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Silvermine One by ash Silvermine One by ash
Clouds forming behind a ridge
Silvermine, Western Cape, South Africa, February 2002
Canon EOS 300, Fuji Neopan 100 ACROS
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rancidlisterine Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2003
love the shadows. stunning shadows. The clouds add another nice effect that wouldnt have been there if the clouds wernt. you have a good eye. i like youre eye.
-skin- Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2003
very nice pic... b&w it looks always great... =D (Big Grin)
ash Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2003
All my capetown shots were developed by Orms in capetown, the best photolab I've ever used.

Heh yeah I have been boning up on the (Adams) zone system, although this particular shot was shot in aperture priority mode with the the EOS 300's evaluative exposure mode (ie. no spot metering or exposure compensation, exposure decided entirely by the camera). Canon's auto exposure system is very hard to beat. But doing it yourself is a lot more fun, so I use the zone system when the exposure is critical to the shot, and when I can be bothered. Because the EOS evaluative exposure mode is so good, the main advantage of the zone system for me is that it brings me that much closer to the art of the picture: actively making choices about the tones of the subject rather than leaving them up to the inscrutable whims of the Canon engineers. And, occasionally the EOS does get it wrong, and then it's nice to be able to do it right.
narang99 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2003
Amazing contrast!!!!! where do you get your film devloped????
And perfect metterting, been reading up on Ansel Adams?

very good work.....

Me have a new pick....

Nepoan 100iso.....For slow subjects
Kodak 400iso---For Jounlism......
Nepoan 1,600iso for fast b&w
bookdiva Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2003
I'm such a texture fiend, and this is texture heaven. I love the contrasts of tone/light, nice formations and flow, wonderful shadows, so well done, as always.
ceah Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2003
Beautiful shot. I love the black and white look of it.
adixion Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2003

rocks!!!!!!!!!! & roll

contrast, textures

so good!
stevesm Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2003
Consistently good work. Your stuff always reminds me of Ansel Adams. :-) (Smile)
bozaman Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2003
my last comment should have said ...terrific contrast...

oops, my bad!
bozaman Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2003
this is incredibly well done. terrific contract, tonality and the composition is perfect.

Thumbs Up
moonsparked Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2003
the detail is stunning. composition. everything. incredibly beautiful.
ikarikun Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2003
I come back to devianart and I find this wonderful picture. the texture on the rock is amazing. the fact that the picture has a very equal and yet varied tonal range is top notch. the sky being dark, yet light, in contrast to the bottom beinf light yet dark. my nonesense has spoken. nice work.
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March 14, 2003
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