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Battersea Sentinel by ash Battersea Sentinel by ash
Another one of my favourite London buildings. This one is in Battersea, near the south bank of the Thames, and just across the river from the desirable apartments of Chelsea and Kensington.

I'd be hard pressed to explain what it is I love about these buildings. Part of it is that they seem like relics of a bygone architectural era, still standing proud, though weatherbeaten, like castles guarding over the landscape beneath them. From the train or bus they're familiar concrete sentinels on the horizon. And part of it is that their relentless grey functionalism in the face of external decay reminds me of futuristic scenes ala Blade Runner or manga.

In typical style the light, which had been brilliant, disappeared behind a cloud as I stepped off the bus. So I waited 20 mins, grinning inanely at passers by, for it to come back. Ended up shooting nine nearly identical frames, as the light got progressively better. This was the last, and the best.

Canon EOS 300, 75-300mm, ~300mm, ~f16, ~1/500s
Fuji Neopan 400
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yukari-chan Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2003
I love this building as well. Since I live in the Chelsea/Kensington area, I see it sometimes. It reminds me of a few other buildings I've seen throughout the UK.

Nice capture!
gestik Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2002
this is wonderful i had a similar thought about the shape of the buildings and some of the same arch is very prevalent in queens, NY Tall highrises that are functional in form and look like they have no business being there
great shot!
dougbtn Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2002  Professional Photographer
PS - This is everything that I get from your work Ash, they are really thought provoking.
dougbtn Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2002  Professional Photographer
I know these so well as I go past them on the train every day. I love the description. Its almost sad that they are cladding so many of them now. They should leave one or two as a shrine to a dream that did not come true in the Brave New World. Have you ever seen the ones just on the North side of the Blackwall Tunnel. So appalling now but in their time they must have been a wonder. It also reminds me of the monstrous complexes in Portsmouth which there is a majot fight on as we speak, hideous urban planning but a 60's grace that is maybve waiting to be rediscovered.
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June 26, 2002
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