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This one's for misteriddles, who complained about not being able to read the destination on the bus in 'Shaftesbury Avenue' ;) (Wink)

Shaftesbury Avenue, Soho/Piccadilly/The West End, London, October 2002
Canon EOS 300, Fuji Neopan 400 rated 250, scanned neg
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crazyhorse22 Featured By Owner May 16, 2007
i agree with benthe...
funkygeek Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2002   Photographer
This is great, im not sure why i like it so much, maybe because its so natural. Love the black and white, it has a real old feeling to it Nod
complex-a Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2002
I really like the angle and the way everything seems to be "frozen" in the scene. The guy lounging in the doorway of the bus, the businessman walking out of the frame, and the sign and advertisement on the bus... Everything adds up nicely to give my eye a lot to explore, without making it overly complicated.
ash Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2002
"I was wondering why you under (or is it over?) rate the film..."

Underrate, I guess. The reason is because I've deduced that my camera (and it seems other EOS models) underexposes by 2/3 of a stop. That is, if you meter off something then instead of producing an exposure reading that will make that surface mid-grey, it produces a reading 2/3 of a stop lower than that. This sometimes results in underexposed pictures.

I've accounted for it by rating the film as 2/3 of a stop slower than its rated speed (using the ISO dial position on the 300) so that the meterings will be 2/3 of a stop higher, canceling out the innaccuracy of the meter. Note that I'm not push- or pull-processing the film; I still process the film as 400 like normal (or rather the lab does, after I hand it in) :) (Smile)

This seems to work well in my case but since it's addressing a "feature" of my camera I wouldn't recommend it to everyone :) (Smile)
narang99 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2002
The lighting on this, is simply stunning! man, this is an amazing photos, look at the lighting on that bus! it looks like somthing from a movie set! stunning man, very stunning
dougbtn Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2002  Professional Photographer
Pretty nice stuff. The ligfht in the bus is interesting and it closes in on the guy on board :-) (Smile) Looking again, I think this is one of the most intersting shots Ive seen, it has a very alive quality to it
king-pelvis Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2002
Yes, a great shot with a great angle like everyone says. This is the kind of photo that will be even better in 50 years time when peoples' clothes and the buses have changed.
redux Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
perfect angle, and great capture of the two "characters". journalism at its best.
misteriddles Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2002   Photographer
Hehehe. Less a complaint, more a yearning. A yearning now fulfilled.
Now I have the Kinks in my mental jukebox: "Vic-tor-ia, Vic-tor-ia". No bad thing.

Good shot :) (Smile)
verunec Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2002
You know how much is beautiful and perfect this one. Uh! I'm sure you like A LOT this shot as well as I do.
theacs Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2002   Photographer
Great angle and an overall great shot.
acrophile Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2002   Photographer
Another good shot ash, great angle... I was wondering why you under (or is it over?) rate the film...
benthegod Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2002   Photographer
I love the angle of this shot, it almost looks like a portriat for either the guy on the bus steps or the man in the corner. If one of them wasn't their.
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October 28, 2002
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