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Saturday 30 November 10 by ash Saturday 30 November 10 by ash
This little scene in the park caught my eye.

Surrey Quays, London, November 2002
Canon EOS 300, Agfa Scala 200x rated 250 dev 400, scanned slide
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saaby Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2002   Photographer
Only one small critique. The ball is overexposed... if you dodged it just a little it would be perfect. Nice eye.
mcismowski Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2002
i can't really think of anything interesting to say about this. it reminds me of a creek that i used to live by, but there were more discarded shopping carts in it than anything else (except maybe shampoo bottles).
akasleep Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
such long comments above
I like this and added to [link]
narang99 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2002
wee, good read here! I asked that, cause i'm trying to think as photography diffrentley....We dont notice it, but what we take behind the camera, can be expressive, if you look depper, you can sometimes find a msg to it, thats why i asked you, cause stuff like ''watch this space'', that bike one, and a copule of them,, were object alone, and was i was wondering if your mood effected you photography, i've been reasrching, on stuff like this, like most of the best artist were manic deppresives, trying to figgiure out, the human logic, yah, i hear you about that, in school, i havent talken to most of my classmates, but you have to put yourself, out, i'll probley be with them for 2 years, and only get to know, 2 or 3! at the least, me being the youngest one, they think i'm less meture and a baby.....there all in the 30's and shit. So i have to try extra hard to fit in. But it's all good. I thought pepole fell more self belife in themselfs the older they got? i thought felling like no ones loves you was a teenages thing, there 10million pepole out there, and we pass eachother everday, we dont know what pepole felll inside, someone can be smileing but crying inside. Thats everwhere in the world, some parts of the worls, they do smile, they have a sence of belife in themself. Here it is hard to, it's so hard to make money, keep paying rent, paying for food, Paying for a loads if crap, it's hard to have a smile...esp photographer, i've meet a some jountlist, and there very sentive quiet pepole, it's not about photography, fuck that! it's ony a light box, it's how you fell, and see the world. Like this photograph, you saw this picture, if i walked by it, i would probley not notice it, and take a photo of a tree.....The thing with photography, and jounlism, is to see, expression in pepoles face, to try to capture it. Yes, i agree with you, man, Photography is my escape, but it drives me insane sometimes, if i mess up, i fell as if i had not expressed my vision, i will never be happy with my photography, if i was, i would never try harder, da is probly an escape for me, films are cool, to, but i like to watch somthing that when i go away from it, i learn somthing, somthing about life. Not just see a load of peole killing eachother. Being a photographer is hard work, i hate it sometimes, but i realy couldnt see myself doing anything else, i wanna do more self expressive work........A great photograph, never needs to explain himself, he speaks with his eyes!

he he, i like to have disscustion, and a great photograph or pice of art in my eyes, dose that. yah the weather sucks, better get that 1600 iso!!! out! yah havent used afga, did once, but the results came out not bad. Looking back at the photo it looks i-red. thats cool, laterz
em-t Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2002
Great picture, but I'd like to comment on your comment more then your picture.

The fact that you don't know you neighbor, or the fact that 10 million people surround you who you could give a damn about is really not such a big deal. Consummerism if you look to the past is notsome weird thing either. Now where should I start.

Work is all that should matter to you, its generaly what you will spend the most of your time and and should give you the greatest satisfaction 2nd to love. Everything other then work and love are trivially, don't joke yourself and try and finding some meaningful thing to do with your free time, that's is not the point of free time. You have free time to relax your mind and body, so you cna work again, it's as simple as that. Shopping, television, movies, all mindless activities that dervive entertainment; simple pleasures. Great intellectual accomplishment and satisfaction comes at a steep cost and generaly leaves a person exhausted. COnsumerism isn't naything new, look at the romans. Theatre = well our modern day play houses. Movies, particularly action movies = gladiators slaughtering jews, christians and any other slave ( wtaching arnold schwarzenegger or James bond kill be with abandon is infinitely more civilized). Shopping has existed ever since free time, Kings hoarded treasures we buy more clothing and trinkets then we need, we just have companies providing these thigns for us, we don't need to conquer neighboring lands for new junk. Anyhow do you really want to know your neighbors? I mean I understand the logical idea that you should know the people in the apartments surrounding you, sicne they're really never more then 30 feet away from you when your home. Do you really wanan know the guy blasting terrible house music, the lady with 6 cats, the leather clad gay biker guy, the lanky guy who gives you a serial killer vibe, or the timid girl who smells like old books. Do your eall want to know these people, probably not, but if you do whats stopping you from talking to them? I live in Philadelphia, not quite the size of London, but i spend alot of time in New york as well. Yes its odd to get over the fact that you're surrounded by so many people and it cna be a little alienating, but you get over it eventually. The only thing intresting or important about someone is the job they perform, thats why every date you've ever been on the most important question you ever ask is "so, what do you do for a living" Everything else is bullshit becasue well free time is trivial, its mind numbing, but thank god it is or else we'd all go fuckin nuts.
ash Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2002
diffrent film eh?! looks good, some of your images capture issolation, do you fell that way???????

Yeah, my first roll of Agfa Scala. Nice, isn't it? I could get used to it. For what it's worth all of these images scanned much better than the neopan usually does -- they looked good straight off the scanner whereas with neopan I can usually improve the raw scan a lot with levels and curves.

Isolation. Wow, yeah they do, don't they. I've never really given it much thought but now that you mention it, it's obvious. Probably it's more true in Winter than in Summer -- my mood is affected a lot by the weather and the lack of light. London in Winter often seems like a grim place to be.

But that isolation is also part of my view of London itself. Ten million people on your doorstep, but that just means you don't know your neighbours (today I had the longest conversation with my neighbour I've ever had -- on the bus, all of about 5 minutes). There's a line from a Cure song (of all things) that sums it up: I live with desertion/And eight million people. Everyone's a consumer and everything is a product. There isn't really much genuine quality of life, just lots of stuff to buy and consume. Whenever anyone goes out they treat it as a consumerist expedition, like they can only have fun if they spend money and get something to take home in a plastic bag with a shopname on the side. And they have to arrange it a week in advance and write it in their diaries. I meet all my friends at restaurants, at the movies, in bars. I can't remember the last time I just randomly phoned someone up and went round to hang out and talk shit. I miss that.

I love London for its interest and variety but I wouldn't want to live here forever, it would eventually drain the life out of me, or else turn me into something I wouldn't want to be. The important things in life have nothing to do with how much stuff you can buy or how many different films you can choose from on a Friday night. But buying stuff and watching films are always pleasant distractions, which I guess is partly why I'm still here. And of course I get to document it all, which is fun :) (Smile)

Thanks for bringing that up, it's an important point.
ride Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2002   Photographer
ooooh! nice shot!
narang99 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2002
diffrent film eh?! looks good, some of your images capture issolation, do you fell that way???????
amphex Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2002
Very nice shot.
It really evokes some great emotions of lonliness and sadness for some reason =) (Smile)
I love it.
katerina Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2002
this is really interesting Ashy....i also thought in the thumbs that it was a nightshot....he he he .... very nice...
pondering42 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2002   Photographer
i don't know so much about abandoned as lost. either way, it's a great shot!
lobsterclaws Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2002
Interesting, I thought at first it was the night sky with the moon from the thumb. Has a great lonely abandoned feeling.
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