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Messenger Court 2 by ash Messenger Court 2 by ash
A tree alongside the driveway of Messenger Court, with another apartment block across the road in the background. Taken at about 11pm on a moonlit Thursday night.

Putney, London, November 2002
Canon EOS 300, Fuji Neopan 400 rated 250, tripod, scanned neg
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kpang Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2004   Photographer
this looks really cool...almost as if the light on the tree originated from the house...hmm--weird :) very cool though.
spacelotus Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2003
disturbing piece! the dark sky is so strange!!! i love it :) (Smile) i also like the light in the tree and the angleyou chose. Nice work Nod
complex-a Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2002
The contrast of the lit tree against the dark sky is so surreal looking... I like the mix of the tree above with the building beneath it. It's almost like the house is cowering in fear... The lighting adds to the feeling, too. Great shot!
HybridProcess Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2002
the lighting seems so abstract and beautiful!
kalayl Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2002
i like this one even more than the other's i commented on - the tree makes it here. and the ghostly brightness with which the building is lit adds to a "mood". i guess the only thing that "bothers" me a bit is the slight flare of light on the right, near the bottom, of the shot. other than that, nicely done!
misteriddles Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2002   Photographer
Thumbs Up
Great series :) (Smile)
narang99 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2002
A)you need to do a sheet in ms word, a chart with Expoure in one box and Aperture in the the other, we have to do this :( (Sad)
It's such a pain, esp when it's raining like hell! I like this photo alot, the fact you took it at knight, it quite, funnycause you cant tell, and the lense flair, makes you think you took it on a sunny day, i think thats realy cool, As regarding expoures, what you do is you take a reading from the darkest area in the frame, the best thing to do is get a light metter, and try it out....
Are uni made us do a chart of expoure and apertues, where we had to wright down are settings and shit, and that taugh me alot about photography, with those tools in your hand you can become a 10,000 times better photographer. A great photographer knows his camera inside and out. so i am told, automatic is wicked, but it gets fulled, the reasion why you get overexpoures, is that the camera gets tricked into letting to much light, like for example if yah photo a white shirt, the camerma cant dectect the light comming from it, it thinks it letting of more light than it realy is. so if yah take a light reaing from a shadow, you should get a much better photograph, Also a grey card is very useful. If you take readings of that, you should find your readings 1,00 times better, I'm no great photographer, but i'm learing, i screw up the expoure alot, but i'm learing.
7 photos!!!!!! alot of film eh! 5 is better, i would go narrowest aperture, Middel Aperture, Wideest Aperture, and then ones i think. After a while i think you get it in one, it's alot of pratice. Also diffrent films have diffrent crastistics. I use nepoan alot, it's only good, if you get the expoure readings spot on, if yah dont, your fucked, it gives very white images.......etc......
We got set a project are first one, i know it sounds simple bt trust me, this one taught me alot about my camera
We had to take 5 photos
A)Narrow Depth a field ie f/5.6
B)Wide Depth of field ie. f22
C)Fast shutter speed 1/250sec etc
D)Slow shutter speed 1/30sec
E)Panning, put camera on tripod at 1/30sec, on Shutter Mode, and follow the subject
It's a very usefull test, like useing slow shutter speeds for a fast object, and a fast shutter speed to frezzse action.Ha ha i hav written the longest comment ever!
ash Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2002
I'm not totally sure .. it was somewhere around 20s, if that helps at all.

I really should keep notes. I'm just too lazy ... when I'm out shooting stuff the last thing I want to do is stop and take out a pen/palmpilot and start writing down exposure values. But I think it's probably essential to making progress as a photographer, particularly if you're trying to learn manual exposure control. Often I get shots back that are underexposed or whatever and I can't remember what I did so I can't learn from my mistakes. In this case I took two almost identical shots, one with manual exposure and the other with spot metering. One came out ok and the other was badly underexposed -- but since I've forgotten which was which I don't know whether my spot metering efforts helped or not. I suspect the auto one came out better Roll Eyes

Does anyone know whether the automatic metering modes on the EOS cameras take into account reciprocity failure? A lot of my shots were underexposed, and I presume the reason is reciprocity failure, which is quite a new one on me since I haven't taken many long exposures. For those that are thinking, "huh? reciprocity failure?", reciprocity failure refers to the failure of film to behave "normally" at long shutter speeds. ie. instead of requiring say a 10s exposure at a given aperture as predicted by the usual relationship between shutter speeds and apertures, the film will require an exposure a few stops longer, getting worse and worse as exposure times increase. So basically someone (either the camera or me) has to take this into account by adding a few stops to the meter reading when exposure times are long. I wouldn't be surprised if the auto exposure modes of the EOS already took this into account, since in auto mode the user isn't supposed to have to know anything. Probably the best idea is to take several shots at a range of exposures for safety's sake.
akasleep Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
I love the lighting
Can you tell me the shuuter speed used here?
back2mine Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2002
magic lighting, theatrical atmosphere.
:) (Smile)
king-kong Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2002   Photographer
my favorite part about this are the clouds.

the long exposure brought out (which is very nice, being night), and then also gave them an almost ghostly texture as they move in the sky.

the tree has perfect exposure and is quite amazing. Seems very life-like, yet the time of night definetely adds another mood to it all together.
ladida Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2002
see how different our opinions can be :-) (Smile)
i like the lens flare
technical perfection is not the issue always...

love the whole photo ash +fav
olya Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
incredible photograph, but the little details ruin the experience. the lens flare for one.

genious lighting.
mcismowski Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2002
the building is a little too bright and you can see some light peeking from behind the tree on the right, otherwise it's a good shot.
verunec Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2002
Uh, the announced attempt to nocture photography! Good result, bravo :) (Smile)
This one is wonderful, very well composed, here you fill the frame beautifully. In the other one the lighten windows catch the eyes. Both interesting, both well done. Maybe a little burn here is enough to dark a little the overexposed building on the bottom, but just a little because it works well in this composition if good enlighten.
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