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Atrophied by ash Atrophied by ash
Dead tree, Richmond Park, London, October 2002
Canon EOS 300, Fuji Neopan 100 Acros, tripod, orange filter, spot metered, lab, scanned neg
Criticism welcome
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SeaFairy Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2002
well... +fave :) (Smile)

complex-a Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2002
Nice... I like the simplistic composition. Really nice job keeping detail in both the tree and the sky!
bozaman Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2002
wow! this is the kind of photograph i want to strive for.

simply fantastic work ~ like the others, i won't even bother with pointing out the obvious points about this. very, very nice.
narang99 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2002
Nice ash!
i like this alot, it's great that you thought about the photography, if yah let the camerma on mettering mode it would of scewed up, for this style of work, medium format, give amazing results.
I'm gonna get to use one very soon!!!!!
we had photoshop lession today, they were piss easy!!!!!
me starting to like Uni..
ash Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2002
I always ordered my photographic prints with borders, so it's pretty natural for me to add a border to a scanned pic. And I find that a border can often really set a picture off, if it's done well. The border is part of the whole end result and should be paid as much attention as anything else, if you're going to use one at all. Different border styles work better with different photos. I go through phases of liking particular styles, and I've sometimes come to regret using a particular border on a photo later on. I know borders are seen as trendy (with good reason) around here but I find them so useful that I don't really care very much. I am sometimes guilty of overusing them though, just out of habit.

And yes you're right I can see some grain, although certainly it's far less grainy than the 400. I'm not sure where the grain is coming from, I'll do some test scans and find out. Probably it's the film. Areas of constant midtone like that sky up there are usually the most obviously grainy.

movie-wizard Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2002   Photographer
I realy like the lighting in this one.
hesitation Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
BEautiful black and white photograph.
well done.


eatyourguitar Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2002
your photos are always good. i love looking at them. they give me inspiration to be a better photographer :D (Big Grin)
pixiegal Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2002  Professional General Artist
very well done in b/w. I love how you compose it and how's the cloud behide. the lighting make a great shadow on the trees and create more dimension on it.
redux Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
excellently metered ;) (Wink)
as *acrophile said, you probably already know everything we might say about it...contrast...blah...blah...composition...blah...blah...:D (Big Grin)
no, seriously, this is another outstanding shot. the off-balance composition and framing are just perfect. that white cloud on the top left perfectly counter-balances the dark tree. a favourite, i'm afraid ;) (Wink)
acrophile Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2002   Photographer
Oh, I meant to ask you what makes the sky grainy like that... esp with 100 speed film... is it the scan?
acrophile Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2002   Photographer
LOL, I saw the thumbnail and I knew exactly who did this. ;) (Wink)

I won't pretend to point out anything in this pic that you don't already know, so I'll just say I like it, especially the low contrast background to the high contrast foreground... I also like how the dead tree just goes straight through the picture. I probably would have tried to get the whole dang thing in, hehehe...

I've been thinking about borders lately... I'm not so sure I'm fond of them (though I've thought about using them too) and was wondering why you choose to use them... it's weird, sometimes they work really well and sometimes not... I guess it's no different to matting a pic within a frame... *shrug* I'll shutup now...
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October 8, 2002
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