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Three Flags by ash Three Flags by ash
By way of a slight change of scenery, another photograph of the Shree Swaminarayan Temple in Naesden, London. This one has been sitting on my desk for weeks so I thought I'd do something with it.

Canon EOS 300, 75-300mm, Fuji Neopan 400
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darkday Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2002
I really love all thos flags..... and the architecture of the building seems so hot!!!..........
nice one ;) (Wink)
dougbtn Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2002  Professional Photographer
If we are going for critique on this one> You and earther have obviously discussed colouring, my 2 cents is that I prefer it without the blueish screen as in this image. I was trying to follow a few pointers he gave me yesterday and he obviously knows his onions :-) (Smile)

Its ever so slightly not straight in the picture Blush Thats all from me. Now pack your bags and get down to Brighton on Saturday so we can challenge earther for candid colours of trannies :-) (Smile)
kalayl Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2002
Not so wild about this one as I am about your other work. And since dA is about learning from each other I'll tell you why :D (Big Grin)
You've focused on the three flags atop their respective towers. But if you look closely the repetition of the two flags and their tops are very very strong. I would love to see a composition that draws complete focus on the symmetry of those two towers. Now although two towers framed symetrically seems slightly cliched (and I'm not necessarily referring to 11/09) I think it would have made a very strong, bold and striking composition - especially with the contrast we both love putting into our pictures.
Am I out of line or talking nonsense? Enough ranting ;) (Wink)
earther Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2002
Your color is looking MUCH better. This one nearly works for me compositionally, if not for the top, blah blah. You cold bring out a bit more detail if you want tho by running a low level high pass. Say around 5-8. That would bring out the carvings a heck of a lot more... but that's just me. You probably realize by now that i usually blast out my detail and color, so all this is imho. :) (Smile)
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August 5, 2002
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