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Ribbon Dancer by ash Ribbon Dancer by ash
Dougbtn suggested we go to Brighton Pride, a gay and lesbian festival, to photograph the fairies. So I whipped out the trusty neopan and provia (trannies on trannies, you might say) and caught the train down to Brighton. The weather was a bit grey when I left London but Doug assured me "it's always sunnier in Brighton". Sure enough, five miles out of Brighton the sky darkens and we hit the rain, it's lashing it down. Like the slacker I am I skulked around in the town center drinking cocktails until the sun came out, so to speak. I ended up getting to the carnival at about four in the afternoon, having escaped the rain but not the mud. There were still probably five to ten thousand people there, and the light, as you can see, was fantastic. Ended up having a great time as well as managing to take the occasional pic. This shot was taken in the early evening.

Brighton Pride 2002, Preston Park, Brighton
Canon EOS 300, Fuji Provia 400F, scanned from the slide
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ash Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2002
tell me about it -- I got some lesbian mud wrestling action, but didn't even see the naked stuff, let alone photograph it. believe me it wasn't for want of trying :) (Smile)
kalayl Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2002
impromptu naked lesbian mud wrestling huh? And ash skulked about town for the afternoon? Now I'm disappointed not only in that I wasn't there, but that ash possibly missed this!!! :D (Big Grin) ;) (Wink)
dougbtn Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2002  Professional Photographer
I can only assume that Ash brought the rain with him as it was fine until 10 mins before he arrived. See Ash, we always look after friends, it was really nice to see you, sorry I didnt have the foresight to bring wellies for you. The snatch squads tried to drag Ash off for an orgy but they were fought off valiantly. Next time you'll have to stay for the (very long) parties after ;-) (Wink)

All these shots are lovely. I cat wait until we all get our impromptu naked lesbian mud wrestling shots back rofl
earther Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2002
We're all so proud of you Ash :D (Big Grin)
your description had me lmao.
Great photo, but me thinks its time to show you how to use Lab.
Are you using PS 6 or 7?
narang99 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2002
Looks like fun, i like the colours, and expression of the women, looks like there have fun......
aurorabrls Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2002
interesting :) (Smile)
urban-gem Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2002
thats a cool photo like it v.much
brighton rocks totally i'm going there in a few days so much better vibes than london i think
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August 11, 2002
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