mouse heheheh,
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