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Soho 13-04-02 3 by ash Soho 13-04-02 3 by ash
Taken in the Starbucks on Shaftesbury Avenue, London. My studio, you understand :) (Smile) bit crowded at times though.. and in this case I had to wait for the model's large male companion to approach the counter before I could sneak in some crafty shots. She really was beautiful, staring out the window in the warm afternoon sunlight ... or maybe it was just the caramel macchiato.

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king-pelvis Featured By Owner May 22, 2002
Eh? No comments? Didn't I comment on this before? Hmmm. Well... I only write something once in a while when I'm not so pissed at the world that I'll just butcher anything I see or just plainly give people death treats. Sorry.
Well... let's see... where should I begin... It's lovely. She's lovely. You know this yourself of course... after all you spent extra time nurturing this shot in order to make the alternative cropped version. I like this version. There is... more room to think for her. Space and light in front of her. I never like cropped versions anyway once I've seen the whole thing. I feel that the more you crop, the more energy you lose within the frame.
By the way... I appreciate that you write about the circumstances sometimes, in which these images were concieved. Gives me hope to know that I'm not the only one worried about being seen or "caught in the act". If you think of us in terms of "regular" people and their behaviour, there's really something wrong with us, isn't there? We're a bit perverse. Half of our perversion lies not only in the fact that we sneak up on people and steal their souls, but also in the paradox that we are often actually a lot purer than them in thought. The look on a young womans face of fear if you have ever had to tell her that you were photographing her as if she was the star of an animated Disney movie and were dancing with a dress while the sunlight formed warm streaks around her, embracing her... The look of horror... It would have been a lot better to say "well... no reason really... you just looked shaggable". There is so little beauty left in the world. So little time to think. In this photo (remember the photo? This is a comment to the photo) there is.
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April 20, 2002
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