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The Youth of Today by ash The Youth of Today by ash
Two police officers apprehend a young hedonist and point out to him the errors of his ways.

Brighton Pride, Brighton, 10th August 2002
Canon EOS 300, Fuji Neopan 400

[edit] ok I'm going to have to come clean (no pun intended) and confess that I misrepresented the cops for the sake of a funny caption :) (Smile) they were actually trying to help the guy, he was out of his tree. but it was funnier my way, dammit
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kenzie Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2002
did he roll in some poo? hehe great picture. he doesnt look too young, but he does look off his tree, as you so charmingly put it. hehehehe cops in hats. cops in hats are the best kind- if there is after all a best kind. i love this shot and the caption if for no other reason than i got a 90dollar ticket for jaywalking on a street with no traffic once. so laughing at police is something i've payed for. rock on!!!!!!!
adixion Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2002
great capture!

ladida Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2002
LOL i like your way more!
this photo also reminds me some old humoristic movies!
Nice pic ash :-) (Smile)
noplan Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2002
Why are they touching him? Are they allowed to do so? Anyway great shot
at this moment!!!!!
sselfless Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2002   Photographer
I often muddy myself up and claime that I'm jesus.

wonderful picture though, great capture of a moment.
wasp123 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2002
Your keeping it real,Ash...........Great image.
ash Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2002
misteriddles is right -- they were stabilising the situation 'cos the guy was clearly in way over his head (and I'm not referring to the mud) -- they had his best interests at heart. I couldn't resist the caption though :) (Smile)
narang99 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2002
Fantastic! Just the stuff, i expect from you, i love the photo, it captures so much emotions, very nice, +fav
kalayl Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2002
Lovely bit of awesome journalistic work here! You were in the right place at the right time. The angle makes ya almost feel like you're a third cop (not willingly tho ;) (Wink) ) Nice work dude!
dougbtn Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2002  Professional Photographer
Heres what actually happened in this shot. The guy had been rolling around in the mud, half blinded and desperate for a spliff he grabbed the nearest person and asked them to roll one for him from the gear in his bag..... oops, bad choice of candidate rofl

Fantastis picture Ash
dmon Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2002
Great catch and description :) (Smile)
katerina Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2002
a "moment" capturer again....your work is incredible...all of your subjects have something which always makes me to wait for the next one to come immediately...great Ash...
yam Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2002
Beautiful capture ash; you've quite refined this to an art.

I don't know what to say... your photos keep getting more interesting, and they're dripping with reality. It's great. You have an ability to integrate yourself into a scene and venture where most of us can't (or lack the bravery to).

The description makes me giggle.
misteriddles Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2002   Photographer
Actually, they look like they're asking him if he's feeling alright.

Good capture.
doornumber13 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
hey Teachers..leave those kids alone!

great shot..made me think of that song.
jmcc Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2002
Interesting. What's the offense of being shirtless and covered in mud, though?

British policepeople always look so silly, though. =) (Smile)
lord-zany Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2002
That is a great moment, although..... those are some of the ugliest hats ive ever seen. ;-) (Wink)
back2mine Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2002
great moment :) (Smile)
Errare humanum est, ignoscere divinum...
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