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kirsten dunst

i love this actress. :) i'm fairly happy with the way the hair turned out. i could have spent more time on the hair... but i didn't, lol. the eyes are okay... overall, i'm really pleased with this piece and i hope yall like it too. :D

--made in ps cs3 extended; all pen tool
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 Kirsten Caroline Dunst. One of my childhood crushes guys. Mary Jane-Watson Spiderman babe. Peter Parker's main squeeze.
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Its very well looks good :)
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Great Work .. :D ..
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I'm sorry to add a critical tone to this great choir of compliments, but are you actually telling me the SKIN tone was done in vector? I apologise if silly me has woefully mistaken hand-drawn shading with the good ol' auto-trace, but I HIGHLY doubt that is the case here. Now mind you, I'm not hating on this image or you, but I would like to point out that auto-trace is very obvious to anyone even remotely familiar with vector graphics and it would be professional of you to at least admit it.
Power-Girl-Fan's avatar that's utterly incredible. Highest congrats, that's mind-blowingly awesome
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great work !!
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She's beautiful, both in real life and in this illustration! Great job!
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Whoa my goodness this is so beautiful and perfect! What program did you use to do this?!
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I was wondering how you guys made it too detailed :confused: awesome work :clap:
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I don't have any words that could describe how amazing this is.
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so amazing!!! wooow!

great work!
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omg it just looks like a picture of her :O
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I think you did a really nice job in capturing the essence of kirsten, her character and the overall expression on her face :nod: the graduation on the face is very nice, too. very smooth but still with structure :nod: The one little critique I have however are the eyes. They are the focus point, but they feel a little too unclear to me, like they lack detail. Well more the iris in particular. Now I have no clue of vectors and don't know how difficult it'd be to add more detail there. But yeah, that's the one thing that I'd like to see :nod:

Otherwise, great work!
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thanks for the critique! yeah, eyes are definitely not my forte, but i am working on it. this was one of the first vector/vexel's i've ever done as well. thanks again for the comment/critique! i really appreciate it. :)
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I yeah, I noticed only after I commented that you had done many other pieces since then :aww: But you are most welcome, it certainly is a cool picture :nod:
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You've definitely captured her.
I adore her.
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I like Kirsten too, not my favourite actress, but she's very nice...

but your deviation is AMAZING! AWESOME!!

All only with pen tool????????? WHAT THE HELL!!

You HAVE to write a tutorial... you have.... please... :-)
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I actually don´t like her as an actress... but this... please... it´s BEAUTIFUL... or wth.. Fuc**ng GORGEOUS...
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aww, you're too kind! :D thank you.
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wow, im impressed! you got those eyes perfectly!
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