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Sons of Temperance by ash Sons of Temperance by ash
Southwark, London, November 2002
Canon EOS 300, Fuji Neopan 400 rated 250, scanned neg
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acrophile Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2002   Photographer
Nod Beer before Liquor; will get you sicker Nod
ash Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2002
*blush* thanks. Well, technical perfection, I'm not so sure .. like in this shot the guy in the foreground is blurred, simply because I was forced to shoot with slow shutter speeds due to lack of light. As it happens he's not the subject so with hindsight it seems like a good thing since in a way it hints to the viewer that the subject is something else. But really I was just lucky, since it didn't occur to me that he was going to be blurred at the time. As usual he just happened to walk past as I lined up the shot, so in the great tradition of street photography I pushed the shutter without thinking.

I'm by nature quite a technically-minded guy so it's natural for me to pay a bit of attention to the technical details when shooting. Often there are only a few variables that are actually important in each shot and the rest can be largely left to chance. So I guess it's a matter of experience, and learning from your mistakes, to know which factors to watch for in each situation.

To be fair I also often rely on the EOS's autoexposure modes (ie. aperture priority mode), like in this shot, so that important part of the technical process is safely out of my hands :) (Smile) The autoexposure mode is very hard to beat and in most situations it turns out near-perfect exposures. Occasionally I dabble with manual exposure control (in manual mode), but I'm not too good at that yet. Which is great because there is stuff to learn.

I also reckon (as I've said before in these comments) that scanning the negatives really helps a lot. It's all very well having near perfect exposures on the negative (thanks to the camera) if the stupid print machines at the local drugstore decide, on some electrical whim, to underexpose or overexpose the prints. Also, prints have a lower dynamic range and often fundamentally can't represent the entire exposure range of the original negative. So by scanning the negs I cut out those unknowns and print-based limitations and can control the way the shot looks without suffering under- and overexposure introduced by printing.

As for literature I haven't really read very much. I've read my camera manuals quite well and also a book called The Negative by Ansel Adams, it's part of a trilogy with the other books being called The Camera and The Print. The Negative is mainly about manual exposure control, with some coverage of developing, lighting and filters. I would definately recommend it as a good technical introduction to exposure control, but it's not a quick how-to, so it may not be for everybody. I presume The Camera is also worth reading for an introduction to general camera technicalities, but I haven't read it myself.

Oh yeah to answer the other question a temperance society is a tee-totallers society, ie. people who don't drink alcohol. The name is quite old, from the late 1800's I think. There was a trend towards temperance societies around then, amid general social fears over the effects of alcohol on society, culminating in the prohibition of alcohol during Prohibition in the US between 1920 and 1933 (I think). Prohibition led directly to the rise of organised crime (Mafia, bootleggers, gangster culture, etc) in the States at that time. A failed social experiment, if ever there was one, and a lesson in the pointlessness of laws against human nature that we have still failed to entirely learn.

Well enough ranting from me :) (Smile)
king-kong Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2002   Photographer
the technical perfectness in every photo you take never ceases to amaze me.

how do you do it? can you recommend literature?

doornumber13 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
really cool angle...i like the motion of the man below adds alot in my opinion...goood job
selahhesed Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2002   Photographer
Heheh like the angle ;-) (Wink) great shot !
spoco2 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2002
OK, I have to ask... who are the 'Sons of Temperance Friendly Society'?

Nice shot, great clarity and contrast as usual... very nice... :) (Smile)
jmcc Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2002
Great ideological contrast right there, as well as a good depiction of who is winning the war of moderation v. binging, whether the drug of choice is alcohol or media. You barely even notice the opposition force over in the corner . . . .

I like the angled orientation of the image, as well. Gives a good twist to a scene that otherwise would've been a might bland. I like how the billboard is resting on one corner on the bottom of the photo.

Good image. =) (Smile)
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November 21, 2002
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