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Tequila by ash Tequila by ash
As a warmup for the series of San Antonio shots I'll hopefully be submitting from tomorrow, here's a photo taken in a Mexican bar/restuarant called Navajo Joe's near Covent Garden here in London. Note of course that the conception, sculpture, styling and lighting are all someone else's work -- but it's a nice scene and I thought y'all might like to see it ;) (Wink) The place has around 240 different types of tequila, which can't be a bad thing

Canon EOS 300, 28-90mm
Fuji Provia 400F
handheld somewhat drunkenly in low light
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misteriddles Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2002   Photographer
What a weird lookin' critter!
Well done given the lack of tripod. :) (Smile)
wasp123 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2002
Wonderfull image Ash.
The colours are great.
noplan Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2002
Creepy! I like it though more sharpness would be nice...but people look always so stupid if you take a tripod inside a bar ;-) (Wink)
gestik Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2002
240 kinds of tequilla can't be a bad thing?

oh yes it is!!
nice shot
ash Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2002
flash is pretty evil because it overpowers the natural lighting of the scene (and in many night scenes, like this one, the existing lighting is very important to the shot). so in general I shoot night scenes with the flash off and use long exposures to get enough light into the camera. ideally this is best done with a tripod to keep the camera steady, but failing that you have to use wide apertures to keep the exposure times as short as possible and hold the camera as steady as you can, which is what I did here. I think this pic was shot with an aperture of about f5.6 and an shutter speed of about half a second.
phoenix2k Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2002  Professional General Artist
A little blurry, but there's something about it that cought my eye. Maybe the colors, maybe the lighting, maybe the tequila bottle in the background, who knows :D (Big Grin)

Great shot either way :) (Smile)

I tried taking pictures in dark conditions with the EOS 300, but most of them failed miserably (except the ones taken at a short distance of the object or person).

I guess I'll have to invest in a better flash than the one embedded in the camera. Only problem is that they cost quite a bit and I don't have a penny to my name right now so it'll have to wait :-p

Take care man and keep on taking those great photos. I've got much to learn from people like you :) (Smile)

kalayl Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2002
Hey ash - welcome back dude!!!!! Cool picture.
dougbtn Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2002  Professional Photographer
Hees baaacck. Welcome home ! (?) Hug Ill have to get to the pictures later :-) (Smile)
back2mine Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2002
oh aye, i remember this one ;) (Wink)
nice shot. captures the spirit.
narang99 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2002
very cool stuff,reay like the horn
katya Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2002   Traditional Artist
Yup that's Texas art alright! *slams boot down on sawmill floor* This is a good view of the artwork... nice shot! So did you suck back the margaritas or what? And that good Tex-Mex food:) (Smile) You know, if there are only 2 people in a car, and one of them farts, they both know who did it! Laughing
adixion Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2002
beatiful dark!
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July 30, 2002
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