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Valley of Light by ash Valley of Light by ash
This is one I didn't submit earlier due to it having a massive lens flare across part of it. I eventually decided to remove the flare in photoshop, and while I was at it I fixed up the contrast using curves (the landscape is practically black in a straight scan), which also had the effect of intensifying the sky. So this is probably best viewed as an impressionistic rendering of the scene rather than a faithful recording (which doesn't really exist anyway, some would argue there are only different degrees of reinterpretation). I'm submitting it in the Digital Darkroom category, which is my way of saying that I've crossed some arbitrary personal mental line whereafter the image has been modified to the point of no longer being largely raw camera output. The end result captures something of the feel of the actual scene, which is the intention after all.

Glendalough, Ireland, September 2002
Canon EOS 300, Fuji Neopan 400, tripod, orange or red filter, lab, scanned neg, digital darkroom
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complex-a Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2002
Looks like a really nice scene, but it seems like the curves adjustments gave the whole image a sorta low-contrast feeling... It's always a pain to bring up certain areas while keeping the detail in the brighter areas... Anyway, it is a nice shot, so I'll shut up now. ;) (Wink)
katerina Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2002
how beautiful is this b/w shot. i like very much those sceneries in b/w. you re amazing.
kalayl Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2002
regardless of the manipulation, all you did was reveal what was there from the start really, just hidden to some degree, but on the negative nevertheless.
crunchsixfo3 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2002   Interface Designer
yes the graininess is very nice, i like the shot too, the only thing I could see improvement on is contrast. nice one
amphex Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2002
Beautiful shot..I love the graininess of this just seems to fit =) (Smile) Great work.
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October 5, 2002
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