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Kenilworth Castle by ash Kenilworth Castle by ash
This is one of the coolest castles I've been to. A great hulking mass of red stone, it looks like it was hewn from a mountain by god as a practice run for some grander scheme. Towering ruins with crows circling the ramparts. It was raining when we visited, a melancholy old drizzle. The history of the castle is full of tradition, romance and war, exactly what castles are supposed to be all about. King Edward kept a band of a thousand odd rebel barons under seige behind the walls for six months, raining fire and arrows on the castle day and night, before finally they gave in, starving, in exchange for royal pardons. Queen Elizabeth the first paid a royal visit and there was music and fireworks on the lake surrounding the castle every night. The grand hall was the site of many a great feast with roaring fires in the twin hearths at opposite sides of the hall. This pic shows a room slightly below ground level lit by windows high in the walls, I'm not sure what it was for.

[edit] shit it was King Henry III -- never was any good at history :) (Smile) Here's some stuff I found on the web, for the sake of interest and historical accuracy.

The 1266 siege of Kenilworth Castle is one of the most notable events in its history. Simon de Montfort had become a leading rebel against King Henry III and the Barons' War was waged between 1263 and 1267 in an attempt to curb Henry's abuse of power. Simon de Montfort was killed in battle at nearby Evesham on August 4th 1265, and in the summer of 1266, his fellow nobles, under the leadership of Henry de Hastings, used the castle as a refuge when the King surrounded Kenilworth.
The ensuing siege of Kenilworth Castle in 1266 is the longest in English history, and demonstrated the strength of the fortifications against siege machines like the Balista brought in from London. Barges were even brought from Chester in an attempt to enter the castle across the meer.

Kenilworth Castle, The Midlands, England, October 2002
Canon EOS 300, Fuji Neopan 400, tripod, spot metered
Constructive criticism welcome as usual
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lizzerds-lair Featured By Owner May 1, 2006
Hi. I live in Kenilworth, and I love sitting and drawing the castle. The feast hall is amazing, isn't it? Me and my friends actually did a little film thing where I was an evil sorceress and my friend was a pitiful innocent prisoner (with a more indepth story line than that) and we were using the next room from this one as a dungeon (being one of the few rooms in the castle still with a roof).
Anyway it may interest you to know that the little barons who were in the castle during the siege actually did not give up. What happened was the little barons outside on the hillside attacking them thought, "Hey, the things they want from the king would actually help us too," so they decided to call a truce and all of them decided to make the king give the barons more power, so they went over to this field nearby that's called Parliment Peace where they held the first new type of parliment, which gave the average (rich, noble) person in England more power.
Nice photo as well.
complex-a Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2002
Very interesting... The way the room is dark with the windows just barely highlighted definitely adds to the gloomy mood. I think my own personal tastes would go for a bit more detail in the dark areas (like, some at all ;) (Wink) ), but it's still a great shot.
spoco2 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2002
Fantastic texture and light here... wonderful stuff... great feeling of weight.
darkday Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2002
I love it......all dark and creepy......
nice shot :) (Smile)
tralla Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2002
Lovely. Great details, great light, great contrast.. simply lovely!
doornumber13 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
oooo...very creepy and beautiful, i wanna go there.
katya Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2002   Traditional Artist
You are very skilled with the camera... I could not have taken this. I find this fascinating, since you usually only see the outside of castles, but rarely the inside! Nice work:) (Smile)

How are you?
patryck Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2002
great piece. + favs
narang99 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2002
eh! you turned pro! love the light, it looks like a painging the comostion is stunning, only things i see that is wrong is that light on that wall, the one look s8right infront of you, a little clone tool would clone out that light.... But still what a photo!
pixiegal Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2002  Professional General Artist
I love the lighting against the dark....
this pic present a very mystery mood. also a very nice details indeed. :) (Smile)
misteriddles Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2002   Photographer
Love it. Textires show very well and the pool of light on the floor draws the eye.

Mind you, I'm half expecting an appearance from Christopher Lee.
hookywooky Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2002
I specially like the location but well taken picture also
mcismowski Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2002
great lighting. i also like that ceiling.
bookdiva Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2002
Nice tones and light, a lovely photo, and nice historical description, thanks.
lumpie Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2002   Photographer
very great capture of the stone textures. and theres something special about the placement of the light right in the middle of the hall.
amphex Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2002
Beautiful shot..
The harsh lighting looks stunning.
Very wel done =) (Smile)
ash Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2002
heh now that would be quite a photo LOL
redux Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
the light is just sublime. sharp detail particularly in the window on the right) and grain that adds a lot to the atmosphere of the shot. very ghostly feel...reminds me of my ghost stairs shot, but better of course.
lovely description too. incidentally, i skimmed over it and instead of "Towering ruins with crows circling the ramparts" i actually read "Towering ruins with COWS circling the ramparts" THAT left an enduring image in my mind ;) (Wink)
oh...and a fav...
selahhesed Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2002   Photographer
The lighting is incredible! Love the story. Love the picture. Great texture!
kerygma Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2002   Photographer
Very very nice, the shot realy takes u inside everywhere :) (Smile)
scab-lab Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2002   Photographer
Cool place, the natural lighting looks good too.
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