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The Round Tower by ash The Round Tower by ash
The round tower, one of several buildings at Glendalough probably dating from between the 10th and 12th century.

Glendalough, Ireland, Sept 2002
Canon EOS 300, Fuji Neopan 400, red filter, lab, scanned neg
Criticism welcome
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waterboy Featured By Owner May 18, 2003   Photographer
I love those clouds and the foregoround images!
The b&w adds a lot to this image, gives it a dark feel it. =D (Big Grin)
syragon Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2003
misteriddles Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2002   Photographer
great view; cool contre jour. Love it.
redux Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
hehe...i'm a canon/max person as well. verunec is outgunned ;) (Wink)
excellent high contrast and rich texture in the sky. the bird is distracting, however...looks like a speck of dirt at first.
verunec Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2002
Haha! Too funny: the eternal battle between max an lw rofl
Remembers me the other one: nikon-ists vs canon-ists. Dear Ash, me and you we fight on the opposite sides on both :) (Smile)
ash Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2002
Evil lightwave -- you should use Max! But wait, then you'd have no time to write... ;) (Wink)
Yes I agree, it does lack something. Detail in the foreground is a possibility. I have another version with more detail, but in that one the sky is overexposed and perhaps also genuinely less interesting. At any rate I didn't intend for the foreground to be completely silhouetted, it's just a result of the high contrast. I could try to work some more magic in photoshop and see what I can manage. And yes the bird could definately be bigger; to be honest I didn't even see it at the time.

verunec Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2002
Back to your 'old' dark photograghy :) (Smile)

The composition works very well here.
Just a thing: this picture is lacking of something really interesting. Maybe with some detail in the shadows? Boh. I dunno. The point of higher interest for me is the black bird in the sky, but too little to became the protagonist.
It's a good photo of course, but it's like if there are no reason to look at for a long time.

[hope what I'm writing make a sense, both for the language and the thoughts, you know I'm busy these days, I write while I'm waiting the end of some renderings in Lightwave, sorry :) (Smile) ]
narang99 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2002
Love the silhouette effect, brings the best out of the photograph, very nice stuff,
mcismowski Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2002
cool sky, cool silhouette, cool bird.
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October 1, 2002
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