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Closed Specie - Nephilim

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 11, 2016, 1:56 PM

Now is time to upload more info about my Nephilim!

First of all some pretty simple rules about my Closed Species:

Bullet; Red You may NOT trade/sell any of my Closed Species without my permission!Bullet; Red

Bullet; Red The buyer are not bound to use any of the information I write here! If you buy the Adoptable is yours to do whatever you like to them! Bullet; Red

! ! Nephilim ! !


What is an Nephilim?

Nephilim are  creatures older than dragons, who once ruled the world as the most powerful race. But nowdays, they have become a neutral specie. The Nephilim doesn't care anymore about power or racial conflicts, they prefer to live in peace and let the world go round on it's own.


All Nephilim have the Third Eye of Truth, this means they can see/feel all of their counterpart thoughts and feelings, but it's not a clear flow of information, the Nephilim can't actually read the mind of others but they have a feeling of what is on their mind. Like, if a person is disgusted, the Nephilim can feel their disgustment and, can suppose about what makes the counterpart feel that way but they do not have the power to actually know exactly what the person thought.

Even so, since the Nephilim have lived for a loooooong time, they are really well versed in the manners of people and their power are almost always misinterpreted as "Mind Reading" because their presumption are almost everytime correct.


The Nephilim are, well, extremelly powerful and wise! They have lived since the beggining of the world!
Some even believe they were the ones who created all the other living things, other believe they were created to protect and care for the other living things so nothing goes extinct.
Either way, the Nephilim are strong both in Physical strenght and Magical Power.

Physical Attributes:

Their height vary but they usually are small and have a diminutive figure. They use clothes that are easy to move around but they are not picky about what to wear but they never cover their Third Eye of Truth for too long coz it's unconfortable for them to not feel their surronding.

Nephilim Life:

No one ever saw a Nephilim die in any natural way, neither by time nor by disease. They can lead a "normal" life as a living being, meaning they can sleep, eat, breath and everything, but the time they do it differs from normal people. They can spend the whole week sleeping or not sleep at all during a year. 

And That's it !

I hope you guys liked it!!

Example of Nephilim:

Adoptable - Eir SOLD by Asgard-ChroniclesAdoptable - Embla SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles

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March 11, 2016


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