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I sighed as I sat on the couch, knowing what was awaiting me this weekend. You wouldn't expect me to be this embarassed. I'm a fairly attractive guy, 18 years old, 6'3, dirty blond hair. I'm athletic, have the honor of being the best heavyweight wrestler at any school I meet with. I make straight A's in high school, even my AP classes, and I have a pretty free ride to college tomorrow. The big problem is my family.

My mom was exiting the door, looking absolutely imposing at 6'6 in those colossal heels she loved to wear, her blond hair in a ponytail and blue eyes covered in thick rimmed glasses as her busines casual clothes did nothing to hide her.

"That's a nice outfit" she said as she adjusted her glasses, pointing at my tight T-shirt and skinny jeans. She bought them for me, of course, I usually like more loose and bright clothing but she thought I looked handsome in them and threatened to spank me right there if I didn't lave in them That's my mom for you, she love to..motivate me like that.

She approaches me slowly as she clears her throat, perfect as ever before looking me in the eye. "Well, Diane will be in charge this weekend. I expect you to be on your best behavior"

I had a hard time hearing that. well with not freaking out when I heard it. I stared down at the carpet and said OK, before she walked up to me and raised my head, making me say "I'll be good" while looking her in the eyes.

Mom always gave Diane preferential treatment, sometimes I have a hard time blaming her. The girl is popular, ambitious, and a prodigy at everything she tries. Still, it would be nice if sometims she stepped in to stop Diane a bit.

Mom called out "Dieane!" to the basemen of our upscale home, and in a moment I heard thepitter patter of tiny feet. in what seemed like seconds she burst through the door and jumped into mom's arms, the two kissing on the lips.

"Tiny" may not be the best word to describe Diane. I mean she was physically small at 5'3 (well, not for her age, but she is my mom's daughter...) but her muscles popped with incredible definition, and she made no secret about this. She was wearing a blue sports bra and matching lycra shorts, along with some wristbands and a sweatband when she jumped on mom. She had obviously been working out pretty hard, she was absolutely coated in fluid, the smell pretty obvious to anyone in the room.

Mom held Diane so lovingly as she purred in her ear "Now, I know Ive had you look after Daniel on afternoons before, bu are you sure you can babysit him for the whole weekend?"

My mom just called her my babysitter! in front of me, like I wasn't even there!

"Of course, mother. I've been able to handle him for quite some time!" she said before kissing my mom again.

She was set down on the floor 'well alright, your sweat is getting all over my nice clothes!" mom said before walking to me while looking over her shoulder at Diane "will you take good care of him"she said as she patted both my shoulders

"I'll make sure not to put him in the hospital. Unless he really earned it" my sister responded. My mom laughed heavily at that before grabbing me under the armpits and lifting me up, she put me in a bear hug and tightened it until I yelped, at which point she loosened it and let me back on the couch.

"Well, be good" she said with a smile as she sauntered out the door, her heels klaking as my sister looked at me and gave the smile.

Diane would often look at me with a very specific, smug smile when she was about to do something mean. The first time I remmeber her using it, she was 9 and I was fifteen. I was an athlete back then, but not AS into weight training, mom made us ar wrestle. She gave me that look right before slamming my arm into the table.

Her lips were a bit plumper now, think she may have been wearing some light make-up, and she had a pink streak in her perfect blond hair. But she looked very much the same as she always did

"So, baby brother" she said with that smile 'What plans do you have for the day?"

"Don't call me that, I'm a legal adult while yoru an adolescent"

"Really?" Diane said smugly, rubbing her chin. her arms popped with muscle, the vascularity bvious from her workout. I wish I could ever be that defined, and I certainly wished to have that kind of mass at twelve (I was a bit of a skinny kid), but her biceps were still huge. Barely over 13" biceps at maximum flex and she loved to show them off.

"But if I'm an adolescent, and your an adult...why did mom leave me in charge here?"

I looked down "She didn't...she was just saying if there was an emergency or something...your not really in charge!"

Dian laughed, it must have been practiced judging by how incredibly graceful and feminine it was, despite being deep and from the bell. her abs, which looked like they were cut an inch deep each, rolled with each laugh as she clutched her belly

"We can see about that" she said as she walked to a cabinet and pulled her phone from teh charger "I could give ehr a call right now, see if she agrees with you. Maybe even have her drive back and explain things in person. That could be fun, couldn't it?"

Suddenly I felt a great fear...I rmemeber how hard mom would always punish me for saying anything disparaging to my sister. I gulped at the threat as I looked down " don't need to do that"

"Why? its really no trouble" she replied with a joyous malice "I could just call her up and we'd see who sh really wants to be in charge"

"No" I said, feeling msyelf loosing already, I looked her in the eyes angrilly "You are. she left you in charge"

"Yay!" she said before breaking into a sprint and tackling me with a hug, making sure that my face got shoved into her sweaty armpit the way she grabbed me, holding me incredibly tightly "Glad we can agree on who's in charge, baby brothr" she said before releasing me. I gasped for air as she gave me a wet kiss on the cheek "So, baby bro...what do you want to do tonight?"

"I have homework" I said I mean, it was technically true, I was pretty caught up but I did have some stuff do at some point the following week. And a Friday night doing calc and Eglish seemed way better than whatever she had in store for me.

"Hmm, alright. But after your finished...we get to have some fun, yeah? maybe you could even make me some dinner?" she said before falling backward, tumbling perfectly onto her back and elbows as she shoved her feet in my face "Or you could give me a foot rub! I really need one!"

The scent of her feet was absolutely overpowering as her pink toenails trailed right under my nose. I recoiled a bit bjut she kept up with me, even grabbing my nose between her toes "Flinching, eh?" she said before lightly slapping my face twice with her other foot 'next time you won't get off so easily"

"Yes...of course...can I do my homework now?"

She was obviously somewhat annoyed by my request, but acquiesced easily enough, getting off of me before sprinting upstairs. She sprinted back down with my backpack.

"well, get it done" sh said as she threw it on the kitchen table, then hopped on the table herself (she had an amazing vertical leap!) before reclining on it

I looked at her, flustered for a moment before she slapped the table "baby brother, you need to do your homework" she said matter-of-factly, er lips beginning to curl into a smile.

I ran to the table quickly, pulling out my books and looking up at her. she was playing on her phone

"Please don't call me that...and could I have some privacy?"

"Baby bro...I only call you that because I love you. And I think, as your baby sitter, its my job to make sure you do your homework"

I looked up angrily, but said nothing. It wasn't worth the argument, not at that articular moment. began pulling out my English homework first, looking up at her occasionally. she was just laying on the table on her phone, texting, playing games, seemingly switching between a few activities. Her legs were spread out, with her feet just close enough to me to give me the occasional whiff of her sweaty gross odor.

I tried to focus on my notes and my book, but her gaze (or rather, occasional glance) made it difficult. she somehow communicated an impatience with her body language...perhaps it was how she kept quietly re-arranging her legs.

I was jealous of her legs, the girl had the calves of an amazon and the thighs of a Goddess!they were cut without looking grotesquely striated, the sweat on her skin only making them look bigger and more defined, with every muscle on the becoming obvious as she changed her position.

I tried not to look up, but she occasionally caught my glances and smirked at me. She didn't need to say anything.

I was pretty close to done when she looked down at one of my note papers

"can the teacher read your handwriting?"

I looked up "yes she can"

"But its so dirty! I man, that's hardly even cursive! are you sure your not just getting A's cus she doesn't want to be bothered with pretending to read your paper?"

"Shut up" I said, before she laughed loudly at me

"You know, baby bro, I'm pretty sure I can write nicer with my feet than you can with your hands"

"That's not true" I said, before she grabbed a pen with her toes and a piece of paper with her other foot and signed her name, of course it turned out beautiful

"Lets see you do better" she smugly challenged

"I'm busy" I said as I tried to return to work

"Then admit your writing sucks and mine is beautiful!"

I probably should have, but then I needed to prove myself. I grabbed her same pen and spent about 12 times longer than her writing my name in cursive. it looked...OK. Nothing like hers. She laughed loudly before snapping a picture.

"hey!" I protested, as she started typing something with her thumbs. I felt a ding in my pocket and pulled out my phone. The picture was on facebook, I looked pretty embarrassed, and the caption read "My baby brother can't write as well as I can with my FEET! What a loser, LOL"

I looked up to say something, but she snatched my phone, placing it next to her "Do homewokr,phone later"

I may have rushed through much of my English homework to get my phone back, bt when I reached out my sister asked

"Is that ALL of it?"

I looked down "No"

"Well, then, baby bro, finish ALL of it and we can give you your phone back"

I sighed as I looked up at her "Its math, I need a calculator"

She smiled brightly and scooted toward me "i can calculate!" she volunteered.

The details were a bit boring, but she quite frankly schooled me. She certainly took after my mom as far as teaching went, always making sure to giggle at me and completely upshow me whenever I made the smallest mistake, and pushing me to work pretty hard. Honestly after a while it just felt natural though, and I think she was genuinely trying to help me at some level.

So it ended with her closing my book "Your pretty good at math, for a boy" she said before playfully punching my arm "But lets face facts, if you have a question you need to ask a girl"

That certainly hurt on some level, but I let out an agreeable laugh as she did the same.

"So" she said, placing a perfectly manicured black fingernail on my nose, hr shoulder muscles exploding in definition and size when she did so "what are you making me for dinner?"

I smiled "You mean what are YOU Making ME?" I asked back in a joking tone.

Surprisingly, she laughed "alright, big boy, you don't wanna make dinner, huh? howabout...challenge me at something and whoever wins gets to do whatever she wants while the loser makes dinner?"

I was impressed by her confidence "Challenge you at what?" I a asked, which was probably a mistake. I like to thin if I used my imagination I could have found SOMETHING I could beat her at.

"I don't know, your always playing some stupid soldier game or another. can't you challenge someone on that?"

"Deal!" I responded and before I knew it she was setting up the playstation. I checked the phone she finally gave back and saw quite a few of her friends had commented on the image she posted. They were...brutal.

"Ok, double or nothing" she says as she gets on the couch "Lets say loser has to rub winner's feet, too!"

He agreed and before we knew it the game had started "best two out of three?" she asked as I started it up.

"Sure"i replied smugly. The first round she was obviously lost, looking at my hands more than anything else I killed hr easily enough. She just nodded "So THAT'S how you control them" she said before round 2 started, and suddenly she moved with an amazing grace and precision. I gave her character some damage but she killed me.

My jaw dropped as I looked at her, and she stands up and smiled at me "Hmm, better be careful with me, or else I'll get some of my friends online and make sure you boys never win a match again!"

"Shut up!" I said "Where did you learn to play this?"

"I was looking at your hands round one, baby brother" she said as she looked up at me, "Its really not that complicated"

"Whatever" i said, clearly mad now, starting round 3 and trying to be more cautious this time. it...didn't work so great, she beat me without taking any damage.

There the controller on the floor and she jumped in the air "Hah, I knew it, girls rule boys drool, there's NOTHING you can beat me at, baby bro! Now come get your feet from your big sister!"

It hurt me pretty bad to have a 12-year-old tell that to me, but when she did a "gun show" flex to show off, I got really steamed

"Shut up!" I tried to demand "You don't need to rub it in like that!"

"But its true" she said smugly

"Diane!" i shouted 'Stop being such a bully!"

She rubbed her chin for a few seconds. "You think I'm a bully?"

"Uhhh" I was a bit dumbfounded. then she gave the smile I gulped when I saw that. she looked so...smug, happy, content.

She jumped off the couch, landing gracefully as her hips exploded and thighs expanded, before walking up to me and punching me in the gut. The wind was instantly knocked out of me as she grabbed my hair and slammed my face into the carpet "Bully, am I?"

"Diane" I mouthed before she twisted my arms behind her my back, I screamed in pain! those compact hands were so tight on my wrists, i was like vices cutting into my flesh!

She I couldn't see what she was doing, but my shoulders suddenly exploded in pain as I felt myself being lifted from the ground. She was picking me up!

My forearms were forcibly crossed behind my back as they pressed against each other with a lot of weight, my shoulders feeling like they were tearing as my weight was jerked by them. Diane was o her feet, back to back with me as she started carrying around my 250 pounds!

She walked me to the staircase, making sure to jerk me around "Bully, huh?" she asked before she started walking up the stairs, each step jerking me around painfully as my feet hung uselessly, unable to touch the ground when she carried me up so quickly.

"Please, stop!" I whined without answer as I stared at the roof running past me, suddenly I heard a door slam open from her kick. "Whats going on?" I asked as she threw me into the bathroom

"I'll show you a bully" she said with a cruel smile as she tackled me again, this time lifting me above her head, before clamping her arms around my biceps. My wrestling skills had completely failed me against the shock and strength of this....12-year-old girl. my own little sister, six years my junior. Things got worse when my head wet into the toilet bowl.

I screamed into the water as she squeezed my body, my air quickly disappearing. I uselessly tried to break out of her arms as my lungs burned. suddenly the toilet flushed I was given a swirlie

Siane began speaking in her sweetest voice "am I a bully?"

"What?" I asked, the bowl refilling. I realized that first swirlie wasn't the end of my torment

"Am I a bully?"

"No!" I shouted.

She squeezed me harder, I felt m already burning chest compress "Please, stop, your not a bully!"

"Then why'd you call me one?" she asked

"I'm...I was just mad because you beat me at a game, I'm sorry, it was stupid!" I said out of desperation. think. maybe at that moment I legitimately believed it

"Hmm, so you admit you deserve punishment?" she asked, the water beginning to reach my nose, I had to breath with my mouth I writhed as much as I could but she held me firmly

"Yes!" I say, before the after began drowning me again

It felt like I was in there for an hour before she flushed again "Hey, baby brother....whos' the wekaest person in the house?"

"Me!" I shouted

"really? but you live with two women, one of whom is like, WAY younger than you!"

"I know, but I'm the weakest!" I say as the water started rising in the bowl again

"So are boys or girls stronger?"

"Girls! Girls are way better!"

she pulled me out and threw me on the floor, before placing a towel over my head "I know you were just saying that to avoid punishment" she whispered cruelly "But you said it, and now you have to live with the fact that you said it" she pinched my cheek 'Soon enough you'll start to believe it"

"Please" I say "Please...are you done?"

"she rubbed her chin "I'm going to go on a run. I want dinner back when I get back." she said, before shoving a sweaty foot in my face "Wish my feet good luck before I go...and I expect dinner when I come home. after that I'll choose how to punish you"

I kissed both of her feet and she laughed at me, before she put some socks and shoes on, a belt to carry her phone, placed some earbuds in, and put weights on her wrists and ankles

"H-how much are you running in?"

"Ten pounds each" she said, moving her arms like they were nothing. I realized she was probably carrying around 30% of her weight between her hands and feet.

"well...good luck" I said awkwardly. she smiled "have dinner ready in 45 minutes"

I stewed in humiliation as she was out running. I had trouble avoiding looking at my phone her friends (and a few of mine) kept leaving comments on the handwriting picture making fun of me. it didn't hep when mom commented and shared too.

But that was just a distraction from my inner turmoil. I was completely manhandled by a girl a foot shorter and a hundred pounds lighter than me. I mean, it was one thing when mom bullied me, but this kid 2/3rds my age? it made me feel...absolutely humiliated

I worked hard making dinner, making 4 chicken breasts and a lot of macaroni and cheese, and realizing I needed a vegetable I steamed some broccoli.

I've made a few dinners before in my life, this one was...OK, to be sure. Maybe if I was less distracted I'd have made something better.

She came home soon enough, even more sweaty than she was before. She walked to the kicthen and smelled dinner 'Sounds nice, baby brother" she said with a smile before looking at me "So, I was actually gonna shower before we ate"

"I..OK" I said awkwardly as I walked up to her. "Uhhhh...."

she gave me a smile. A warm one "Just rub my sweaty feet" she said as she plopped on the couch. I knelt down and peeled off her shoes and socks. her sweet were very sweaty, but I kept going, making sure to rub them thoroughly before I looked back up at her. she seemed satisfied.

"Nice rub" she said as she walked up to me and handled my face she walked to the cabinet again and grabbed some chargers "Well, we're almost done then she gave me the smile. I felt stomahce drop in pain after what she'd done to me before. the ache from where she punchd me throbbed and I felt like I was about to cry.

"What?" I asked before she tackled me, I managed to grapple with her some and she squealed with joy, managing to put me in an armbar before letting it go. she flipped me over and held my feet together, tying them up before I could react. I Looked back "What the fucK?"

I tried to crawl away from her with just my arms "wow, you sue were tied up easily, baby boy" she said as she snapped another cord. I tried to go faster.

she walked up and laughed, "My sweet baby brother, what a pathetic excuse for an athlete" she said before she grabbed both of my arms and collapsed on me, suddenly my arms were behind my back and tied up with metal.

"What? I still get tied up? Why are you doing this?"

"So you don't escape" she said as she ran to the garage. I tried to crawl or untie myself (how did she knot the cord so tightly?) before she came back with a roll of duct tape and flippd me onto my back. she dropped the tape on my chest, holding my nose closed with one hand. she raised her socks with the other "45 minutes of running...just SOAKING with sweat!"

I tried to resist, but the lack of air was making me flash back to...the swirlie. I went crazy, opening my mouth togas and she shoved her socks into my mouth, duct-taping it shut with maybe 6 or 7 layers around my head. The taste was salty and..disgusting, revolting made me tear up. I screamed through them but that only released more of the flavor as I writhed

I mumbled at her, but she just flipped me over again, this time reaching down "You really shouldn't just call people bullies, baby brother" she said as she grabbed the waistband of my boxers. I moaned out as she pulled hard, lifting me from the ground in a painful atomic wedgie! "Bullying is a serious issue, You need to see how rough it can be" she said in a mock

She brought me to a door hook. she placed a hand under my belly right where she'd punched me as she pushed me over her head. I moaned as she hooked my underwear over the hook and let me drop.

She laughed heavily at my predicament. I was certainly in a bad spot. She smiled at me as she walked to the stairs and said "You know, I've been working SOOO hard today, I think I'm going to take a nice, long shower" she said before she went upstairs.

the pain in my lower body was tremendous, and every time I tried not to focus on that the taste in my mouth started returning. whenever I wriggled or tried to break out, the wedgie only got worse.

I have no idea how long I was hanging there.

She came down and smiled at me

"Are you doing OK, baby brother?" said my sister, wearing a pink top and jeans now

"MMMMMMPPPHHH" I responded

"well that's good to know. and you now not to call girls bullies now? Bullying is not a buzzword, its meaningful"

I aggressively nodded yes

"Are you ready to eat?"

I tried to communicate a yes

She took me down very gracefully, untying me before she tore off my duct tape. it hurt but it would have been worse if she took it off slowly, I suppose. I spat her socks out

"Wow, those are gross. clean those up as I make myself a plate. you can keep those now"

She took herself to the kitchen as I walked her socks to the laundry room. When I came back I saw she made herself a glass of wine

"Hey..Diane!" I said, before she pulled out her phone

"Baby bro...chill" she said as she pulled out her phone, showing me her texts with mom "She said I could"

"Can...I have some too?"

"Baby bro" she said, quickly taking a selfie while sipping from her glass "You know you can't drink till your twenty-one"

I was infuriated and she could see it and I new I couldn't say anything "OK" I say as I walk to the fridge

"Food looks good" she said as I took a coke from the fridge. She eyes me curiously "What is that in your hand?"

She had made herself an enormous plate, taking three of the chicken breasts and most of the mac and cheese for herself.

"Its..its just a coke"

I know that" she said with a stern look "What time is it?"


"Its 8:30. You can't have caffeine this late"

I wanted to explode but I knew I couldn't. This younger girl was completely infantalizing me!

"What" I managed to say

"You can have milk or water. Maybe juice if you beg"

I grumbled as I grabbed a gallon of milk and put the coke back, not sure why I acted like that. I very carefully poured myself a glass before I returned to the table. She smiled at me as I sat down to my rather disappointing dinner. I ate awkwardly as she very courteously cut every bite of her chicken and ate it carefully, eating most of her mac and cheese as well.

"Hey" she said to me after she finished her glass, patting her chest "Wanna see what I figured out?"

"Uhhhh..." I say somewhat scared

"No, check it out" she said as she slammed her fist into her chest and released a burp that put any of mine to shame, the sound absolutely deafening as she held it for a while. She saw my face and burst out laughing again

"Don't tell any boys I did that, I usually just show that off in front of my female friends...but your close enough, Mr dainty diet"

"I....I'd rather have eaten more"

"You wanna lick some food off my feet?"

I was stunned by the question, but suddenly felt myself get mad I ran to the sink and slammed my plate and cup in.

"Baby bro, where are you going?' She asked with a cruelty in her voice, following behind me

"I gotta lift some weights"

"I'll join you"

I really didn't want to lift with her...but I realized I didn;t have much of a choice at this point. I figured I could at least avoid her if I played my cards right. I closed my eyes, telling myself just not to look at her.

I come down and she follows quickly to our large gym basement.

"What are you going to do first?" I asked her, she shrugged as she walked to a rack "Curls" she said as she grabbed a 140 lb dumbbell and walked to the curling rack. I was somewhat relieved, I mean 140 wasn't that much weight.

But the she placed the padded rack in her armpit and let down the weight...with one hand! Her biceps started exploding as she lifted the weight, the enormous globes of muscle making me feel absolutely emasculated. I shook my head and tried to ignore her. Just because she lifted...more weight..I tried to just not think

I walked to the bench and placed 3 45s on each side as I got under it. Oh God, she was still curling with that one arm...did she do 15? 20?! I got under the rack and started benching 315 pounds, but found my eyes drifting...seeing her arms explode, I had to pump harder.

I made five reps but decided, for whatever reason, to keep going. I was pumping hard and made six, but seven fell flat on my chest. i grunted, flustered and humiliated

"Awww" Said Diane as she waked to me, grabbing the barbell "let go"

"What?" I manage under the heavy weight

"Let go of the barbell, baby bro. I need to show you something, or you could just asphyxiate..."

I do as told, and she grunted 'that was a decent arm warmup, but I need more" she said as she started curling my bench.CURLING it!

I felt completely humiliated as I walked away, trying to find something else

"Done lifting already, baby bro?" she said as she placed the weight back on the rack

"Shut up!" I say, looking at her, feeling like I was about to cry "You've been mean to me all day and I don't like it!" Oh god, she was having me communicate like a child. "I....just leave me in peace"

"Sorry I saved you from choking to death, but I told mom you wouldn't be going to the hospital. if you wanna act all grown up and do something else stupid, I'm gonna have to hold your hand. easy as that" she shrugged, her shoulders looking so powerful.

I tried to say something...but the words were all lost. I grumbled at her "Your smaller than me"

"I know, right? wierd that I'm like, five times stronger" she said as she showed off hr biceps again.

"Your my little sister, you shoud have respect for me!" I yelled, as I walked up to her.

"Those pathetic muscles of yours? not a chance" she said as she flexed harder "In fact, I think you should learn some respect for my feminine form" she said as she grabbed a barbell and started walking toward me, letting the bar clack against the ground she gave me the grin and suddenly I was choking and hurting and drowning and punched and I leaned against the wall and felt myself totally lose control.

I opened my eyes and my sister was laughing harder than she had all night, pointing at me "Oh my god, did you just pee yourself because your baby sister was threatening you! what a colossal sissy!"

"SHut up!" i said, feeling the stain spread in my pants, feeling myself start to cry "Shut up" I ran to the basement bathroom. and locked the door.

she knocked on it "Hey, when are you gonna worship my muscles?" Diane asked

Still crying, I told her to shut up again. She made no response, I slogged off to the shower. I flet somewhat relaxed as the water started coming down and the door behind me started to fog up. I was on my butt and knees, probably crying to myself. My peace was short lived.

She came i soon afterward, calling my name.

I wiped away some fog and there she was, holding a wrench in one hand and a hairpin in the other...of course she could pick the lock.

"What do you want?" I asked aggressively as she came forward, placing a hand on the door "Just for you to stay in the showr. Oh, by the way...I adjusted the water heater a bit. Lets see how you like it!"

"What?" i asked and the water started heating up. I adjusted the handle but it was no good...what did she even do to make that happen? hot water kept pouring on me, brning my ski, I realized I had to get out, she wanted to see me naked and vulnerable. I had no choice.

I slammed my shoudler into the door. no give there she was, holding it closed with one hand. I started sobbing as I panicked, putting me entire weight into opening it as the water tortured my skin. Still no give, she kept it tightly shut with just her fingertips against my body. She laughed hard, slowly using fewer fingers. She was at two when I lost consciousness.

I woke up with her standing in front of me, wearing a pair of shorts now "Worship my muscles" my skin was killing me as I looked down, seeing how naked I was "Can I get dressed?"

She drops a pair o mom's panties on my chest. pink and white striped ones. I whimper at her. she smiles at me "Is my baby brother asking for more punishment?"

Quickly, I put them on, feeling completely humiliated. She laughed at me " look good" she said as she flexed her biceps "Kiss and worship my arms and legs" she told me. I did as she said.

I rubbed her limbs and kissed them for a few minutes, she smiled before she picked me up. I insisted I could walk, but she looked down "actually, little sister, I think I prefer to carry you

"Little...what" asked, before she playfully punched my arm "Yep, I decided, your my sister now" no more boy undies for you" she said as she brought me up to my room.

she sat me down on my bed, and asked me how much I could curl. I said 130 and she took out a pink sharpie and wrote that on my arm, before wringing 400 on her own, she made my flex next to her. my arm was slightly bigger but hers looked SOOO much stronger she took a photo.

She did the same with my thighs, I said I could squad 400 and she wrote down 800 on her own, her shorter thigh again putting my tigh to shame. she did this to a few other muscle groups, her effminiate hanwritig covering my muscles as she repeatedly too comparison photos. she then sat me on my computer "Now, I emailed you all hose pics" she said, kisisng me on the neck "Now, you need to post them"

"What" I said before sh grabbed my shoulders, squeezing them putting me in a world of pain "Do it, baby sis post them on facebook. or I'll put you on world of hurt

I added the photos, but then she giggled, telling me what points to hit with the album that my sister was so superior, that I was a sissy, that girls were inconceivably better, that my sister beat me up today, she made me piss myself...all of it.

She wouldn't give me a script however, she wanted me to write it from my heart. she slapped me when she felt I wasn't writing well enough. I was sobbing when she had me post it after that, she to the chord from my computer, saying she couldn't have me deleting my post overnight.

she returned with a basket of mom's panties, telling me I'd wear one all day tomorrow. no more boy undies when she was in charge.

She left the room, reminding me I had to make breakfast the next day.

The next morning did not go well. I..I acted in defiance and wore boxers under my pants. She was satisfied enough with breakfast, but when she saw me bend over I saw the smile on her face. I tried to run but she caught me easily.

She picked me up like doll and put me over her knee, deciding it was time to really break me. she tore my pants down and started spanking me. Her tiny hands were like bullets, her arms providing a tremendous force behind each blow. She counted to a hundred on my ass. I was crying by twenty. sobbing by fifty. barely alive by a hundred.

She laughed about that, and wrote about her victory on my butt before taking a picture, smiling as she posted it, I saw the tiny red handmarks and the message that my little sister had spanked me.

I felt completely dominated and overpowered after that. she smiled as she got to work with the new me. she decided just panties weren't enough she did my make-up, my hair. she made me wear a dress and leggings. then she gave my a pair of mom's heels. They were my size.

I was wobbling around all day before she came up to me and grabbed me around the waist. I looed down, nearly 18 inches taller in my shoes before she put me in a headlock and took another selfie "That's better" she said as she sent it

"Wh-who's that?"

"Just some college boys, I was discussing sending one on a date with my baby sister..."

The worst art? I knew mom would approve of all of it.

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Richard was practicing some baseball in the park when it started. It was around 3 PM, mid-June, a hot day but not ludicrously so. He smiled as he threw the ball past his friend, giving a few pointers on how to properly account for it, how to hold his hips, swing his arms, what state of mind to be in.

Richard had just hit the third consecutive ball past his buddy when the other boy rolled his eyes "Its not fair". his friend said, not maliciously, but through a feint smile "I didn't play on a team that just went to state"

Richard couldn't help but to return the expression, smiling at his friend baseball had always been his favorite sport, and he was quite glad to have one he was actually good at, prouder that he'd been recognized recently. He even had a youtube channel where he gave pointers on form and technique (among other content), but it always felt nice to hear some praise form someone else.

*Ring Ring* it sounded and the boys looked back. 2 girls had just pulled their bikes up to the baseball diamond, stepping haughtily off their pink, girly, expensive-looking rides. They were chaining them up next to the boys' bigger bikes as the girl began to speak "Well if ya want someone who can actually hit a ball" Said the bigger of the two small girls "Why not try me?"

She stood in stark contrast to the handsome, dark-haired, tan skinned Richard. The color was what was obvious first the girl being pale skinned with ginger hair and a pretty peppering of freckles

Richard smiled at how confident the kid was. 'good on her' he thought. "You play baseball?" he said as she approached. their style of dress could not have been more different, her wearing a yellow sundress, mild make-up, her hair straight and log, flowing freely while he wore a white T-shirt and jeans.

"Nope" said the younger girl, walking straight past Richard, her flip flops gathering a decent bit of dirt from the ground.

"You may want to wear athletic shoes for this" he said to her.

She looked back and smiled, the difference between his 5'11 and her 4'8 became obvious, she barely reached his clavicle. He could see her limbs were a bit thick and possessed some amount of tone, but she was still just a little kid. You may want to try being an actual athlete" she said, flat-faced, as her crony giggled hard and subtly pulled out her phone, starting to film them.

Richard was taken aback by this insult as his friend looked confused "Little girl, I'm a state champion batter and played pitcher and the field quite a few times-"

"I'm sure you love playing the field for pitchers!" She said, laughing at her own joke as her smaller crony laughed with her, Richard was taken aback by the manner in which she spoke, and she could see it "What's wrong, hit to close to home? I promise I won't tell anyone how you go out here to scout for male bodies" she said as she took her position

"Young lady!?" he said, flabbergasted, not sure if he was angry or not, before he looked at her intently "I play with much bigger kids than you" he said, throwing the ball into he air, preparing to pitch.

"I beat em up too" she said, Richard's friend was looking more uncomfortable "Have to get home for an early dinner? run away if ya wanna, I'll see you later" despite some protests, he left. Richard was suddenly alone.

Richard looked back at Samantha "What exactly are you expecting here?"

"Oh, well, since your a little wimpy boy who I'm sure plays in a division of little wimpy boys" the girl said, fully aware of how much bigger he was "in a 'sport'" she used airquotes "That barely involves any athleticism, I'd say I'm gonna squash you easily, make you cry, and maybe take that bike of yours if your a bad sport about it" she said before sticking her tongue out at him.

"You little...brat!" he said, walking toward first base, aware of the fact that she had an aluminum baseball bat but not caring "I'll show you baseball is a real sport, you dumb bi-" he friend pushed him away

"Easy, Richard...she just wants to play"

A girlish laugehd roared across the diamond as Samantha dropped her bat, holding her belly "Your name is Dick? people still name their kids that? Holy shit, I'd feel sorry for you if you didn't live up to it!"

"It's Richard!" he yelled angrily at the younger girl, before she wiped a tear away from her eye "Whatever you say, little dick" she said,rasing her bat up, she stuck her butt out "I've only played this once or twice before...this is where my butt should be, yeah?' she said, her white thighs revealed by her position, showing some muscle definition

"That's actually pretty goo-"

"Shut up, wimp, I wasn't talking t you" she says, before her cronie affirms its about the right position.

She smiles at Richard "So, how many hours have you spent practicing pitching? How embarrassing is it gonna be when a girl manages to hi every one out of the park?"

Suddenly he was feeling a bit funny, not sure why this girl was so confident, but he gulped and slung his hand back, throwing a curveball at her, sure that it would trick her and wipe that smug grin off of her face....

In an instant the ball was whacked, the clanging of the bat echoed as it went behind the treeline. Samantha giddily jumped in the air (Making it pretty high up, he noticed) as she pointed the bat at him "Well, loser, that tears it, You suck at this sport...well, the sport sucks ad you suck, its a debate which sucks more"

He could feel himself go red at this little girl, feeling more than a bit embarrassed that his trademark curveball, which he'd thrown a thousand times, totally failed to trick this girl.

"are you really considered competitive among boys? Mabe I oughtta take some friends from the playground and take over your league.

Richard stopped, suddenly "the playground?"

Samantha gave him a "duh" before considering his response for a second "Wait, how old do you think I am?"


She laughed hard "Holy shit, your not just weak and uncoordinated, your stupid! I'm 11, dumbshit. What are you...16?"

He felt weird that she could guess so easily. "Yeah" he said, not sure what to think at this point, but feeling a bit horrified by the idea that an 11-year-old girl could bat so well.

"Holy shit, rising sophomore in High school? I still have a year of elementary school left, loser! I thought big boys were supposed to be at least OK at sports!"

" are?"

"Yep, barely 2/3rds your age...or are you too dumb to remember fractions? Anyway, just a heads up, You are getting completely humiliated by someone who is, by all means, a little girl. Does that feel good, Tiny Dick?"

He covered his embarrassment with anger "Shut up, that was just beginner's luck!" he said, not sure what he really meant as the girl stuck her tongue out at him "Fine, throw a few more balls my way, see how long my beginner's luck lasts"

"I just might!"

She smiled at her friend "get this, he's not gonna do it, guy's nearly pissing his pants in fear here, he knows I'll prove him wrong but he thinks if he doesn't go any further he can imagine he wouldda embarrassed me. What a fucking loser!"

The potty mouth on such a young girl was certainly unsettling to say the least. Richard grumbled as he went to grab another ball "You know, your not being very respectful of me"

"Because you don't deserve respect, little Dick"

That was it, he was angry now. he reached his arm back and threw the ball with all the speed he could muster, not warning the girl, only to have her strike it again, easily making it past the tree line, again "Wow, yeah, first time was certainly a fluke, no way that's just some stupid shit you said to cover up being bad at this"

He was livid now, and more than a bit humiliated. grabbing another ball, he aimed again "Don't talk to me like that"he said, managing not to whine.

"No, I think I will, you fucking loser wimp. What, are you gonna tell your mommy that the mean little girl is using naughty words on you? Or will I be 8 guys when you explain the bruises to her, little Dick?"

This set him off, throwing with all the force he could muster, he aimed directly at Samantha's hip. She sure did have a big one, he mused as he threw to walk her. She feigned a yawn as he began the pitch, but moved like a panther when the ball was released, stepping back and whacking with all her might, the ball shot straight toward him...

"AAAAAUUUU!!!" he said as he caught it in both hands, getting knocked down onto his butt. he regretted deeply not bringing a glove as he felt pain pulse through his palms. Only when he tried to get up did he realize the ball drove his wrists into his belly, hurting him even worse than he'd have suspected.

He fell down before managing to stabilize himself on both feet and a hand, feeling his palm bur on the sand as he did so, rushing to get on just his feet

"Awwww, did I huwt widdwe babie's hands with my mean widdwe bat?" she says, walking toward him, she pushes him, knocking him down, before taking off her right sandal. "Is widdwe baby gonna cwy?" she mocked as she placed a single big toe on his chest, showing off her glittery purple nail polish.

"Fuck you" he said, before she smiled

"What a mean thing to say, little Dick" she said, placing her weight on the toe jammed in the middle of his solar plexus, seeing him rithe in pain "Hmm, seems you lost a decent bit of breath from that balll. Am I the first girl to take your breath away" she said, before placing more weight on him, using her ballet lessons to focus it straight down, all in the tip of one tiny toe. "and by the way, your not slick. those balls of yours move like slugs, I could have gotten a manicure while I was waiting for that thing to hit my hip."

He was gasping a bit as she placed an elbow on her upturned knee "I got 87 pounds I could balance on you, little Dick. right now I'd say your getting about twenty." She suddenly pulsed down with more weight, eliciting a painful grunt "That was a taste of thirty. DO you think yo can escape from this?"

He looked away, refusing to answer. she brought on the pressure again and he screamed again "Your not even gonna try?I mean, can you really not even stand up against one tow of a little girl?"

He was kind of horrified, but he fought through, placing his elbows on the ground he tried to buck her off, but found each time he pushed himself up she pressed herself down, eliciting many painful grunts before he collapsed, that plan having been given up on.

"Say I'm a better batter than you, and I'll let you up"

"Fuck off"

"Language!" she said with an evil grin on her painted lips, her white face seeming almost demonic as she lifted her left leg from the ground, briefly balancing her entire body on Richard. Pain shot through his entire body as he couldn't even find the breath to scream, she looked down and laughed "That was about a quarter second, want to see how long I can balance?"

"No!" he wheezed out

"Right, now say I'm a better than you could ever hope to be"

He hyperventilated "Your a better HUGH Batter than i could ever hope to be!"

She smiled at her friend's camera, before looking down "Hmm, now apologize for your langauge"


She pressed down again "Sorry is not an apology, its just an expression of sorrow, dipshit. Explain why you were wrong to curse at me to begin with, and then I'll lighten up a bit"

He was lost in thought, but felt the pressure increase. he quickly thought of something "Sorry I cursed at you guys shouldn't swear at girls and it was mean and I was out of line and I'm sorry!"

her face lit up, before she lifted her toe and lightly booped his nose with it "That's the smartest thing you've said all day, little Dick" she said, before grabbing hmm beneath the armpits and pulling him to his feet, easily supporting the bigger boy "Your what, 185?" she asked casually

"yeah...something like that" he managed to respond Huh, twice my weight and some change" she observed, before easily pushing him away 'take a sec to catch your breath, little Dick. Think about what you did today.

He did, finding himself on his feet and free of danger the humiliation seeped into his head, he looked back at Samantha, seeing her bright smile and haughty expression. He found himself...scared of her. He looked away before she grabbed his face and turned him back "Why do you need 187 pounds? I mean, your arms can't be more than 14 inches"

"Weight si different when your bigger...and a boy" he responded, before she lifted his shirt and saw his belly, poking it with a decent bit of force, eliciting a scream 'Sure thing, poppin fresh. Your, at best, bit chubby."

'What the fuck?' he thought, feeling violated now. this girl not only humiliated him and insulted him with no justification, but now she was playing with his body "I have a four pack" he said, raising his shirt and holding his belly firmly. Samantha laughed.

"Is that supposed to be impressive?' she said, raising her dress, revealing the most defined abs he'd ever seen, each one standing out what looked to be half an inch, 6 perfectly identical muscles moving in and out with her every breath, covered in white skin, they almost looked the belly of a classical statue.

"Are you looking at my undies, perv?" she said, and suddenly he saw she was wearing a pair of basic pink panties, he gulped "N-no" he said, before she walked up and punched him in the shoulder, knocking him to his feet. He tried to convince himself it was a fluke, but damn his shoulder hurt. "were you looking at my Panties? I saw your eyes check upward too...trying to figure out if I have a bra on?"

"N-no I-" she laughed

"Whatever dude, just know your too old for me, and way too wimpy for pretty much any girl out there. Anyway, wanna switch positions, pervert?"

"Don't call me a pervert" he said meekly

"sure thing, little Dick" she responded with her devilish smile. "Wanna get back in the field anyway? I haven't proven I'm a better pitcher yet. I haven't seen you in your natural position of taking it. "

He looked at the aluminum bat, walking to it, he grabbed it. "alright, sure" he said, returning to home plate. She threw one past him, laughing.

He mumbled an excuse "Holy SHIT si this easy! Are you sure you play competitively?"

"Yes!" he screamed at her, feeling a bit too afraid to be argumentative

"How many hours a week do you practice?"

"6 to 8" he said defensively.

she laughed again "You know I've played maybe 3 hours of baseball, IN M LIFE before today? Jeez, I know they say practice makes perfect, but your a dead fucking end. Give up on this, loser, You literally couldn't even become as good as a little girl with...I'm gonna guess 9 years of hat's about, holy shit, 27 hundred hours! I literally have less than one one thousandth of your experience and I'm making you look like a child. Well, that's not fair, I'm a child and kicking your ass...I'm making you look like a boy, maybe?" she said wit a grin.

This hurt him. hurt him deeply. h held back tears, feeling his dreams evaporate, his chances of a happy life disappear, wanting so badly for this day to be over "all right then" was all he could manage.

Samantha laughed, preparing to pitch again "Oh, wait, I'll do this for you. from now on, whenever you bat, all you'll be able to thin of is a little girl being infinitely better than you, humiliating you in public" she said, this ball zipped right past him so fat he felt like n hour had passed before he swung.

"2 strikes" she said, lifting the last ball, she aimed it again "Say your a loser"

"No" he responded

"Your loss" she said, a full force baseball hit him in the thigh and he collapsed like a condemned building, howling as he grabbed the muscle

"Don't be such a baby, it would hurt way worse if I actually hit your hip, like you tried on me" sh said, before walking up to him "beside, it was mercy. I walked you. Now you can walk first base. Well, you could if you could walk..."

He impotently lunged in her direction, barely managing any distance before he fell on he ground "hah! loser!"

she walked up to him and leaned down, admiring his predicament. "hey, Suze, wanna throw a ball? make i easy for him?"

"Sure thing" the smaller girl said, and they traded off, ball for phone, tossing them from about twenty feet from each other as Suze stepped onto the plate. "Take a practice swing when you can walk" she politely said to the boy.

He took a few minutes getting to his feet Samantha just recording him as he did so, he was pretty sure he was being filmed now. He glared at the girl, taking a few swings "ahh, makes sense" she said, before Samantha interjected

"Hit to anywhere you want. I'll catch it. and I won't whine about my hands hurting."

Suze laughed as she counted down slowly from five, throwing the easiest, most direct pitch he'd ever seen, he decided to strike left since Samantha was right, she'd apparently anticipated this and started running before contact was even made.

He felt an intense pain in his hands as he hit the ball, the girl threw damned hard and he was already sore from earlier, plus that was a tremendous hit.

He saw it zoom away as he dropped his bat, Samantha running faster than he thought she could, she had to jump around 5 feet into the air and stretch her arm out as air as she could...and she did grabbing the ball in one hand, immediately doing cartwheels in celebration.

"Hah, I beat you loser, game, set and match, I have every skill I need to be good at this stupid game for fat boys like you" she said, seeing him sink a bit "Oh, whats wrong, gonna cry cus this little girl humiliated you, ya fucking pussy? I mean, I get it, maybe you'll go cry in that boyfriends' arms, no way you'd actually let me know how you feel."

he got angry he knew she was manipulating him but he was mad. he dropped the bat "Shut u" he said, walking forward, she walked forward as well. She smiled at him.

"Wha tare you gonna do, knock my block off?"

"If you make me"

she laughed at this, lacing her arms behind her head "Fine, you can have one free blow to the torso"

He was confused at first, but then tightened his fist "Oh my god, you don't know how to punch, do you?"

"Shut up" he responded impotently "Dude, just fucking hit me in the belly or walk away and admit your a pussy"

He sighed, putting his whole body into a haymaker, wanting this over soon, he knew this wasn't a practical punch for a fight, but since he got a cheap shot, he drove in his fist, putting everything he had left into it.

She moved back maybe an inch and rolled her eyes "Oh my god is that all you got? fine, you can have two blows you fucking wimp"

His knuckles were sore enough to have to grab them as he scowled at the girl who had humiliated him so, grabbing her head with his other hand he drove a knee into her belly, grunting as the result was about the same

"My turn" she said, her left fist sinking into his abdomen, he felt like vomiting as he backed up, Samantha cackled "come on, pussy, punch me some more. you can aim anywhere ya want now" he flung two weak, exhausted punches at her face. she no-sold both

"Hey, watch this" she said, doing her ballet, the much shorter, much smaller girl got on one two and spun around, her foot out, it struck Richard in the head.

When he came to he was on his back, the bat laying across his torso "hey, not in a coma, awesome" Samantha said, casually going through his wallet and phone "By the way, date of birth as a password? bad idea" she said, before placing it down "Thanks for carrying a few hundred in cash, tho. that'll start to pay for my services, I think.

He got up, slowly before she did the same "I decided you can use the bat for these next two, but no face shots" she said, standing in front of him, she whipped her hair, before placing her hands on her hips, positioned so h was looking at her left side.

He approached slowly, feeling intense pain in his hands and head and thigh and pride and brain and heart.

"Hit when your ready" she said casually and he brought the bat down on her abs. rather than roll with the blow as he had before, she pressed her belly out, slamming it into the bat, his hands felt hellfire as she showed no apparent discomfort

He grunted as he stepped back, feeling tears coming on, he swallowed them as she started sticking her butt out "Hah, what a loser!" she said, before he came back, whacking it into her rear end as she flexed her glutes and shot it back with her powerful legs, hitting the bat so hard the shock made hi let go, immediately waving his hands into the air

"Fucking wimp" She said as she picked up the bat and walked behind him, casually hitting the back of his knee. He groaned as he clenched his leg, bringing it up to his chest, she then knocked him again in the back of the head, knocking him over, before giving up the bat.

She saw him on the ground in that ridiculous position and couldn't help but laugh, seeing him on his shins and hands, his ass sticking up in the air, she placed her foot on his head and drove it into the dirt, exaggerating his position

"Quite the ass you have on you" she said before swatting it as hard as she could, feeling his entire body rock under her slap, he squealed like a stuck pig. "How many boys have been in it?"

"S-stop" he said, feeling himself tear up, clenching his eyes, his nose watering, mud forming under his face, Samantha looked down and spanked him again, on the other cheek "Hey Little Dick, don't you know there's no crying in baseball?" he began to whimper now, tears flowed out regularly as he quietly sobbed. she reached out her hand and grabbed his balls through his pants, giving a quick squeeze she heard what she wanted

He was balling like a baby now, unable to help himself before her onslaught, knowing she was superior and could d whatever she wanted to him she slapped his ass a few more times to make him sob, before he became to exhausted to project a voice, quietly hyperventilating

"What kind of undies to you keep on this big, fat, booty, anyway?" she said, pulling his pants down, seeing his short boxerbreifs "Hey, loser, just because they call them boy shorts doesn't mean their not panties" she said, before lifting his waistband, giving him one of the most intense wedgies of his life, he felt his legs leave the ground as she screamed in pain, and she flipped him over, putting him on his back.

Her knee came down hard on his lower abdomen, suddenly he felt himself lose bladder control, his blue undies turning a much darker shade "Hah, maybe I was right about you being a baby. You can't even avoid pissing yourself" she said before lacing a sandal on his face "alirght, I'm getting kinda bored. Eat the dirt from my shoe and we'll call it a day

He hesitated. Her green eyes met his baby blues,and he started licking off the caked dirt

"Oh my god he's actually doing it! What a fucking faggot!" she said giddily as her friend got a close up.she made him do the same to the other show, before placing her knees on his biceps, keeping him in a schoolgirl pin "Swallow every drop, OK faggot? then I'll go"

He tried his best, the gritty dirt both disgusting and dry, he found himself coughing after trying to swallow some "Right, dehydration" Samantha said, holding his head with both hands.

She made a most unfeminine snort as she contorted her face, grabbing his mouth. He realized she was gonna spit in it, and some lingering pride made him want to resist, keeping his mouth was useless, she pressed his cheeks and held him steady, hocking the mother of all loogies into his mouth before gagging him with her hands

"Every last drop, fag" he didn't know if the taste or the texture was worse, but after working it for a few minutes, he gulped. she got off of him, smiling "great job"she said, clapping her hands at the thoroughly beaten and humiliated boy sitting in a pool of his own urine.

"Oh, by the way, you can have my bike" she said as she walked up to his and unlocked it, adjusting the seat "This'll take some getting used to" she said as she mounted it, but soon flew off, laughing as her cronies followed her.

Richard cried for a few minutes. He had never been half this humiliated in his life, he felt everything he worked toward had been a joke. He felt completely terrified, emasculated, and it hit him that the video would be hitting the internet some time soon.

he cried some more, feeling every sore part of his body before he finally managed to pull himself up. At home, he was convinced, he would feel better. He'd draw himself a bath, put on some new clothes...maybe even buy a new wardrobe, play on the computer, hell, he might even light up the grill.

He moaned as he approached his bike he'd pulled his pants up but the piss had soaked through, anyone who saw him would know he had pissed himself. He struggled to mount the smaller bike, feeling completely ridiculous as he saw the princesses painted on it, long tassels, and pink color scheme. He greatly wanted not to ride it, but his thigh and knee were a bit too sore to walk the distance.

The ride back was hard, he felt like coming up wit a story but nothing came. He had absolutely no idea what he'd tell his mom. He pulled out his phone when he got to his house, only a few people having seen him. he realized that Samantha must have cracked it, he found his mom was working late tonight. great, maybe she didn't have to see anything.

he reached in his pocket in search for his key, his hands heavy and a bit swollen, he found nothing. he freaked out, looking more and more, finding nothing. he almost felt like crying again before he tried the door. it was open.thank god. he pulled Sam's...or maybe his, now, bike in through the front door as he started up ror his room.

he sighed in relief as he opened his door, seeing his laptop on his bed...and there was Samantha behind it "Your not great with private addresses, slowpoke" she said, before turning his computer toward him "Or secure passwords. it was his youtube channel. two new videos "Losing to a girl!" and 'beaten up by a girl!" had been uploaded.

the girl gave an evil grin "Now, since your mom's not going to be here....lets have some fun"

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It was right before noon on a Saturday at Otto Smith College's weight room. It was a relatively small all-male school in a pretty small town, fostering a tight-knit community among students. It also served to form a strong bond between townies and the students of the school, as there were only two libraries, 1 sports stadium, and 3 Gyms (all of which were relatively low quality in their own way) outside of the college campus. As such, the facilities were made open to any townie who paid a small fee.

There were 3 proper squat racks in the college, set up in front of a mirror (as is standard), 2 of which were currently in use. The boys using them were quite handsome, with smooth skin, nicely styled hair, and of course very built bodies. "Are you feeling it?" asked Andre, the older of the two at 23, the 215 pound young brunette was looking at the blond to his right. Terry's eyes looked briefly at Andre as he huffed a bit, falling to the bench below him as 365 pounds rested on his shoulders.

"Five" Terry grunted as he stood up again, racking the weight and wiping sweat off of his forehead with his forearm. his white T-shit was already starting to soak with sweat, he finally answered the other boy's question. "Hah, mostly in my butt" the 6'2 blond said.

"Yeah, I feel it in my butt, thighs...everywhere down there" the 6'4 black-haired boy said as he placed his shoulders under his own bar, weighing in at 405 pounds with 4 45 pound weights on each side warping the bar ever so slightly, he did five squats of his own, barely grunting as his butt hit the bench below him and he sprang back to his full height.

"So two more sets for each of us?" the 22 year old Terry asked.

Andre affirmed him "Yep, that's what we got for today..."

Suddenly girlish giggling echoed throughout the weight-room. 3 girls were visible in the corner, not one of them over five feet tall, all wearing very light make-up and mildly stylish gym apparel. There was a blond girl who was obviously the youngest, an Asian girl who was second tallest, with a purple streak in her hair, and a auburn haired Caucasian girl with kind of big eyebrows.

They were carrying phones, lunch boxes, backpacks...generally the seemed like they were planning to spend the day in the gym. The two older girls whispered to each other before playing rock-paper scissors, the brown haired girl won with rock and the Asian gave a jealous look, before they playfully kissed each other on the cheeks.

The auburn haired girl dropped her things in a cubby and radiated confidence as she sauntered up to the boys. She was wearing a tight white T-shirt with a pink female symbol on the chest, a pair of orange cotton short shorts, pink socks that were stretched nearly to bursting when her calves flexed but were almost loose when they weren't flexing, and a rather expensive pair of running shoes.

She gave her million dollar smile that stretched from ear to ear, her brown eyes shining as she placed her hands on her wide hips and just sort of looked the guys up and down for a few seconds. It took a significant amount of willpower to stop herself from licking her lips. She flexed her shoulders a bit to show off their muscularity through her T-shirt. She stuck out her chest a bit, flexing her pecs so her breasts, already a bit bigger than Andre's fists at 34 D, stuck out even further. She looked herself in the mirror a bit as she adjusted the curve of her spine so that the hourglass shape would be exaggerated on her right side, making her look twice as thick on her hips and chest than she was around her waist (which wasn't THAT far from her actual measurements...)

She considered reaching up to adjust the auburn ponytail that hung about 3 inches below her shoulderblades as she eyed the two boys in front of her. The taller brunette was in a pair of simple gym shorts and the relatively shorter blond (Not that it mattered to her, her lips were barely up to the bases of either of their ribcages), combined with their tight shirts meant she saw every curve of their bodies, big pecs, big glutes, big quads....nice.

She reached out her tiny hand "I'm Anne" she said, receiving first Andre's hand and then Terry's as they introduced themselves. Neither one tried to crush her, so she decided to return he favor and shake hands like a normal person.

"Boys" she began politely "I was sort of wondering if you could move on to something else for a bit. My girlfriends and I were going to be using the squat racks for...well, probably for no longer than an hour." She added a giggle...she was barely feigning to get it out of her mouth, really! "we were wondering if you could maybe, possibly, do something else for a bit?"

Andre was about to say yes when Terry stuck his hand out. He'd seen girls doing squats before, he knew how they'd monopolize equipment by doing a million reps with no weight and then play on their phones for an hour "We only have two more sets" he said politely

"You could use the other rack" Andre suggested.

Anne smiled at him "Right, but we kinda like to do it together, teamwork and all that" she giggled "Like you two." she said before pointing back to her compatriots, both of whom were currently leaning against a wall and playing on heir phones. "Now, you see their short attention spans...I don't know if I can wait for you boys to do a hundred more reps"

Terry laughed at this suggestion before Andre started to correct her, Anne rubbed her chin before deciding it may not have been in her best interest to presume the best of them. Especially if it was just because of how they looked. "Dude" Terry said, trying not to yell "we're just doing two more sets of ten"

Anne had seen how boys had worked out before, and it was....disappointing, to say the least "I see, with the benches? you know your not even getting full extension that way, right?"

"Its not even up to either of our knees" Andre said, tapping the blue-seated bench under him "Its just to let us know when we should go back up.

A vein started throbbing in Anne's head when she heard this, but she breathed deeply "ahh, I see. Well, we're sort of here to" she rubbed her chin, not sure if she still wanted to be polite "Why are you two lifting?"

"Well"Andre said, rubbing his beautiful back mane as his green eyes pointed at his shoes "I was kinda bullied in high school. I was a gangly kid back then, believe it or not."

Anne tried to picture him stick thin...he probably looked OK back then...maybe he had bad acne or a puberty mustache "Oh, I can get behind that. get big so the other guys are intimidated?"

"And girls" Terry quipped, before Andre elbowed him in the ribs, eliciting a laugh

"Hey, girls can kick ass too" she said, not sure if these guys were down with swearing or not (I mean, they were older boys, but there WERE sometimes weird religious kids at these schools). "How long has it been effective?"

"Haven't been beaten up by a cheerleader since I was 16" he said, flexing his thick, muscled, proportional body for the girl in front of him.

Anne resisted the urge to purr "Huh, well, maybe you should be scared...I'm a 15-year-old cheerleader" she said, flexing back, showing a body that was smaller but certainly more deeply cut, impressing both boys. She considered rolling up her sleeves...but not yet. "Don't believe me?" she asked, before doing a back flip, unable to resist showing off some dexterity in front of her new audience, she followed up by kicking her right leg up until her foot was over her shoulder "I also do a few other sports, but what can I say, attention hog. What about you blond-I mean Terry" she covered her luscious lips (which, naturally were maybe a shade less red than her current lipstick) with her tiny but strong hands as she laughed at her own mistake "Terry, why do you lift weights"

Terry opened his mouth before Andre ejaculated "He got beaten up by his big sisters back home, he doesn't want them to keep giving him wedgies and and makeovers" before Terry elbowed him.

The thought of this blond guy made-up pretty or painfully hanging from his underwear made her a bit weak in the knees (well, not weak, but less strong) as she swallowed "Wow, two guys terrified of girls" she said in a manner she was confident would come off as joking "I was gonna make you two get off the racks so we could use them but it would just be too mean to exploit your fear like that. She looked at the other two girls and gave a wicked grin. the Asian rolled her eyes as the shorter blonde just looked confused and excited "Ladies, I think I'm starting a new project" she nearly purred as she walked up to the two boys.

"Project?" asked Terry

"That's both look nice...really nice, but your not working out like you should be, not meeting your potential" the guys sniggered and she raised her arms over her head, her sleeves fell down exposing her upper arms. She flexed her 13" biceps, revealing two of the hardest, veiniest, most defined arms either boy had ever seen. They seemed scared. Good. "I'm gonna whip you two into shape"

The guys were both taken aback, each subtly re-living previous experiences with girls...beside female professors they hadn't seen too many on campus these last few years. Certainly none as fit and young as her.

"I mean, you'll have to admit your endurance and flexibility are below where they could be. Can either of you kick your own head?" no answer "Hmm, maybe you'll be able to by the time we're done. Maybe I'll have you two running a mile or two, doing handstands, or" she chortled "doing more than 15 half-assed squats in one day"

"Look, we're not in worse shape than you" Andre said "Just a different kind. We're lifting for strength"

"Well, you did a good job lifting for mass" she said, looking at the boy "What are you, 214?" she asked, despite trusting her eye for that kind of thing much more than she trusted a boy to know his weight.

Andre was stunned, feeling a bit violated by the ease with which this younger girl had uncovered something about him "I'm like twice as tall as you" Andre said defensively

"And a bit over twice as heavy. 105. So twice as heavy if I'm dehydrated and you just ate a big meal. And don't get me wrong you wear it well, your chest sticks out farther than your belly and looks big and squishy and fun to play with, and don't get me started on that butt" she said, immediately making him blush and take a step back. She rolled her eyes, trying to reconsider the fragility of these boys.

"I'm 190" Terry said, pre-empting the girl's attempt at guessing his weight.

"Maybe three months ago. your closer to 197" Anne responded. He raised an eyebrow she pointed at a scale, she re-iterated herself "Take your shoes off and weigh yourself...and take your hone out of your pocket"

He swaggered to the electric scale and did as told, placing an expensive looking phone and some car-keys in his shoe as he got on the scale "Huh, looks like we were both wrong. 198.8"

"Its 197" Anne responded "take your clothes off and see"

"No!" Terry said, embarrassed. Anne smiled

"Worth a try. Now, you say your in a different kind of shape? well, I suppose so, you are both taller and broader and have some baby fat on you...although it probably makes you squishy and fun to cuddle" the boys were a bit too weirded out by that last part to respond.

Anne casually took the heavy bench out of the rack and rolled it away "This is only going to hurt your progress" she chided like a disappointed mother before looking at Andre's bar. "405?" she asked, he gave an affirmative. She stands under the bar and looks up, she reaches up and pulls herself into a squat position, her feet dangling over half a foot from the floor. Anne quickly quipped "Hmm, maybe I should have worn platforms" The guys laughed. She decided Terry's laugh was a bit cuter, but Andre's wasn't bad. The mirror made it quite clear that the boys behind her were both staring at her ass, currently covered by her cotton shorts but every inch of detail made clear by the tight, thin material. She flexed her powerful glutes a few times and made sure they were impressed before she jumped off "Mary, Lin, help me with this"

Anne reached up and grabbed the heavy weight above her, huffed and lifted it above her head. She took two steps back and kept it still as the other girls slowly approached the squat rack. her arms were exposed, hard, vascular, her thighs looked like they were made of solid rock as she held it still. but on her face she held a casual smile "Hey, either of you guys like Katie Perry?" she casually asked as Lin grabbed one hook and Mary jumped up to grab the other.

Both guys were flabbergasted at this display of strength, not entirely sure what to do or say as they saw her hold the weight above her head. "You guys go deaf?" she asked with a smug smile both saw in the mirror. "Uhh, not really" Terry said as she rolled her eyes "The boys here have no taste in music. Must be the lack of female influence" she said with a smug grin as the other girls finally adjusted the squat rack for her height. Anne stepped in, refusing to grunt at all as she lowered the bar to her shoulders and approached "Oh, just a bit too far down" she said, both boys immediately started coming to her aid, she again refused to make anything but an adorable feminine hum as she lifted the bar over her head (Not fully locking her elbows, but above her head) and racked it.

"Actually, could I get fifty?? her friend and little sister rolled their eyes "Please?" each of them grabbed a 25 pound weight and slammed it on

"Thanks!" she told her compatriots before she got under the bar "Sorry, guys, Its just if I lift low rep I may as well lift a bit heavy" she said, aware of how that may hurt the boys' pride...counting on it, really. She extended her legs and the bar balanced on her shoulders. she took two steps back "Now, your really gonna need my advice" she said, both boys feeling pretty embarrassed to get schooled by a fifteen year old girl, neither was quick to speak.

"Well, at least you two have an excuse to stare at my butt now" she said as she lowered herself down, slowly, demonstrating perfect form with over four times her weight on her shoulders, her large rear exposed more and more as she pushed it back and her short shorts began to ride up, until her round rear, barely covered by cotton anymore, touched the floor. "Eek, cold! maybe I shouldda worn pants" she said before her body shot back up, the weights bounced as she extended herself to her full height. She smiled, the boys were so impressed with her they didn't even look at her boobs wit that bounce. Maybe if she did a few more

"Well, that's good" Andre said 'But your not actually pushing it as far up as I am, plus that was just one rep.

"Good point. I'm going...maybe half as far as you were?" she said, lowering herself again "I figure" she shot back up "two...that If I do" she'd lowered herself again and touched her ass to the floor again "Twice-" she shot back up...Terry definitely looked at her chest that time "Three-as many as you do-four-than maybe you'll understand-five" Terry was already looking scared, Andre could hardly do an extra rep with less weight than that. He looked a the other boy, who just seemed confused "-that I am actually-six-you'll understand-seven-how much better shape-eight-I'm actually in-nine-y'know?' she crooked her neck as her pretty face peaked over the weight, her ass barely touching the floor

"Uhhh" Andre said, not sure what to say as she shot back up and declared her tenth rep, before racking the weight, there was the slightest sheen of sweat on her head but barely any on her shirt, even as she relaxed and crossed her arms which, along with her chest suddenly seemed much bigger and intimidating as she leaned against the squat rack "Look, its not directly" he had a flashback t cheerleaders holding him down n high school...even they tended to be bigger than Anne "Its not the same, your built differently"

"That is true...I mean, your boys and I'm a girl" she said, confidently pointing to the feminine symbol on her chest "I mean...My legs are gonna outclass yours any day of the week"

Angered, Andre walked up "My legs are like twice as thick as yours" he said, before Anne slapped his thigh with two fingers, eliciting a yelp (damn, he sounded cute even when yelping...what does Terry's yep sound like?) and "See how it bounced?' she said, flexing her own thigh "Now you do me"

Andre's thigh really stung where she connected, he reached down and grabbed it, Terry approaching somewhat angrily "calm down, blondie, I'm not gonna hurt him bad, just trying to motivate him to train right. h has to realize who's better first. Now, which thigh?"

Andre looked her in the eye "Not fair, your prepared"

"Fine" she said, closing her eyes tightly, she smiled wide "Hit whichever one you want to." He reached his arm back and shot his hand down to her left thigh.nothing

"Andre, come now, don't sell yourself short. gimme a real slap!"

He raised his hand again, looking back at Terry, who just shrugged his shoulders, unsure of what to do. Her thighs were barely flexed anymore, both so white and solid and defined looking, both of them having just put his to shame. He really wanted nothing more than to give this girl a taste of her own medicine. Andre looked back and smirked putting his entire body weight in now, he shot his hand to the exact same pace, *POW*.

He clutched his hand, biting his lip to stop the moaning as Anne opened up her eyes "see? no jiggle"

"yeah" he said

"Oh, you didn't see, did you too busy trying to hurt me. Rude but I forgive you. It actually felt kinda nice. Maybe you could swat my butt that hard some time" she smirked as Terry raised an eybrow

"I'm joking...for the most part" she told the blond boy as she tickled the chin of the bigger brunette "Hand too sore to try again?"

"No!" replied Andre

She rolled her eyes "Fucking boys...whatever, you can use your fist or foot or whatever next time. But look this time. Terry, look with him...maybe I'll need you to slap my thigh next time" she said as she closed her eyes and relaxed again. Terry smiled as Andre clenched his fist and pounded it into Anne's right thigh hoping that spot had been weakened. He looked this time. No give. He yelled as his knuckles throbbed with pain

"Sorry Andre" Anne said, grabbing his wrist, she kissed each knuckle. She giggled a bit, feeling like she was kissing the hand of a prince...damn childhood sticking these images in her head for her whole life.

She pulled her head away at Andre. He was clearly flustered, Terry looked confused

"Do you need a kiss too, blondie?"

Terry raised his hands "I...I think I'm good." God, this little girl sounded just like his older sisters used to. It was getting pretty weird, for him.

"Still doesn't mean your stronger" Andre said angrily. Anne looked back "Hmm, maybe not" she said as she laid down on her back "But maybe this will" she said as she raised her feet

"What are you doing?" Andre asked

"Leg wrestling, we press our feet against each other, see who wins. Or are my legs not exhausted enough? do I need to knock out a few more sets with that weight before you agree?"

"No!" he shouted terrified of her doing it again, he matched her position. they fumbled around for a few minutes before both of them pressed their hands against squat racks, firm butts touching as their feet did in the air.

"You know,Andre, your butt is actually bigger than mine"

"o...OK" he said awkwardly. She turned her head to Terry "Nothing against yours of course. He blushed, feeling so...objectified by this tiny enigma.

"His is pretty nice" Terry said with a smile. Anne's eyes immediately lit up

"Oh, have you played with it before? I need to know!" she said, before Andre slapped his hand on the ground.

"Are we wrestling or what?!" the dark haired guy asked

"Right, ready when you are sweetheart" she said as her women's 9's pressed against his men's 17s, barely covering half the area. he counted down from three before he started to kick

"Sweetheart, you counted...Oh, right" she giggled as she started countering him, he felt his body start to fold as her thighs bent his backward, he grunted as he tried to counter her.

She offered some give, seeing where he went. He certainly had some untapped reverses of strength, but after his third push he was pretty clearly exhausted. she pressed her thighs out and managed to completely straighten her legs. Andre screamed as his knees were pushed against his shoulders ad a bit beyond by the smaller took her a few seconds to understand that she was hurting him by placing him in that position

"You REALLY need to work on flexibility" she said as she reached out a hand and playfully slapped his rear "Jiggle on that too. Now, about Terry playing with far did he go?"

"Just this and that" Terry said nervously, hoping it would save his friend from more questions. Anne loosened her legs as she stood up and looked at him "Well, makes sense. I mean, no girls around and all that gotta find companionship somewhere. Gotta say, you seem like a cuter couple than anyone at my school" she said as she approached him.

"Th-thanks" he said awkwardly. she reached out and grabbed his wrist as Andre stretched out, deciding to take a quick breather "So, whats your best muscle group?"

"I think I have nice abs" the blond started, with her immediately pulling his shirt up. He breathed in and had a six pack.

"Decent" she said, running her fingers over them Terry blushed quite hard at the contact, and violation, before she walked back "But check em" she said, pulling up her own shirt, she decided not to let him see any bra even if that meant a flank was slightly draped over. Six pack, solid obliques, cut deep. and if I inhale" she said, her belly became nearly twice as tight, she rolled her muscles a few times, each symmetrical one popping and returning to shape as she did so.

Terry took a minute to correct his jaw, which literally dropped at this display of muscularity. Anne just smiled as she casually flung her wrist at him "No need to speak, you've flattered me enough. So you acknowledge my abs are superior?"

"Not necessarily" he said, looking at how deeply cut they were, then back at her face "I mean, just because their cut deeper doesn't mean their stronger"

"True, at a basic level, I suppose" Anne said as she approached a mat "I Suppose you'll want a sit-up contest, then?"

He didn't...but it was hard to resist "Sure" he said "But its not exactly even. I'm a lot heavier"

Anne puffed out her chest and generally motioned toward her breasts "Come on, you saying you carry more weight on your chest than I do?"

Suddenly the blond went silent, blushing as Anne approached him

"Just kidding, you're at least" she reached up and cupped both of his pecs, squeezing a bit as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation "at least an F-cup..." She said, her hands uncomfortably deep into his muscle,making him feel a bit sore "" he makes out, before she lets go "Sorry, you just have a nice torso. I'm sure Andre knows how you like people to do that better than I do"

Terry blushed at this, neither confirming nor denying it "Geez. when this is over we gotta install some cameras in the locker room here." Lin Snickered at the suggestion.

Anne walked to a weight rack and grabbed a 45 pounder "Should this make up for the difference in upper body weight?"

"Not necessarily" he pointed out, gulping at what she did "I mean, I'm like 90 pounds heavier and kinda top heavy..." he said, before she rolled her eyes and put it down, walking to a rack she picked up a hundred pound weight, mean for dead-lifts and brought it up to her chest as if it were a pencil case "Fine, does this work?" she said as she saw him bush, then smirked "yeah, that probably works"

He went to a machine and put his feet under it, his hands behind his back. Anne went to the sit-up table and adjusted it, so it leaned down at about a 45 degree angle "more my speed" she said as she got inside of it and placed her feet in the proper place. she leaned back, holding the metal plate to her chest "Kinda squishes ya"

"I imagine"

"Count us down, and we can start...first to 200? Ggrls, could ya help us keep track?"

Lin stood next to Terry as Mary stood by Anne, "start now" Terry said as he did a sit-up. he wasn't used to doing so many, but was pretty confident he had an advantage with both a better incline and no metal on him.

"1" the Asian girl casually counted as he heard the much younger girl counting off, he looked at Anne, and she was moving fast, already at three! he increased his pace trying to go as fast as he could.

By the time he was at 40 he was nearly caught up, her being at 60..but the he felt himself getting tired. He had pushed himself...but he'd keep pushing himself! he grunted as he started going harder, or at least trying to reaching 100 when she was at 145. His abs were already exhausted, but he kept going, managing to get to 120 when she was at 170. he'd pretty much lost hope of victory by then, but kept pushing himself, until finally...the girlish voice sang "200 from a cool older sister!" and the hundred-pound weight hit the ground like a bomb going off. Immediately Anne ran to him

"Come on terry!" she encouraged, Lin rolling her eyes as she counted to 140 "Just sixty left you can do it!" she said in her best cheerleader voice, smiling at the boy. Suddenly he wasn't even thinking about how badly she humiliated him right then, he just wanted to prove he could, getting to one seventy she cheered his name, said he was almost there, her head leaning so close to where his stopped. She shoved Lin away by the time he hit 190 wanting to count the last ten by herself

"195...come on,keepgoing!...196...Almost there, boy!..197...You can do it!...198looking good...199... Just one more...2000!" she said excitedly, pressing his chest to the floor, she pulled his shit up and immediate started taking pictures of his belly, thoroughly enhanced by the pump of the hard exercise, before showing one to him "See?you could look like this every day...not half as good as mine, but damn if these aren't fucking delicious"

He was pretty humiliate. Even moreso when Anne picked him up and brought him to Andre "don't his abs look great after that Shouldn't he do 200+ sit-ups every day? Maybe add some weight when he's ready..."

The black haired boy was getting up again, looking at the other guy's abs...they were covered in a sheen of sweat, defined, hard...and truly, they weren't necessarily as defined as hers, from what he saw "Maybe, if your going for endurance"

She rolled her eyes "You think you have a stronger gut than me?" she asked, walking up to him "I mean...I'm not ruling out the possibility... she immediately flipped him over and placed him in a full nelson, "if your core is so strong, resist me" she said as she pointed at the mirror, her heels rested on her butt as her belly lay on his back. she rubbed her nose in his hair "MMMM, sweaty guy" she said, dreamily.

She pulled and his spine bent upward "See? No leverage. Just my core against yours" she said as she pulled up. he resisted pretty well, but she managed to get his spine pretty bent. When he screamed she let him go.

"Not fair" he said,, grabbing his back "You had leverage on your side."

Anne had hurt him a bit...she found that she enjoyed it. "Oh my god, my trunk is like half as thick as ours and I managed that? I must have more efficient muscles or something" she said as she flipped him over "but sure, big boy. Have your your way. Show me how you can pull me back"

Andre immediately put her in a full nelson and started pulling, finding he could move her entire body but she was stiff as a plank "Legs locked around mine? really get actual leverage?" she suggested, and he did so. She yawned as he pulled back, before deciding to really test out her abdomen, she leaned forward, slowly against the guy holding onto her, bending his trunk with her tiny steel one, her hands reaching out, she manged to touch her toes, her rock hard butt pressing painfully into his legs "Let go" she said

He started pulling harder, in rushed moments trying to yank her upward "Hey, hey at least buy me dinner and wait three years" she said, returning to a standing position before bending down again, this time she managed to pull out of his lock, turn around, and push his chest. "Now, try and be gentle, or I may not be" she said, flexing her arms for him, he seemed a bit scared. Unable to resist, she followed suit with her highs, unbelievably corded and defined muscle stared him in the face

"Hey" said Terry "What about upper body. that's all that really matters"

Anne looked back "Maybe" she said walking to him, she grabbed a bicep "I that's soft" she said, sneezing. He yelped. She went back to Andre, dragging Terry behind her "Huh...I mean its firm, its obviously muscle" she said as both boys groaned at her grip

"Sop digging in your nails!" Terry demanded, even if she really wasn't she rolled her eyes "Fine, whatever. You guys really oughtta stop being such brats, I'm just trying to help you.." she saw they were upset and rolled her eyes again

"So upper body" she said, eyeing the pull up racks, she did a handstand then a few flips, then jumped up to one "So, contest for who can do more? she said, hanging limp. Terry walked up.

"Sure" he said, jumping up, he grabbed both handles.

"One" he said as he raised himself up

"MMM, your arms are so fucking cute" she said as she followed suit"Does Andre like to kiss them? You can tell me"

He blushed and looked forward, she smiled as they kept going. He got past twenty easily enough, was kinda tired by thirty, though "Let's take a break" he suggested.

"Nah, just say when ya gotta stop" she said, keeping pace as he stopped, counting quietly to herself now "No, its not fair, I need more rest because I'm bigger"

Anne rolled her eyes and put an arm behind her back, doing one-handed pull-ups now, fast enough that her clothing, hair, and softer arts all bounced with each rep, she was at ten before he knew it and twenty before he could protest "Hey, its not the same" he said.

She got to thirty-five before she switched arms "Yeah, still did more with my left then you did" she said as her right arm got some love now "split the difference, I can do it with your weight. Doesn't matter, this little girl is just way stronger"

"We'll see about that"he said as he went to go get weights, and she lowered herself down again, this time grabbing his chest with her thighs, they felt like steel covered in silk, wrapping his arms around them did absolutely nothing to the tightness as she picked him up from he ground, his chest constricted by those thick quads as her ankles hooked around his midsection, he pried and pried bu couldn't move them as his body was shaken up and down as the girl counted loudly to him.

By the time she was at thirty he felt like the wind had left him, at thirty five he lost struggle. She looked down almost done" she said as she curled her abs, bringing his head high enough to kiss, and let him down again, doing five reps with him in her thighs with her right hand, before doing five more with her left alone

"Admit I'm in better shape" she said with a little squeeze

He groaned noncommittally, she go mad and dropped him, he fell like a sack of bricks before she came down on top of him "Hmm, well, consider it sometime" she said looking at Andre now

"Hmm, big boy...ready to acknowledge that?"

"Just because you can do a lot of pull-ups" he sounded fearful now "doesn't mean your stronger"

She rubbed her chin, then smiled "Hey Mary" she asked the little girl on her phone "Still drinking raw eggs cus you saw it in that movie?"

Her younger sister tossed her one. She placed it in her left palm, then gripped it "break it"

"What?" Andre asked

"Break the egg in my hand, and I'll say your in better shape than me."

"Let go of it" he said

"That's the challenge, smarty-pants" she said with a smile

He walked toward her and grabbed her hand his hand fit nearly entirely around it. He squeezed as hard as he could, nothing.

He looked at Terry, just now getting up again, gathering breath, before looking back at the girl "Fine then" he said as he lifted his hand, then punched her fist with his other hand, finding she easily blocked his punch with her palm

"Hmm,persistence is always nice" she said to the clearly frustrated male

He grabbed at her hand now with both of his, finding no give in her tiny fingers, he drove up a knee attempting to smash it, finding her knuckles stopped his knee

"Oh my God, can you really not move my fingers at all with your whole body. God, now I see why you were so easy to bully.

He pressed his knee harder and faster now "Geez, being a boy must be so scary. I mean you've been working out" she used airquotes with her other hand "for years and your barely as strong as I was in first frigging grade, maybe not even as strong as I was in kindergarten" she said, perhaps with a decent bit of exaggeration, she gave some more when she quipped "seriously, if you ever see a girl again, just run and hide, she'll kick your ass"

he got mad after that let go of her hands and punched her head. she sidestepped and clocked him in he temple still not breaking the egg he fell down

"May have went a bit too far right there" she observed, looking at Terry "Wanna try?"

He ran at her and grabbed t with both hands, pressing in as hard as he could, suing the entirety of his arms and chest "hey, yours really aren't half bad-looking" she said as her fingers gave him absolutely no give he stepped back, sweating heavily

"No way that's a real egg"

The shattered it on his forehead "Guess you've got egg on your face!" she laughed for 90 seconds straight at her own joke.

He was up to her at that point, and finding he was also in a punchy mode, she easily dodged his blow as well.

She tripped him and let him fall on the ground, easily wrapping her legs around his midsection "well, now its time to use that all-important upper body strength. Break out. I'm not even hooked in" she observed, her ankles nowhere near each other "Take my legs off of you"

He resisted as hard as he could, suddenly his older sisters were sitting on his chest again, he was a child, unable to stop his tormentor no matter how he struggled

'"Hey come on, try your best!" Anne said encouragingly. Andre got up "hmm, maybe your arms can even it out" she said, rolling over on her back, she squeezed Terry between her legs as she span around to point him at Andre "come on, see if you can help him break out! She encouraged

The legs were log for her body, but shorter than either of their arms. Andre grabbed her ankles and pressed outward as hard as he could, while Terry pressed out with his arms and chest, both of them struggled as Anne stuck her tongue out, not in a mocking way also much as an attempt to gain focus, not crushing a ribcage but still making sure when they pulled she didn't give.

"Ready to give yet?" she asked with a smile, pulling out her phone, she began texting casually

"Yes!" Terry said, before Andre could reply

" me how you two kiss"

"We don't-" Andre began

"Just kiss me you big idiot" Terry said. Anne loosed her thighs as she casually switched to video. they locked lips gently....exchanged some was the cutest fucking thing ever and she was glad she captured it

"You've definitely done that before" she said as she let go of Terry, finding him pretty limp now. "Hmm, I need to put you in a hold now" she said as Andre got in a defensive position but she easily got behind him, grabbing a thigh with one hand, she lifted him over her shoulders.

She looked in he mirror, sticking her legs out and admiring the big guy on her, over twice her weight having no visible effect on how she moved. "Yo know, you do make a good boa" she said as she pulled on him, flexing his body as she brought her limbs closer together

"AHHHHH"Andre shouted as she got him closer in on himself "I know it hurts sweetie, I'll train you in flexibility, but first" she slammed his heel into his head "You have to understand how far your body really bends" she flicked his shoes off with her thumb

"kiss your own feet"

"What?" he shouted as she brought his feet and head together again, eliciting more screams "Your feet. kiss them"

he did as ordered, his own sweat tasting strange on his tongue.

She dropped him, before walking u to Terry "You know, its time I did some actual squats" she said, putting the blond in the same basic hold, but not bending him nearly as much "You need to learn how to do them" she said, showing him the mirror, she got down and touched her booty to the floor "ass to grass, see?"

"Yes!" terry shouted, his body totally unable to move her limbs "yes I see,please let me go!"

"Stop being a brat! Now, how may is reasonable for a set?"


"Wrong, fifty!" she said, shooting her torso into the air with him on her shoulders ""hmm, maybe I need to demonstrate" she said as she walked past Andre's body "Hmmm"

She leaned down to the left, reaching around Terry's neck, she grabbed Andre's hair and took him to the squat rack, letting him fall face up as she looked in the mirror.

"How, time to do squats, bit less than double my body weight, but it should be fine"

"But" Terry said "the bar is still up there"

"What, this bar?" she asked as she shot up, slamming him into 455 pounds of metal, not quite hard enough to move it but enough to hurt his ribs

"Just so you boys know...this is for your own good" she said, squatting down now, her rock-hard butt crashed onto Andre's face with her on weight and Terry's, shooting back up, she slammed into the bar 'One" she began counting

At ten they were both screaming, Andre's head sore and Terry's torso nearly broken

At twenty they were exhausted, Andre was seeing stars and Terry was barely able to breath

At thirty they were moaning, Terry felt like his whole body was a bruise as Andre started to loose his grip on reality

At forty Andre was barely aware of the world outside the skin that tormented his face and the powerful, mysterious force behind it. Terry was all too aware of the bar he was smashed into

At fifty they were just thankful it was over.

Anne grabbed both boys by the hair and pulled them to the other side of the gym, 400+ pounds of male flesh having no effect on her pace. When she arrived at the corner she kicked off her shoes, making the boys kiss her socked feet. She had worked up a bit of a sweat, the odor and taste were both strong, but they had become very compliant. She then removed her socks, having them kiss her bare feet. she gasped at how good it felt when they did it.

She grabbed their hair and made them look forward "Now, you acknowledged my superiority with kisses...see how other girls can lift properly". The Asian girl had gotten under the bar, and with a grunt Lin started off and squatted the bar Anne topped off as she harshly forced them to see the lifting. "See, ass to grass. even my barely-a-teenager sister can do it" she said, and sure enough Mary did.

Both boys groaned as hey saw the each girl pump ten reps with a weight they'd have trouble doing five with, before Anne picked up Andre again, this time grabbing Terry's hair as she approached the squat rack

"What The Hell?" Terry asked, she just smiled "I have three more sets of fifty to do...this time with a heavier weight"

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Qaz came home from his wrestling meet in a state of absolute elation, he hadn’t lost a single match! This made for two years on the team, as the welterweight champion of his division. He had beaten 4 guys at his last meet, without falling once.

He was wearing a plane black shirt and jeans over his relatively thin body when he came home, strutting like a peacock as he came through the door. He was very excited about bragging about his prowess on the mat to everybody in his family, but was somewhat upset that nobody was rushing to ask him about anything.

He picked up an apple and bit into it before walking into the living room, seeing his aunt Az sitting down and watching TV.

“Hello Auntie” he started, looking at his mom’s cute younger sister. She was wearing a plain dress, her long blonde hair worn loose as she relaxed across the couch.

“Hey Qaz” his aunt said casually, adjusting the volume on the television set

“I had a wrestling meet” Qaz said, somewhat frustrated by his aunt’s lack of attention “I beat every guy I even competed with, it wasn’t even challenging”

“That’s nice” his aunt responded, still paying most of her attention to the screen.

Qaz suddenly found himself greatly angered How could that just be “Nice”? he was the champion of the district, for God’s sake! She should be more impressed!

“You may not understand what I just said” Qaz said cockily, before walking in front of the TV “I’m the best in my weight class, not just locally either over a hundred high schools were feeding into that tournament, and I came out on the top of my weight class” he said coolly “I’m the local champion”

“Don’t they only ever match you against boys who weigh the same as you?” his clearly annoyed aunt asked

“Yes, I am welterweight champ”

“Hah!” the blonde shouted, before breaking into a more genuine laugh. “So yourjust like, the toughest scrawny boy in your grade? I mean, come on and face the facts! You are hardly more than a skeleton, if you faced someone with meat on his bones you’d be dead!”

If Qaz was mad before he was enraged now, quickly walking up to his aunt and cockilly informing her “I have been involved in well over a hundred wrestling matches and never once been knocked out! I am unquestionably the best here and I deserve respect! I don’t want you to tell me about how someone bigger could beat me, its obvious I’m the best wrestler you’ll ever see!”

Az’s pretty mouth curled into a smile as her bright red fingernails rubbed against her bright red lips “Maybe if I never looked in a mirror”

Az was naturally shocked by this comment “are you saying you could beat me?”

Az slapped a meaty thigh, before flexing her somewhat defined but certainly thick arms at him “Not beat, slaughter. You see, I don’t care how much raining you have or how many guys you’ve KO’d in your time on the mat. Your just m wimpy little nephew. And when a powerful woman meets a wimpy little boy, the results are predictable”

Qaz felt himself nearly explode at that comment, before waving his finger at his auntie. How could she call him a boy, he was 18 now! How could a woman even if she was somewhat thick, call him weak or wimpy? He was a champion!

“You have no idea what your talking about, you-“

Suddenly his mom walked in the door, and he decided not to say the word he had been preparing to say. Bushra, his mother, was a bit older than his aunt but very good looking. She had fair skin and dark hair, her eyes somewhat exotic and her body a bit shorter and thinner than that of her sister. She was wearing a plain white T-shirt and a pair of jeans when she walked into the room.

“What’s all the commotion about?” asked Bushra

“Well” her little sister said mischievously “your wimpy little son asserts he could beat me in a wrestling match. I’m trying to diplomatically explain he has no chance.”

“That’s not true and you know it!” responded Qaz before looking back at his mother “Come on, you’ve seen me compete. Tell her how easily I’d win!”

Bushra rubbed her chin as she looked at her son and sister, an evil grin spreading across her face “actually” she said as she looked at him ”I can’t say you would. I mean, yeah you do fine against the boys but have you ever fought a woman? A real woman, I mean? A guy like you may be impressed by how much power we pack”

The two began bickering again, before Bushra shouted “enough! If you really must know which of you is the strongest, why don’t you go down in the basement and settle it?”

Qaz immediately smiled at the idea of putting his aunt in her place. He quickly grabbed his singlet from is backpack as Az lethargically got off the couch and started stretching

It was about ten minutes before Az met her nephew on the mats in the basement. She was dressed in a leotard. The specific garment had elaborate black and white patterns on the front and showed off a decent bit of her cleavage and ALL of her legs. He was entranced by this, and his auntie could see it, laughing at her son before turning around. She must have experienced a pretty serious wedgie, as it wasn’t just her legs that the suit exposed, her butt was virtually naked with the small strip of cloth across the crack, over it the straps of her pink bra were exposed.

“Are you scared, Qaz?” his aunt mocked, looking over her shoulder at him while she shook her hips.

He rolled his eyes Auntie, stop being such a pervert. I’m an athlete and your just some lady who sits on her butt all day. Admit defeat before I have to hurt you”

“Sit on my ass I may, but that’s all the exorcise a real woman needs to dominate a wimpy boy like you” she shot back, before slapping her ass “and this ass I sit on all day? Its gonna knock you out!”

Qaz was immediately enraged by the disrespect his aunt spoke to him with, and ran toward Az before Bushra even started the match. He grabbed her behind the back and tried to apply a rear naked choke, but found that her arms could effectively stop his.

Qaz briefly questioned how his auntie could hold his arms so firmly, feeling her red nails sink into his forearms. He started jerking his body to escape her grip but found her hands to be like iron cuffs. “Prepare to get beaten up” his aunt said sultrily before leaning forward and ulling his arms, flipping him onto his back.

Qaz was disoriented as he looked up at his aunt’s clavage and smug smile, not sure how he was thrown around so easily “What do you weigh, 30 pounds?” she asked, before laughing cockily. Qaz immediately flipped onto his belly and got on his feet again, finding his aunt was just standing there with her hands on her hips.

“well?” she asked as she moved around a bit “are you going to fight more or do you give up?”

Qaz quickly initiated a takedown, figuring that his aunt wouldn’t have the experience to defend against it. And honestly she didn’t, but using a womans intuition was easy enough, she saw his head go low as she rushed forward, and jumped just a bit before catching said head between her thighs.

Qaz gasped as he felt her thighs constrict his head, no boy had ever squeezed him that hard! How had his aunt gotten so strong?! He wriggled around inside of her iron grip and grabbed both of her thighs, desperately trying to peel them off of his head.

“My my, little wimp” she said, Bushraunable to help but laugh at how helpless she had him. Qaz looked at the corner, wondering why his own mother would let his aunt mock him. Seems like your ot going to be able to stand up to me on our feet. At all.” She said before she reached down and grabbed him around the waist. She hoisted him up and suddenly he was erect and upside-down, his aunts thighs and arms keeping him in place “Lets try your ground game, shall we?” she asked as she fell forward, slamming Qaz into the mat.

Desparately the young boy attempted to grapple with his aunt, but found she was too strong for anything to do much. He was also impressed with her speed and dexterity, even when she let him get her into a hold she easily broke out. Qaz was completely humiliated by the manner in which she bypassed his skill, before pushing his shoulders to the floor “well this has been fun” she said, before turning around and sitting on his chest.

Qaz was barley able to breath, pushing his aunt’s thighs as she inched up him, mocking his weakness as she wiggled her butt. Suddenly, her arms were holding down his wrists as she circled her ass around over his had, tantalizing him before she fell on his face.

Qaz screamed into the seal of flesh that had been made over his head, slapping wildly as he felt consciousness drift away from him…

Qaz felt a slap on his face. He moaned lightly before another hit him “Qaz?” his mother’s voice sounded “Qaz are you awake?”

“Huh?” he asked, seeing his mom and aunt both looking down at him smugly.

“Oh good, your awake. I thought you were dead until I heard you snoring” Bushra quipped

“I thought there was a bear in the basement from the sound!” replied Az

“Come now, a bear would be a challenge to fight. He wouldn’t be so easily knocked out by his own aunt’s ass!” both women laughed, before Bushra continued, basking in her cocky son’s humiliation “I mean, can you imagine how humiliating it must be to not only know the women in your family are stronger than you, but their asses can beat you too!”

“I know, what could be more humiliating for a guy?” Az responded as she turned around, slapping her left asscheek as Bushra slapped her right. The women looked at the humiliated son’s face

“How’s it feel to know this butt, your own aunt’s fat shapely ass, gave you the first KO of your career, with barely any effort on her part!” Az asked

“How does it feel to know you lvie withthree women, and you are by far the weakest one in the house?”

That was the final straw for Qaz, who got up, woozily, and looked at his mom “That was a fluke and you know it! I just wasn’t expecting her to be so strong!

“Oh really?” Az asked “You want a rematch? Maybe I can KO you with my bust this time!”

Qaz looked forward, obviously scared before Bushra kissed Az on the cheek ‘Don’t worry, Qaz is terrified of you now. He may talk a big game but he’d never challenge you physically”

“I would so!” challenged Qaz overconfident as ever “I just…I wasn’t ready, I’d beat either of you in a fair match! Mom, wrestle me! Ill beat you easily!”

Bushra rubbed her chin “interesting proposal, but I don’t think so. I mean, what kind of mom would I be to terrorize my son with my superior strength” she said as she grabbed his shoulder “I mean, especially at the one skill he takes pride in. I mean, getting manhandled by your own mother, discovering your newly found adulthood is a cruel joke and in fact every woman in your life can manhandle you whenever she wants? The humiliation alone would likely break your mind!”

Qaz could tell his mother was mocking him by the way she smiled. He felt so angry he slapped her hand away Wrestle me!’ I’ll kick your ass

“Such language” his mother joked, “Maybe you need a spanking”. Bushra and Qaz laughed in unison

“Don’t mock me like that!” Qaz said, almost crying now “I could win and you know it! Challenge me or admit you are inferior!”

“Ok” Bushra said, taking her shirt off and revealing a frilly black bra “obviously you need to know I’m stronger” she said as if she was talking to a small child “I mean, making you question it would probably be even crueler, after all you’d be much more scared that way”

Qaz didn’t understand, but prepared to fight his mom as she saw her in her underwear, it was black and frilly and she had such a good body she smiled a his excitement “Let’s see if I can imitate some moves I’ve seen”

Qaz tackled her and she easily side-stepped him, reaching around his neck, she caught him in a rear naked choke “You see, Qaz. I used to wrestle my sister all the time when we were girls” she said as consciousness faded from his mind “and I always won”

Waz woke u again, now to Az slapping him “That wasn’t fair!” he immediately said.

“hah, I should have expected such cognitive dissonance! I mean, finding out your own mom is stronger must be so humiliating. You can’t even use genetics as an excuse, you just have to admit you’re a wimpy boy…but sure, lets go at it again!”

He tackled her again and she pushd him to the floor. His attempts to gain a position on her were totally useless, she easily placed him exactly where she wanted, before she picked him up and stood, throwing him to the ground. Qaz was devastated by her strength before she got n top of him and wrapped her legs around his neck, her legs squeezing the life from him “Wow, my wimpy little so is knocked out by my legs so…easily. Maybe I should wear shorts and skirts more foten, remind you of what on my body can completely destroy you…”

He woke u again and made another challenge even in the face of his aunt and mom both mocking him.

“After this you’ll admit to your inferiority?” Bushra asked

“No way your legs knock me out twice!”

This time she ran for him, easily knocking him down before mounting his chest, her butt against his ribs as her legs clasped around his head “Hmm, I wanted to show you how I could do it again, but the exact same thing would be boring. So look at how I can knock you out from the front, too!” she said with a smile as she knocked him out again.

When he woke up again, his mom and aunt calmly told him he was inferior, and would have to admit it from now on. The champion’s spirit was broken.
Qaz gets broken by his mom and aunt
Another story I wrote for commission, this one about a young man who gets humiliated by his mom and aunt (commissioner seems to enjoy that theme). 
I'm doing commissions, this was one for $25. PM me if you are interested.

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Billy smiled at the video he was watching online, that of a woman squeezing a man’s head between her thighs. Specifically, it was a youtuber he liked getting squeezed by his girlfriend. This had become a bit of a viral trend in the parts of the internet Billy frequented, they called it “The Headscissors Challenge”. And it certainly appeared to be a challenge, for the men at least.
Billy was by no means a slouch, he was a pretty successful athlete at his school, and fairly packed with muscle. By no means could he be mistaken for a body builder, but he definitely had some muscle on his arms. Girls would look at him when he wore tank tops, that was certain. He looked down at his legs in the gym shorts he was wearing, they were thing but muscled. He looked back up at the screen.
The man was tapping on the screen of his phone and Billy rolled his eyes. The challenge involved the man scissoring the woman and the woman scissoring the man. Inevitably the woman would resist, and the man would tap relatively quickly. Billy wasn’t sure if the men were just going that easy on the women or they were just real wimps, but he was confident his legs would punish whatever woman he applied them to.
Billy walked away from the kitchen table, pocketing his phone when he saw his Aunt Ellie working out. Billy often saw her wearing leotards or tights, doing aerobic exercises in the living room or somewhere else, sometimes watching exercise tapes, or like now just watching television. His aunt’s black hair was in a ponytail, she had a blue leotard on and purple tights underneath…she honestly could have wore nothing underneath and shown off her body just as well, it demonstrated where every curve was.
Ellie looked back at Billy, her black ponytail bouncing with the movement of her head “Hey Billy” she said, huffing a bit “You doing OK, short stack?”
Ellie was pretty tall for a woman at 5’7, and Billy was somewhat embarrassed at exactly the same height. Her certainly looed more fit, if a bit thinner, than his aunt.
“Don’t call me that” Billy said, crossing his arms, when suddenly his mom walked in.
“How are you two doing?” asked the blonde, about as tall as either of the other family members, wearing a plain purple T-shirt and jeans “Billy, it sounds like you were gonna go on another one of your favorite rants” mom and aunt alike giggled at that observation
“Nothing” Billy said as he shrugged his shoulders, smiling smugly “I just…there’s a trend going around online where wimpy guys pretend to lose against their girlfriends in headscissor challenges”
“If they were wimps” asked Ellie with a smile “why do they need to pretend to lose?”
“Because” Billy replied, exasperated “They are men, and men are stronger than women. Besides, even if they were pretending that just means they are wimps who bow to the demands of women”
Again, both women laughed pretty hard. “I don’t know” his mother, Bushra, said as she slapped her thigh through her jeans “if I remember what headscissors are, they are mostly about thigh strength. And some girls, such as your aunt and I, have pretty darned strong lower bodies”
Ellie started flexing her thick legs at the subtle suggestions of her sister “See what your mother means, Billy? I mean…come on, look at those chicken legs on you” she said with a brash smile while pointing at Billy’s legs “Sure, they may work OK for running, but in a fight? Those bones aren’t going to do much”
“Shut up!” Billy said angrily “I am a man and my lean muscles are much more powerful than the fat on your legs! In a headscissors challenge men will always win, in a fair fight, because we are stronger and made to fight! You women are only made to serve us.
Ellie just stared at Bushra.
“I honestly have no idea where he gets it” his blonde mother replied “Probably some boys in the locker room were feeding him those ideas.”
“Well, little boy” said Bushra to her son “I think your going to lose to us. In fact, I think either of us could easily make you tap out with our thighs. And I think those tiny legs of yours would be completely useless against strong women like us. You are, after all, just a boy”
At 18, Billy certainly disliked being called a boy “Shut up, you women are wrong! I accept your challenge and will demolish both of you!” Billy said, clearly quite worked up at this point, and his mother and aunt both replied to his anger with more laughter
“OK Billy” said Ellie, shaking her hips a bit as she got up “are you going to fight us? Well, I think we should probably change into more…combat appropriate attire, don’t you think?”
Flustered at the idea, Billy tugged his collar “yes, I suppose it would made sense for you two to change”
The two laughed as they went upstairs and Billy started to stew in his anger, feeling that he had been legitimately wronged, how dare his mother and aunt not give him the respect he deserved! He was an athlete!
Then, in a few minutes, they came back down. His mother in pin and aunt in blue, both wearing sports bras and Gym shorts as they descended the stairs, Billy saw their thighs, exposed and flexing, the muscles moving under their skin with each step they took. Billy gulped at the strength he could see packed into them. What was worse is that the women clearly saw him see.
He suddenly slapped himself out of his trance and tried not to focus on the incredible thickness and definition on the thighs of his mother and aunt “So, you two are ready to challenge me?” asked Billy as he took something of a wrestling stance
“Sure!” Ellie said excitedly , her body looking intimidating and rather attractive in her blue sports bra and gym shorts “So, just a simple head scissors challenge? You scissor me and I scissor you?”
“You can scissor me first” replied Billy with a smug smile
“Naw, I think I’ll let my little nephew show his stuff first” she said as she walked up to her nephew and tussled his hair as if he were still a little boy. Angered, the young man grabbed her shoulder ‘Fine, I’ll scissor you first!”
“For how long?”
“Well, you said you were going to scissor me…for how long? I mean, I don’t want to just sit here all day as you impotently rub your chicken legs all over my face. So, how long are you scissoring me for?”
“I’ll have you out in five seconds!” challenged Billy
“You have a minute” said Ellie as she got on her back. Bushra picked up her phone and set a timer “well, Billy” his mother replied “Do you want to start scissoring her?”
Quickly, Billy mounted his aunt, placing her in a reverse headscissor. Ellie laughed as she slapped his thighs “Wow, those really are thin!”
Angered, Billy started squeezing. Ellie held firm, looking up at Bushra, she had no strain in her voice when she told the woman “Start the timer, I think he’s squeezing”
Billy was confident his aunt was exaggerating the ease with which she was resisting him. He was pushing against her head with his thighs pretty hard….but she smiled at him! He realized his time was passing quickly, it had already been ten minutes and she didn’t even look uncomfortable! He closed his eyes and prepared himself mentally, before setting his teeth and squeezing even harder, hooking his ankles and going in with full force against his aunt.
Ellie’s face showed shock…then returned to normal, continuing to smile at him. His mom announced forty seconds had passed. Angered, Billy started trying to squeeze harder but found he legitimately ahd nothing left in the tank, his thighs were squeezing solid metal as far as he was concerned, there was no give. He started thinking when suddenly…the alarm went off
“Well, that was close!” Billy said as he unhooked his thighs, slowly getting up, finding he was fairly tired from what he did to his aunt
“Hardly” Ellie replied as she grabbed his shoulders “Now, I think its my turn…”
Billy layed down on his bac in preparation for his aunt’s headscissors, finding her mounting him in the same position, initially he was shocked simply in the difference in sizes, her thighs were certainly much thicker than his. She stretched a bit before looking at Bushra and saying she should start the timer.
Billy prepared himself mentally, set his teeth, decided not to tap out no matter what. But what happened when the timer started completely blew him out of the water. The thighs were completely consuming his neck and the lower part of his head, throttling him with so much force that he could hear his own blood pumping within his head. He struggled inside to move even a millimeter but found his aunt’s strong thighs held him in the precise position she had him in when she caught him.
At ten seconds Billy was already beginning to feel lightheaded. The human muscle, sweet-smelling as it had been, that was surrounding his head was making it hard to even find air…not that his neck would let him swallow much. But he wasn’t just choking, he was unable to pump blood through the immense pressure p against his neck, it was like a kink in the middle of a hose. He was seeing stars by fifteen seconds, feeling the entire world around him (which at this moment was mostly his aunt’s muscular thighs) spinning and spinning
At twenty seconds he was beginning to panic but refused to tap out, he was unable to really consider his safety in the quantity of time allotted to him, but he was at a pint where he would sacrifice that for his life. Whirls of colors, glowing purples and oranges, began to invade his field of view until they had nearly taken it over. His light-headedness became a sensation of floating rather than one of spinning as the death-grip of his aunt Ellie’s legs continued its assault against him.
He reached up his hands at twenty-five seconds, the idea of a tap barely alive in his head but he found he lacked the motor control to do anything beyond raise them. The bright colors that had taken over his vision began to dull as the legs tightened around his neck, his vision was turning to black.
At thirty seconds, he was entirely out cold.
Billy’s next sensation was a smell, then a slap against his face. He groaned, before the slap came ack harder, and suddenly he felt a pressure on his face, the smell becoming much more intense. He recognized it…it was his mother’s foot!
Bushra stood over him with her hands on her hips and an enormous smile on her face as she looked down at the defeated male “Did you have a nice nap? You were certainly snoring like you did!” she said with a heavy laugh at her own joke
“I…I was?”
“Oh no, don’t tell me you can’t even remember it anymore! I mean, that’s rich coming from the little braggart, beat so badly he can’t even remember losing!”
“I…lost?” replied Billy
“Badly” his mother replied smugly “Do you really not remember any of it at all?”
“I remember…I scissored her, and then…what happened?”
“She destroyed you. You lost, by a very wide margin. She had to let you go for your own safety before the minute was up!”
“What…Ellie, come back, I’m not done with you” replied Billy meakly
“Hah! Ellie left ten minutes ago, she can’t just wait for you forever, you know” his mother said as she pressed her foot a bit harder into his face “Face it, Billy. You lost, fare and square. Your tiny legs are simply no match for the awesome meaty thighs of your mother and aunt. In just thirty seconds my sister put you to sleep for twenty minutes, while you couldn’t even affect her with those little thighs of yours! You lose, we win. Deal with it!”
Sleep was definitely hard for Billy that night, knowing he’d gotten knocked out that easily. He tried to clear it form his mind but found that almost everything he could think about inevitably would remind him of his aunt and how she was so easily able to scissor him to unconsciousness. But sleep did eventually come, and when he woke up he could hardly remember what had occurred the previous day.
He put one some gym shorts and a white ti-shirt before coming downstairs, where he saw his mother sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee
“Hey mom” Billy said meekly
“Why Hello Billy, seems you slept very well yesterday”
“Hah, guess I got a decent night’s sleep”
His mother chortled “yes, almost as if you were put to bed by somebody, no doubt”
Billy blinked a few times, realizing the joke “Mom, don’t say that about me, I don’t need reminding about what happened last night!”
Bushra smiled at her son “Oh, but I think you do! I mean, its just so funny! A young man knocked out by his own aunt’s thighs, that must put a real dent in your fragile male ego! Knowing that all the exercise you do with your legs doesn’t put you on anywhere near equal footing with a woman who only exercises a little bit?”
“Mom” Billy replied, clearly frustrated “Its not that funny and its not like that!”
Bushra let out a hearty chuckle “No, I think it is that funny and it is like that! Face the facts, boy! Your chicken legs and lump arms are no match for real strength…a woman’s strength, and actual athlete’s strength!”
Billy boiled over ta that comment “Fine, mom! If your so superior why don’t you just wrestle me and we’ll find out who’s really stranger?”
“Hmm, could be fun” his mother said, rubbing her chin “I mean, it’s always nice to knock some of the cockiness out of you, and your snoring definitely beats the sound of you whining about your inferiority! I think I my actually have to take you up on that offer!”
Billy gulped, raising his arms a bit “are you going to wrestle in those pajamas?”
“Nah” Bushra replied as she hooked her thumbs into her waistband and pushed down her pajama pants, revealing black lacy panties and a pair of incredibly muscled thighs underneath. She smiled at her son as she stepped out sultrily, taking off her shirt in a similar manner. “Now that I’m dressed for it” she said as she leaned forward, her torso clad only in a matching brassier “Why don’t we get down to business with me proving I can beat you at wrestling no problem”
Awkwardly, Billy got in a fighting stance in preparation for his mom “I’m ready” he asserted as she just smiled at him.
“Are you now? She questioned before coming in quickly and grabbing his arm “Please, don’t make me laugh” she said as he tried to resist but bound that his hands were unable to break the bonds of her own.
They clashed, shoulder to shoulder after that, but it did not go so well for the son. In a relatively quick series of moves Bushra had Billy on the ground unable to get up as she choked him from behind. She tightened her grip around his throat, laughing heavily into his ear “Tap out or get knocked out!” she demanded. He tapped out.
After that Billy tried to go for her legs, but Bushra was able to get out of every hold she put him in, before she grabbed his wrist and throw his body upward.Before he could regain his footing or meaningfully react she had him in an armlock, painfully stretching his tendons “So” she said as she pulled a bit more, causing him to grunt and grown in pain “are you ready to tap?”
He tapped again. This time he seemed less concerned with beating his mom and more with surviving her, trying to be a more defensive target to his credit she did have some trouble with this, but was ultimately able to kick him onto the floor again. She then did a move he didn’t recognize where she knelt down, her shins over his arms as she placed her rump over his face.
“You know” she said as she waved her thick, panty-clad butt above his face “It was really funny when you were knocked out by your aunt’s thighs! But you know what would be even funnier knocking you out?”
Billy tried to answer but found his face smothered by his mother’s bum. He was in darkness and unable to breath, his head became shaky again as he felt like he did when he was being squeezed by Ellie, now facing humiliation from a second woman in less than twenty four hours. Consciousness slowly drained form his as he attempted to thrash underneath her.
Billy Scissored Out
This was a $30 commission, I am doing commission work right now

I was working in a pretty specific set of demands here, but tell me what you think about it?
My semester just ended and as such I have a lot of free time on my hands. I'm looking primarily for stuff related to femdom, and I'm not guaranteeing anything, but I'd be interested in seeing if anyone has any basic suggestions for an amateur, whether its because you think their good exercises or because you wanna see such a story. 


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