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Closed Species - Gargolem

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 16, 2016, 10:59 AM

Hello!! =D
:new: Traits and Stuff for my Gargolems!! :new:

First of all here is some pretty simple rules about my Closed Species:

Bullet; Red You may NOT trade/sell any of my Closed Species without my permission!

Bullet; Red The buyer are not bound to use any of the information I write here! If you buy the Adoptable is yours to do whatever you like to them! Bullet; Red

Now for the Gargolem!!

! ! Gargolem ! !

The name "Gargolem" comes from the words "gargoyle", as a stone creature, and "golem", as an artificial magical creature.

What is a Gargolem?

Gargolem are creatures made of stone and imbued with magical energy which make it possible for them to turn, and keep, human-like form.


When in Gargoyle form they are totaly made of stone, except for their eyes, and they cannot move freely. But in this form the Gargolem have great physical and magical protection around them.

When in Human form they keep their Gargoyle features (like wings, horns and tail), they can move very swiftly since it's a very lightweight body compared to the Gargoyle form. For a Gargolem to turn and keep the human form, it needs to wrap itself in magic. Because it overflow with Magic Power the Gargolem can attune with the magical power of the environment making possible to keep the human form for longer.

In both forms they have a magic catalyst which make it easier to store energy. It can be hidden in their bodies or used as an accessory.


Although all Gargolem are magical creatures there is a wide diversity of abilities among them, that's because to keep it's human form it already uses a lot of magical power, and although some of them developed even more Magical Power and are considered "mages" others just use the Magic to turn/keep the human form and prefer to fight with Physical Strenght.

For the ones who prefer the Physical Strenght, they usually go for melee combat and even if they use some sort of weapon they can fight very well with bare hands.

For the ones who could develop their Magical Powers even more, they can cast a variety of elemental magic which is usually linked with the kind of environment they are in (since they attune with it to receive more Magical Power for themselves)

A Very RARE trait the Gargolem may have is the power to Convert the environment Magical Power into any kind of Magic! Being possible to create water inside a volcano or strong winds inside a cavern.

Physical Attributes:

Their height vary as much as humans, the same goes for their attire as they can choose to wear anything they like. With a particular fondness all Gargolem have for metals (be it silver, copper or gold) and gemstones (whatever the color).

Gargolem Life:

For being magical creatures a Gargolem cannot die in any natural way.
Also, they don't have the natural needs of a living being and even more, they cannot do those everyday-things even if they want to, for they don't have the respective organ to do it (Like digestive or respiratory system). The only "living-thing" they can do is pretend to sleep.

:new: Ancient Gargolem: :new:

When a Gargolem reach a certain age they need to pass through a ritual where he/she will be then considered Ancient Gargolem. This is a painful and hard Ritual and some Gargolems choose not to undergo it because they fear their personality may be lost in the process, but in truth, something like this is not suppose to happen, if a Gargolem have a kind personality the Ritual is not there to change it.
The Ritual is there to wake the true nature of a Gargolem, with it the Gargolem would become more independent itself and more impartial with the troubles of the world.
This Ritual mark the Gargolem body with a tattoo gives the Gargolem Alma through it's eye , ( the simbol that develops in the eye and body of the gargolem are unique to each of them , they are called Alma ( soul) for that purpose, its a trace of his own self ). The Gargolem that undergo this Ritual grow greatly in power and is considered an evolved race, in contrast the Gargolem will gradually lose it's human appearence, it's body will grow a stone carapace and because of it an Ancient Gargolem will have the magical and physical protection from it's gargoyle form in it's humanoid form. The necessity of using man made weapon and armor also ends because it's carapace and claws are better than anything man can do.
The Soul they receive is allocate in one of the Gargolem eyes and once it's soul develop completly it will grow throughout the Gargolem body including the other eye. So the Gargolem and the ones around he/she will know when it soul is fully developed.
For the Gargolem will be ready for the Ritual once a specific trait start to tickle in it's body, it's like a little seed inside him/her and she will began to feel it's possible to extent their limits and even found a power they didn't know existed. Then it means he/she is old enough to understand and to question their own potential and power. The Gargolems who are afraid or simply doesn't want to undergo the Ritual will lose this trait overtime.
Gargolems may be afraid to undergo this trial since they don't know what will become of them, or the consequences or even how the ritual goes coz this information is not passed on through the species to make sure only the ones with great ambition and determination will possibly turn out to be Ancient Gargolems.

And That's it !

I hope you guys liked it!!

For an example of Gargolem here are some deviations:

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I will be sure to upload some more Closed Species!

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Alone1sAgain Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Love it! :love:

I can't wait to implement her in my story... you know... when I finally see me computer again. Great job, though! :la:
Asgard-Chronicles Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2016   Digital Artist
:la: i'm glad you like it!! i'm also trying to create more species during this time off ^^
TF-Wizard Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2016
Ooh! That's cool! I love golems and such so this is right up my alley.
Asgard-Chronicles Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2016   Digital Artist
Yay!! :la: I am glad you like it! I like non-human being too! *-*
TF-Wizard Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2016
Ha ha. Yeah, they're most certainly fun.
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