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Arches Within Arches by ash Arches Within Arches by ash
A stone archway at Ludlow Castle. This building is called circular norman chapel, on the map.

Ludlow Castle, Ludlow, somewhere in England
Canon EOS 300, Fuji Neopan 400, scanned neg
Criticism welcome -- tried for an original composition of a fairly unoriginal subject
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LucidityStudios Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2005
really pretty, if only those arches could speak of what they have seen...
jtd Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2002
I love the asymetry you created :) (Smile)

The lighting of the scene isn't that good. Nothing you could change ;) (Wink)
pixiegal Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2002  Professional General Artist
It showing a very nice pattern, line and shape. the light create a very good contrast and we can still see some detail in both the highlights and the shadows. very well done!

mcismowski Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2002
beautiful arches.
amphex Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2002
Very nice those textures and the composition is very nice. Well done =) (Smile)
bookdiva Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2002
Nice grey tones, good textures and I love the arches/within/arches, nice composition and good work on this. G
katya Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2002   Traditional Artist
Such cumbersome arches... you'd think of an intricate pattern like this to be made up of delicate material... not stone! You have a magnificent eye.

600 dev's eh? I don't envy you, lol, but I'm glad you took the time to comment on one of mine. I've been updating my devs with better scans. The lighting on "Birds Outside" was caused by the light from the window being the only light source.

I'm going to read that book you mentioned;) (Wink)
narang99 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2002
man, this is another great image, i love the detail and shapness, looks like your useing narrow apertures, eh?! f22? a sepia tone, would be cool, but then again thats me, i sepia tone everthing, i think the comperstion is very good, only thing, is if someone, was standing where that door in the near background, walking by, or looking at the camera, it would of made it abit more intresting, but then again, thats me, dont wonna sound to harsh?
still it's very good
ash Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2002
The lighting is natural, on quite a grey day. The archway faces outside, if that helps at all. I'm intruiged by your comment, I think I can see what you mean at top left. Kind of a bit too full-on.
ioddic Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2002   Photographer
very nice, is the lighting natural or flash?

in either case I feel that it is slightly stronger than it should be, if flash i suggest bouncing the flash next time so that it lights but not as strong in one area.

the only advantage i see is it creates very nice shadows in the ceiling.
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October 24, 2002
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