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Saturday 30 November 06 by ash Saturday 30 November 06 by ash

After a while I got back on the bus and went a short way down the road before getting off again when things started to look interesting. I chose a dodgy looking alleyway at random and, after crossing a park, following some signs to the Thames Path and walking for a few blocks, found myself at a small park with an ornamental pond. The park was lined with trees and next to it was this impressive brick building.

Surrey Quays, London, November 2002
Canon EOS 300, Fuji Neopan 400 rated 250, scanned neg
ash Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2002
Cheers. I use a CanoScan FS4000US, the 4000dpi Canon beast. It was a bit of an outlay (credit card still in shock) but it's a great scanner.

Scanning the slides/negs rather than machine prints has made an enormous difference to the visual quality of my output, not only in terms of obvious things like resolution and noise, but more subtley in terms of being able to make use of all the exposure range on the neg rather than whatever limited range the machine prints happened to contain.

I really can't say this enough (to everyone in general) -- if you're scanning machine prints you're doing your photography a massive injustice.

The only time I would willingly scan a photographic print is if I had printed the print myself by hand (which I don't) and so had control over the shadow and highlight detail of the print. And all of that control can be gained, with more precision and ease and much less expense, by scanning the negs and using photoshop to handle the scanned image. To me the only good reason to print an image photographically is for the sheer thrill of mastering the craft, which is certainly valid but not something I aspire to at the moment.

Well this has turned into a rant as usual hasn't it :) (Smile)
redux Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
the diagonal composition is so dynamic...
great sharp detail and contrast, and a perfect, distinctive location. fantastic ! +fav
incidentally, what scanner do you use ?
ZirTuan Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
Ah, my perceptive vision! Nice angle shot, love the black and white, giving off that feeling of lost in a dream.
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