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Closed Specie - The Valkyria Project

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 15, 2016, 10:43 AM

Yay! :la: My new Closed Species is Sci-Fi!!
I hope you guy will like the information about this new one!
:new: People Asked me about Valkyria Unity's names and mating so I will update here to everyone can have it! :new:

First of all some pretty simple rules about my Closed Species:

Bullet; Red You may NOT trade/sell any of my Closed Species without my permission!Bullet; Red

Bullet; Red The buyer are not bound to use any of the information I write here! If you buy the Adoptable is yours to do whatever you like to them! Bullet; Red

! ! The Valkyria Project ! !


What is The Valkyria Project?

It's a High Technological Development!
This Project was born to create the perfect individual entity! A being able to protect itself and it's environment with ease! The unities of this project are not good nor evil, they rationalize everything based on statistics and logic.
They will choose the best action to take so to make the best outcome be possible.


The Unities of the Valkyria Project can be male or female, they are, in the most, not cyborgs coz their base is not human, their entire bodies are artificially made, so they will not have useless human systems inside their bodies or they will not have useless needs like eating or breathing. That being so, they are very adaptable on any kind of environment (It can be space or under the sea or whatever!)
They were also made to be able to acknowledge and recruit possible members for the Project (And that's why the Project is named "Valkyria") so they recognize talent, inteligence and on rare cases, they even found someone from other race who are fit to be turned into a Valkyria Unity!


Lightspeed? Superstrengh? Lasereyes? You name it! A Valkyria Unity cannot have all those at once but their abilities are as wide-ranged as your imagination! They are a High Technological Project!

But also, all Unities of the Valkyria Project have wings! Their Energy Source is running through their body parts, inside and out,  and this same energy is what make their wings! So they have the most movement adaptability! And, they are also armed with at leat a laser dagger for emergencies and a Hand Submachine Gun.
They are also great in reasoning fast and ponder the possibilities to choose the better action!

Physical Attributes:

All their physical attributes are "man made" so it can also vary a lot depending on the developer.

Valkyria Unit "Life":

Suffice to say, death for the Valkyria Unities is not an option. Even if they end up destroied they will be collected to their Developers and will be repaired again. The only case in which a Valkyria Unity will be deactivated (And that means death for them) is when they become obsolete, or if their Energy Source core becomes damaged beyond repair.


Actual names can be misleading, or it can change from whoever is the Developer/Maintainer of the Unit. What never changes is the serial number each Valkryia Unity have, so, others may name them and they will answer their given name but between the Valkyria Unity (When giving or receiving Orders or Missions) they use the Serial Number ("00", "01", "02", etc.) to be sure the message is received by the right unit!


Being as rational as the Valkyria Unity are, they know the best way to evolve is by mating two of the greatest examplar of the species and so, it would be disadvantageous to not have a similar way of evolution.

For the Valkyria Unity, "mating" mean one of them will merge their data (Experiences, Personality, Traits, etc.) with another. When they merge, their data do not add up to one another, but it don't overlap one another either. The data merge into something new and unpredictable but nevertheless even more powerful than the 'parents' were.
This new data can be placed in any device, it doesn't necessarily need a body right from the start but! Once the data of the 'parents' are merged in one the 'parents' themselves cease do exist!

Also, two Valkyria Unity will only mate if both of them are willing to. For both must prepare it's software and data to merge with another and not see the other Unity data as a kind of "virus".
This mating can only happen between the same specie!

And That's it !

I hope you guys liked it!!

Example of the Specie:

Adoptable - Valkyria unity 00 SOLD by Asgard-ChroniclesAdoptable - Valkyria Unity 01 Mini Auction CLOSED by Asgard-Chronicles

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