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Silhouettes Two by ash Silhouettes Two by ash
Wong Keis on Wardour Street, Chinatown, London, April 2003
Canon EOS 300, Fuji Neopan 1600
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misteriddles Featured By Owner May 10, 2003   Photographer
I like the 'junk' mentioned earlier. Part of the value of documentary photographs like this is in seeing the incidentals, the mise en scene, after time goes by.
99gnome Featured By Owner May 2, 2003
gread shot. i love the overexposed background and the grain - wow!
redux Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
stunning...simply stunning. i'm in love with those overexposed, grainy shots of yours. a nice slice of real life, wonderfully composed.
brain-of-j Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
oooh, how cool. i can't quite think of the word that describes this the way i want to... but i feel like i'm watching this guy's life totally undetected. it's almost intrusive... but it's cool. it's so lonely, too. eating all alone like that. and the starkness you portray with the high contrast... very cool. and since i can't see his face... he's just an anonymous stranger.... i like this.
lord-zany Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2003
yea the exposure makes this ordinary picture superb. great work.
spiffyman Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2003
I dont like how the man's silhouette blends in with the background... (especially at the bottom-front of his face). And the scene seems plain... or maybe too busy (though the simplification of the background is nice... the left side of the image has "junk" in it... the plant and the wall behind the man is also distracting. I might have tried a vertical orientation, with the boundaries of my view on the two chairs (the man's and the empty one in front of him)... and maybe found an angle so that the man had nothing emerging from his face. ;) (Wink)

Really... I can't be the true judge of all that... I wasnt there.
Thanks for listening.
inlezorn Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2003
yeah what everyone said =D (Big Grin) Nice picture, Ash, really. Everybody else has already said all the nice stuff though=( (Sad) I must come up with something silly or profound to say! The pressure is wretched!!!!! LOL Man eating with one chopstick goes hungry. That is my stab at profoundness Giggle because it looks like he only has one chopstick or a straw! Maybe he is going to suck up his food through a straw!!!! That would be the silly part=D (Big Grin)

Hug for Ash Hug
bookdiva Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2003
I love the silhouette, nice tones in the foreground, high contrasts/over exposure in the background, well done, lovely and meditative.
ash Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2003
yes I like that idea
dougbtn Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2003  Professional Photographer
It might have been moodier with a third cropped from the right and top, but thats just me :-) (Smile)
stayorgo Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2003   Photographer
Wonderful capture, very candid. Love the tones and the grain, nice work.
hyazinth Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2003
I like the shot. Great Atmosphere!
stevesm Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2003
Interesting candid shot. I like the overexposed background :-) (Smile)
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April 30, 2003
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