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Chapel Market St by ash Chapel Market St by ash
I got some pretty unwelcoming vibes from the traders in this street, who were busy packing up after a grey London saturday. This trolley was unattended when I took this shot, but when the owner returned he glared at me as if I was taking the piss by photographing the tools of his trade as art pieces. A woman whom I photographed crapped all over me, quietly but firmly, for not asking permission -- although legally (politeness aside) you can photograph strangers without their permission in the UK. I won't publish her picture here obviously, but she was interesting to talk to. She wasn't particularly fond of Britain and was just waiting for her children, who were about 16, to finish school here so they could go back home to Nigeria.

Islington, London, 18/05/02
Canon EOS 300, 28-90mm
Fuji Neopan 400 (rated 800)
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akasleep Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
the b/w creates a lot of details and contrast. that`s what I love
dougbtn Featured By Owner May 29, 2002  Professional Photographer
I like the story too Ash, thats the reason we have zoom lenses I reckon, to avoid these confrontations. There are a load of drug dealers in Camden right now just selling Christ knows what to any passer by. I keep wanting to get a few pictures as the idea of the rawness of it appeals to me but I am thinking of a 2x converter up to 600mm and a big minder first :-) (Smile)
ladida Featured By Owner May 28, 2002
To me the photo seems great as it is, i like the fact that the cart it's out of the focus in a way. The road has the same interested to me as the cart.
Very nice :-) (Smile)
Greetings ** Ladida (st)

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digitalis Featured By Owner May 25, 2002
i like the story as much as the photo. :) (Smile)
basium imbrium
ash Featured By Owner May 25, 2002
I agree the cart is hard to make out -- looking at the print the cart (or at least the front part of it) seems to be in focus -- I suspect it might be that the lighting is dodgy. the part of the cart which is most visible is most in shadow.. but I didn't have very much control over that. maybe I should have used a fill in flash, or shot it from the other side.
diver Featured By Owner May 24, 2002
Nice shot. But the cart seems a little out of focus. Did you manip it in a program? Or just BnW photos?
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birchlane Featured By Owner May 24, 2002
well, you could e-mail us all the photo. your work gives me such a great feel for london; but what happened to all those hippies and young women smoking pot (not that I ever did!).
xomatose Featured By Owner May 24, 2002   Interface Designer
very dismal feel... great capture.
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May 24, 2002
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