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Conwy at Llanwrst by ash Conwy at Llanwrst by ash
Another pic of the River Conwy at the village called Llanwrst in North Wales ... this time in colour.

Canon EOS 300, 28-90mm, ~f16, tripod
Kodak Ektachrome Extra Colour 100
levels, no colour changes
removed an annoying pole in photoshop :) (Smile)
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ManixTT Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2004
SUCH a nice shot. The greens are so vivid.
-skin- Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2003
i lov this one...very beauteful =D (Big Grin)
dmon Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2002
Perfect eye candy. Everybody loves this kind of stuff :) (Smile)
starforge Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2002
Great shot! The scenery is nice and green and I like the reflections :) (Smile)
noplan Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2002
i havenīt seen the black and white but colr is definetly the right choice..the blue water carrying the reflections of the trees
darkday Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2002
beautyful place!
the reflexion in the water is soo awesome!!
and the color of the tree is nice too
love this
:) (Smile)
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dougbtn Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2002  Professional Photographer
Really great shot Ash. Now dont go getting soft on me, much as I like this I want to think of you as an urban creature.
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doornumber13 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
great shot...and thank you for the focusing lesson..i'm always looking to learn something new :-) (Smile) and focusing is'nt something i'm good at heh.
suprememoocow Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2002
Lovely photo ash!! the colours are sooooo vibrant!! :) (Smile) :) (Smile)

thnx for always adding a little info about what equipment/film you used - helps us learners get a better idea of what to use in different situations
bookdiva Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2002
Great depth and color to this, the reflections are lovely, as is the entire capture of natural wonder.
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ash Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2002
[reply to caustic] I'm still debating that myself :) (Smile) For this shot (and other recent shots) I focussed manually on the nearest object (the right bank), and here I think it works because I've used a tripod for a narrow aperture (~f16) so there's a deep depth of field and everything important is in focus. In general and particularly with a wider aperture (and hence shallower depth of field) I think a good rule would be to focus on whatever is likely to be perceived as the focal point or subject (which in this case would probably be the trees at the end of the right bank) -- the caveat being that if nearer objects are perceived as subject and are out of focus they will probably be distracting. ie. I think it's only ok to let the nearest objects be out of focus if they are clearly not going to be perceived as part of the subject, eg. leaves framing a shot of a castle. Well, that's my current theory, anyway :) (Smile) I'm open to better ones.
freezejeans Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2002
Beautiful the greens and the reflection!
:O (Eek) Doc! Are you telling me...that this sucker is NUCLEAR?!
caustic Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2002
Beautiful shot. I never know where to focus when I take shots like these. Were you zoomed and if so what did you focus on?
blankperception Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2002
no master piece, but this is still pretty good, lots of green
zanadu Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2002
Nice shot, must have been in a boat or somthin to get it?
: Zanadu

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June 8, 2002
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