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Bobbies on the Beat by ash Bobbies on the Beat by ash
The ever watchful London police, complete with traditional silly carnival hats.

Interestingly this is one of the only half decent shots I took that even shows the crowd; my best shots all seem to be essentially candid portraits. Crowd shots are much harder to abstract and control.

Oh yeah, I keep meaning to add, but never do, please feel free to give constructive criticism. In this shot the head in the foreground is an obvious downer, but what else?

Notting Hill Carnival, London, August 2002
Canon EOS 300, Fuji Neopan 400, lab, scanned neg
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nasigoreng Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2003
not much to criticize for this shot...

maybe it's just me.. the head the truck and the white dress seems alright.. they add crowded feel to the picture, which is great.

What else... i dont know. It's good enough for me. I like it.

and FYI, i think the hat looks cool! lol
l1f3 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2002   Photographer
everything in the pic works for me :) (Smile) i find the whole feeling quite lovely, i feel like i'm there when i look at the pic.

ok so maybe not the comment you were looking for, but i find this lovely :) (Smile)
jtd Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2002
It has been said before: the truck, the head and the woman in white in the middle are most disturbing. But otherwise the white dress is a good element to concentrate the viewer's attention onto the crowd, not only the police. So the last disturbing element shouldn't be missing - the tension's great.

Excellent focusing! It's a very good photo - head and truck or not... the concept counts :) (Smile)
kalayl Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2002
mmmh, it is actually quite a nice composition.
yeah, the head is a bit of a bummer, and the girl in the dress does stand out. but shes' framed quite nicely by the two cops, which could be suggesting something to the observer?
it's a pretty nice shot for something that involvs aiming a lens at a moving crowd of people. nicely done dude!!!
ash Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2002
wow thanks guys, I think I'm going to explicitly request criticism more often. some good points there
misteriddles Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2002   Photographer
I find the white dress in the middle more distracting than the foreground head. But really, the cops and the building are what draws my eyes here, and iot works fine. The expressions (or lack thereof) on the coppers' faces are quietly comical. :) (Smile)
earther Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2002
Lets see, umm, maybe if you were to shift that light source a few degrees down and could move the truck off to the side and then scootch that building in the center there to the left a bit more. That would about do it for me :P (Lick)
Actually, i think the suggestions above are quite valid and would only add maybe kneeling down a foot or 2 might have been interesting...
Color and sharpness look just perfect tho.
mcismowski Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2002
yeah, that head in the foreground would have looked better out of the way of the shot. i like the look of the two cops standing there. i think it might have looked cool if you would have used them as a frame for the crowd in the middle. good shot otherwise
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September 1, 2002
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