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Fire Door by ash Fire Door by ash
I shot this one while I was shooting that building in Vauxhall. This is the wall of the, urm, overpass that the rail track runs on. This is in an industrial/urban area of London and the train lines run on old overpasses made of brick like this one. The overpasses have arches enclosing damp cold open spaces, many of which have been turned into shops, small industry, or warehouses. You can see the top of an archway in this shot, and this is presumably the back of a business. The camera is one of the ever-watchful security cameras that watch over central London day and night, in this case I think it's a private security firm hired by the local businesses rather than a police camera. This sort of imagery is very much what much of London is like, if you look past the facade of the commercial frontages where money is keeping things from decaying. In a strange way I like it, for its character if nothing else.

Vauxhall, London, October 2002
Canon EOS 300, Fuji Neopan 400 rated 250, scanned neg
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complex-a Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2002
Very interesting... Lots to look over. Maybe a bit busy, but not really in a bad way. The conrasts are great as always. I really love the contrast of the lettering on the door, and the details in the plant growing on it.
amphex Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2002
Wow, another amazing shot =) (Smile)
I love those textures and great contrasts..very well done.
pixiegal Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2002  Professional General Artist
very nice contrast and details on this pic. the light create a wonderful textures. keep it up!
dougbtn Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2002  Professional Photographer
Im with you Ash, get the bits that people dont see. London is much more interesting there
misteriddles Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2002   Photographer
You capture here the Essence of London -- old brown brickwork. It was the first thing I noticed flying over London for the first time.
anglverona Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2002
Very nice. This just goes to show how little of London has changed over the decades. Brilliant capture and it makes for a very clever B&W.
katya Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2002   Traditional Artist
There is definately a lot of character in this. I like looking at brickwork like this, where windows and passageways have been filled in... They try to matck up the brick, but you can tell how old the original wall is. Is that a face painted on the fire door?
movie-wizard Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2002   Photographer
Now this is cool and the reason is it's like a time-line. You see the camera which is new, and then it gets older from there. Looks like stuff from the 50's, I like it! :) (Smile)
sh4vo Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
The primitive way of warning used here really got my attention. I really like this kind of shots and this one is no exception. Great one, keep it up!!
starforge Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2002
I like how run down it looks, yet there's a security camera above ;) (Wink)
The windows are broken, the wall is in decay and there are creepers growing from under the door... great composition!
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October 27, 2002
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