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Pentonville Road Take Two by ash Pentonville Road Take Two by ash
A street corner near Kings Cross station.

Some of you may have seen a previous version of this shot which I submitted before I'd scanned this one. I don't like submitting multiple versions of the same shot, and I prefer this version, so I deleted the first one. I'm a heartless bastard really.

Kings Cross, London, September 2002
Canon EOS 300, Fuji Neopan 400, lab, scanned neg
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ash Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2002
thanks for the criticism guys -- always welcome. I kind of agree with you spoco that the photo has an uneasiness to it that must be due to a failing in the composition, and maybe a lack of a clear subject. it's related to what verunec said about the veil -- spot on there, it doesn't quite work where it is. this was a tricky shot to compose, trying to find a single shot that would satisfy all the 'rules' for all the elements at once. I went for including the alarm box in the end, which I think was wise, and decided to keep the window centered, which was perhaps risky and forced the veil into its not-quite-centered position. tricky :) (Smile)

but probably the most annoying thing is the unparallelness (is that a word? it is now) of the lines due to perspective, which kalayl not-too-subtly alluded to ;) (Wink) in another comment. in this sort of shot it's vital to get the lines straight because it is essentially a 2D composition and must obey the same rules as a 2D design. I find the 300mm lens is useful for minimizing perspective distortion (shooting at 300mm from far away), but some distortion still inevitably creeps in. and in this shot I clearly wasn't shooting quite perpendicularly to the wall, which would have helped :) (Smile) a lot of the things I shot last weekend are high up on second-story walls (windows, gables, balconies, etc), which makes it much harder since you're already looking up right from the word go. that makes me wish I could shoot from second story windows on the opposite side of the street ... perhaps I should just ask :) (Smile)
kalayl Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2002
it's a pity people spoil perfectly derelict-looking building with modern alarm boxes. This shot is elegant in its simplicity and is quite interesting for some reason.....i think it's the texture on the wall and the decorative window framing
verunec Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2002
No spoco, it's interesting. Especially concerning the bizarre style of the building. And the old and dirty equipment all around (AFA??).
Just one thing bothers me: the limit of the veil is almost in the center, but not exactly in the center.
lumpie Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2002   Photographer
the wear and tear look always makes an impressive photo =) (Smile)
spoco2 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2002
I like the textures, I like the veil across the window... but I dunno... as a photo I don't find anything in particular to look at, and while I know that there doesn't have to be a point of focus to a shot, I just kinda think that there's nothing overall that ties this one together.

I'll still say I like it... I just like a lot of your other shots a lot more. :) (Smile)
the-lofd Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2002
this is really awesome , i love all the different textures in it!!!
aridmoose Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2002
I like it, looks all old and stuff.
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September 18, 2002
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