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Rooi Els by ash Rooi Els by ash
A fynbos covered valley near Rooi Els
Western Cape, South Africa, February 2003
Canon EOS 300, Fuji Neopan 100 ACROS
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lizzerds-lair Featured By Owner May 1, 2006
I am actually loving this one. It's interesting from the bottom to the top - the shapes of the shadows in the bushes up the variety of shades in the valley towards the scooping shape of the distant dark mountain. The whole photo is balanced, and in the right direction, so that as my eye moves upwards it feels like it's actually taking in the depth of the landscape. I can feel the distance.
I am thinking you like Ansel Adams. I do.
koop72 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2004
I find so much can be found in the colour of nature and admire your ability to totally break my thoughts. you have found beauty in the light and dark, the shadows the starkness and purely the forms of your surroundings. kudos.

lovely work +fav.
deflowered Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2004
this is one of my favourite place in cape town

it is so green now after the rains we've

very nice photograph
claritydesign Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2003
Rooi Els, must mean 'red mountain' in Africaan's eh? Or something like that.

My brother-in-law is from J'burg, though he lives here in England now. I should be going across to Cape Town and J'burg this Christmas to visit my relatives.

The thing I really like about this shot, is your decision to include a lot of the foreground. I guess it would have been easy to really get in tight on the mountain to capture that sense of the dramatic, but this angle has far more impact.

The fynbos seems to get everywhere, it looks a bit like heather. Certainly as nicely captured shot.
getcarter Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2003   Photographer
Fantastic intense imagery, great shot!
skepeffe Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2003
Everyone seems to think it's a lonely feeling photo, but I find it to be more adventurous and challenging, looking at what is now to what's ahead with determination.

I think this one is so much better than some of the others. The detail can be seen with one glance, and that's some mighty fine detail too! :) (Smile) Love the positioning that contributes to the message. Though I wish the wind wouldn't have blown some of the bushes, but who can control such a thing? =p (Razz)

Lovely shot, as always! :) (Smile)
nenya Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2003
Lovely texture and tonality. Good composition too. Excellent use of great depth of field.
spoco2 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2003
Stunning composure... really stunning
narang99 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2003
ME OFF to sleep...

Very nice, like the contrast and the compostion, you fitted in everthing in....
katya Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2003   Traditional Artist
This looks inviting to me for some reason, maybe because there are no people there:) (Smile)
fili Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2003
lovely view, i like the sharpness here, its focused on every ground.
excellent as always :) (Smile)
rancidlisterine Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2003
so detailed! you can almost fall into it. Like it. wonderful detail.
stevesm Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2003
What a shot. Superb. I'd love to look for insects there :-) (Smile)
spiffyman Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2003
I like the contrast of the foreground... I wish the background had a little more contrast... it looks just a little flat back there. Anyhow... it is a beautiful image.
ridethestars Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
beautiful capture!
greenalex Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2003   Photographer
Very, very Nice! :) (Smile)
echo-si Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2003   Writer
the texture alone is just amazing, and paired with the composition... wow ^_^
Fantastic shot!
andsoitburns Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2003
fucking amazing....soo lonely....looks like new mexico
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March 15, 2003
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