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Penrhyn Castle by ash Penrhyn Castle by ash
A closeup of some architectural detail at Penrhyn Castle in North Wales. A neo-norman fantasy castle designed by Thomas Hopper for the wealthy Pennant family in the early 1800s, the castle was used mainly for holding parties and clearly wasn't built for defence, as you can see from the windows.

The interior, also designed by Thomas Hopper, is spectacular. Every surface is decorated with abstract geometrical carvings, like those lining the top of the window in this shot.

However nothing is quite what it seems: the walls are brick clad with stone, many of the wooden pillars are metal with a wooden veneer, much of the carved stone is really plaster, some of the plaster is really carved wood. Knock on any surface and the chances are it'll sound hollow.

[edit] I realised that I've failed to put across why the castle is still cool, even though it's fake. The way to view it is as a sort of fairy tale castle, or like something out of alice in wonderland. It's playful, mischievous. The designers very much knew what they were doing, and they did it very well. It's a work of art.

Canon EOS 300, 75-300mm
Fuji Neopan 400
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megal0maniac Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2002
While it is fake, it is still beautiful. I'm sure it was designed to be looked at, not touched. To the eye, it would look grand, but to the hand it would be hollow. As you said, the designers knew what they were doing, and did it well. Even though in this case pleasant, deception can still be art.
megal0maniac Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2002
that place looks beautiful, but the way you describe it makes it sound like fake beauty. Tis a shame everything isnt what it seems.
pnofxw Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2002
Looks like a really cool place.
vampyrbrat Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2002   Writer
wow, thats gorgeous
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June 26, 2002
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