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Saturday 30 November 04 by ash Saturday 30 November 04 by ash

Shot this one in the same area as the last one. Another random flattened-perspective street shot that I can't readily explain :) (Smile) I'll leave it to you to make of it what you will.

These are all EOS 300, Neopan 400 rated 250, scanned neg, as usual
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corporatewhore Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2003
beautiful this definitely caught my eye at first glance, theres something about modern pop culture in graphic design that i adore. i love the contrast in both the photo and the generation. i love the textures and the glossy vs gritty. i can't decide whether or not I would have preferred more of the background of the foregroud, i suppose this is fine because it is a very well composed photograph. great eye
misteriddles Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2002   Photographer
I'll put up my hand for TG's talents as well ...

but this pic is the real subject at hand.

Good isn't it? Love these urban lanscapes, ash.
This stands as a symbol for urban life really: the entertainment serves as a beautifying distraction from the decrepit realities (which are beautiuful too in their own way).

mcismowski Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2002
Terry Gilliam is one of my favorite directors, and animators for that matter. You can pretty much watch anything by Gilliam and come away without feeling like you just wasted 2 hours. Another great one by him is "The Fisher King".
ash Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2002
I must see it -- from what I've heard and since it's directed by Terry Gilliam (Twelve Monkeys, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and .. er .. Baron Munchhausen I believe) it should kick ass
mcismowski Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2002
i love how everything is layered. the posters on the wall, and the wall on the strange brick-work behind. it sort of reminds me of a scene in the movie "Brazil" where a wall of advertisements on both sides of a road keep drivers from seeing the dead and polluted land on the other side. i guess you have to have seen the movie to know what i'm talking about though.
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November 30, 2002
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