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Closed Specie - Luna

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 15, 2016, 9:25 AM

Finally!! I will update the information about the Luna :la:
Sorry it took a while =X

First of all some pretty simple rules about my Closed Species:

Bullet; Red You may NOT trade/sell any of my Closed Species without my permission!Bullet; Red

Bullet; Red The buyer are not bound to use any of the information I write here! If you buy the Adoptable is yours to do whatever you like to them! Bullet; Red

! ! Luna ! !


What is a Luna?

First of all, the Lunas are divided in two tribes!

The Original Luna:
Luna's are wise and peaceful Cat people blessed by the night Goddess Lunaria, because they like to hunt their technology is not evolved. The Luna's have great respect thowards nature and all living things , hunting only to feed their people and not for sport.
From time to time a different Luna is born, this luna can live up to 3 times a normal luna and always carry the race's name (Luna) the Cat people believe this special kind of luna is an emissary of their Gods and will bring only prosperity and justice for their kind.

The Desert Luna - Lua:
The Lua's were originally Lunas who grew a taste for battle and war, they were exiled from their country and forced to live as nomads in the arid lands of the desert, they are hostile to other races, and truly believes in the survival of the strongest , that being said, this race lust for combat and thievery , however , their tribe is well organized, they work in groups based on hierarchy of birth , the most noble of the desert lunas carry a mark on their neck, those are the ones fit to leader the tribes. This mark seems to be connected with their God and give those luna's special powers


Both Luna's and Lua's have their arms and legs covered in fur, they have large ears and a number of tails that correspond to how many centuries they lived so far.


All this specie (Be it Luna's or Lua's) can see though darkness like no other race can, they can also move at high speed and without making a sound, their agility can help their kind in hunting and battles.
The Luna who was born as an emissary of the Goddes Lunaria is granted with the power to forsee danger and it's the choosen responsability to prevent it.
But the Lua's who carry the mark of the leader have receive special psychic powers from their God, like mind reading , making it difficult to negotiate with them.

Physical Attributes:

The height of the Luna vary, they can be from very small to very big! But, for the Lua's this changes, since for them what matters is the survival of the most fitted they kill those who look meek and weak of the brooding, that being so, they do not have little Cat People on their tribe.

Luna Life:

Luna's life time can be really long, around 800  to 1000 years.

The Luna's live in large cities constructed in the most high trees around the globe since for them to climb a wood is no problem due to their high agility, even a 800 years old can climb a enormous tree in seconds. And they basically use everything they have from nature , weapons, food, housing.

The Lua's live in the desert most like nomads tribes, usually taking advantage of travelers and people that must cross the desert for business with other nations, they eat what they can find ( even people x-x )

And That's it !

I hope you guys liked it!!

Example of the Specie:

Adoptable - Luna - SOLD by Asgard-ChroniclesAdoptable - Vitoria  SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles

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March 15, 2016


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