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Life Is Short by ash Life Is Short by ash
Like kalayl I was at Leicester Square over the weekend seeing what I could find. This guy was busking for the tourists, I spoke to him while the silly swiss clock display was doing its chiming thing. He was a cool guy, bitter in a good humoured kind of way, saying he'd never play at Leicester Square again. He spoke about the lack of substance in popular music and media culture, and various other things. He complained about how the public wanted easy to consume music with some kind of gimmick, and how it was difficult to make money producing anything with a bit of substance to it. It's funny, when walking around town talking to people and taking photographs I often find I can relate to the buskers better than I can to the average person in the street. His playing matched his talk, he played lilting electronic guitar melodies with lots of reverb, things I didn't recognise. Very cool.

Canon EOS 300, 28-90mm, Kodak TX400, lab
Leicester Square, London, August 2002
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noplan Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2002
I also like this one .. especially the story gives life to the photo..I also like the composition and the angle you took it!
99gnome Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2002
apart from the description, which brings this picture to life i think:
excellent angle, cropping and use of white space to create balance for black man in front of black door, simple and effective framing and well captured mood.

good work (again ;-) (Wink) )
yam Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2002
Extremely expressive, both in subject matter and angle used. I like the range of tones, as well.

birchlane Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2002
sounds way cool. and nice photo. do we do anything but take photos?!
dougbtn Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2002  Professional Photographer
Isnt it funny how your conversation with him is like so many on this site. Sexy sells but doesnt always nourish the soul. Nice story, they make the catpures come to life.
misteriddles Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2002   Photographer
I like how you've composed this: the way the frame is tilted makes him look as if he's doin' a classic Chuck Berry hop (even though, in reality, he's sitting).

I've been wailing and gnashing teeth about the dismally unimaginative state of the pop end of the music industry for nearly twenty years -- embittered old musos tend to do that!
kalayl Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2002
There was an article posted (on /. I think) about the zero sum that a band that gets signed for $1 millon makes. At the end of the day, with all advances and everything squared off, the band might as well be working at 7-11 and the record company pulls away with about $6-10million.
It's not only sad that we only get to hear crap on the radio these days, it's even sadder that the music that IS good is completely exploited and taking advantage of by the labels, instead of allowed to grow and develop.
Anyway - this photograph is great, good work ;) (Wink)
foig Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2002
Cool persepctive

gritty and honsest i like it
mangostrike Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2002
Nice shot, I like the way it was taken at an angle. What you were saying about walking around London and taking pictures and talking to people, thats the kind of thing I want to do after college.
I really like this picture, and i'm off to see your other work. If you get some time maybe you could take a look at my gallery, any feedback would be much appreciated.
narang99 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2002
with povery comes wisdom, as i think, most pplz these days dont know what real music is, in uk, it's mostly Garage,and Pop, which gets repetive,and boring, Not like the greats like Beatles,Jimi Hendrix,Bob Marley,Pink Floyd etc
This photo reminds me of that guy i listend to at Speakers corrner he haid the same views. Love the discription and photograph! This is photojounlism!
Keep it up!
bitdiverse Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2002
the description sets the mood and the shot itself is beautiful, you really captured him so well, like hes totally focused. this is going on my faves, too.
lord-zany Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2002
Awesome shot, awesome description.
ladyvenom Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2002
Cool shot
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