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Skategirl by ash Skategirl by ash
A young girl skating at Meanwhile Park. She has actually featured in two of my previous shots from this skatepark, Skater chic [link] and Skate [link] . Clearly I can't resist :) (Smile)

Meanwhile Park, Westbourne Park, London, Sept 2002
Canon EOS 300, Fuji Neopan 400, lab, scanned as colour neg
Criticism? Sė, buon.
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c3d Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2002
Very Cool, I love the blurring :D (Big Grin)
mclaranium Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2002
ABSOLUT skating Absolut Deviant!
narang99 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2002
Very nice! the pan works very well in this photograph, it's a perfect example of the effect,
Dam, all yah are posting such great stuff, i need to catch up, he he
noplan Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2002
Cool shot I like this one very much..they blurring fits very well. Looks like she´s riding on the Photo;-) (Wink)
yosemite Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2002
I feel as if I needed this today... Very nice. I almost feel as if this is just one moment in that girl's life, but one perhaps that shows how she may LIVE her life.

Thanks ;')
birchlane Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2002

A girl on a skateboard.

A FAV> I just LUV it/her/you.
ash Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2002
Thanks guys.

Yeah the panning: I didn't deliberately pan as such, but I was tracking her as she moved, in the second or so when I lined up the shot, so in that sense the panning was inevitable. I was shooting in aperture priority mode late on a cloudy day and the camera presumably chose a slowish shutter speed to get in enough light. By fortunate accident the shutter speed happened to be enough to get her face fairly sharp while leaving the background and the rest of her body blurred. I love the effect but can't claim to have exactly planned it; I don't even know what shutter speed the camera chose but I expect it was about 1/10s or 1/20s or something like that. On a sunny day the pic would have been perfectly sharp, and all the more boring for it.

The flame: hell yeah what is that? I hadn't even noticed the stuff above her head, but I did notice the whisps behind her hair to the right. At first I assumed it was scratches on the neg but after trying to clone it away I decided it was perhaps a genuine part of the image. Kinda fortunate in a way since it outlines her head.
kalayl Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2002
I like what you've done with the panning. I'm not sure excactly what you did, but it appears to have worked. Her face looks almost still, while different parts are in varying states of movement. The framing is GREAT.
One thing I cannot make out or explain is the "flame" above her head? It looks way cool.
verunec Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2002
"Sė, buon" ?!?! Are you learning the italian language? Better, the neapolitan slang?

Btw, nice application of the 'panning' technique (I hope it has the same meaning in english: taking a picture while moving the camera to run after the subject)
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September 24, 2002
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