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Fell Hugs

I simply want more FF Sans smiling!

Art by me

Flowerfell AU (C) Siviosanei

Undertale (C) Toby Fox
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© 2017 - 2022 ash-shruf
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0u0 i wanna hug cuz im depressed right now 
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While this picture is exceptional, I'd like to ask you to take it down.

The creators of Flowerfell have stated that they do not wish to have any fanart, fanfiction, forums or songs surrounding their AU to be publicized or discussed because of all of the harassment they have received over this AU.

Please respect their wishes. For more information, follow this…

Thank you!
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There is so much fan art of flowerfell you simply cant not have fan art of it sorry but fans are aloud to show their love even if the creator doesn't want us to the story belongs to them and we cannot claim it is ours because it is not the characters also only kinda belong to them as they were made by toby fox just because they don't wish for us to make art doesn't mean we cant i understand why you are saying you want this to be taken down but i'm sorry that simply wont happen many people love this au and we will how our love for it and that is that.
No one is going to listen. The ONLY thing that belongs to them is the story the characters aren't theirs at all. Also overgrowth is fanfiction it's free to read. The song Secret Garden should stay put on YouTube it's a beautiful song. Was the harassment due to the pairing or something? 
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End my fangirl suffering, I'm Actually Licking The Screen Right Now (ew what is wrong with me)
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I do want to give him a hug, but i am scared he might hurt me....
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Aww. As much as I would agree with you! I would risk it lol. He might be in a giving mood :)
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I wish i could do that..... do i need permission to give him a hug? i really have a crush on him... and it would lighten up my path since i suffer from depression....and i came on deviant art to see if my life can cheer me up
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Oh hun! You don't need to permission to hug him. If you need that comfort then by all means hugs the heck out of that edgy skelly! Especially if it'll help you from depression. I know I sure would. Hope it'll light up your day! ❤️
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Hehe... Thanks for lighting up my day....
*gives Sans a big hug* I'll never let him go... 😆
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You're very welokce :)

It's good to be happy. If ya don't want to let him go then hold that skelly tight until you are satisfied and if not then well take him hehe.
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Lol! Thank you... I love Underfell Sans... he is like my dream man... but i can't have him... but that's ok... 
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I love UF Sans as well. He's my all time fave other than good ol classic!
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*flirt* *flirt* *flirt* *flirt*
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I like underfell, flowerfell, and underswap. And I really like Fell! sans cause of his teeth, THEY R SO COOL.
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Same here. I love those au's.

I couldn't agree more! I adore Fell. He's a cuddle bear I say hah.
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Uweee;-; why does this Au always makes me cry?
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Same here! It's so sad! Hits the feels really hard.
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my most favorite au...FlowerFell... xD
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Mine too! I love Flowerfell.. it's beautiful and sad.
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Yeah...very emotional
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I'm sorry for the spam of favorites, I just really love your art. C:
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