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Adoption System

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 26, 2017, 9:46 AM

Hello everyone :la: It's been awhile since I updated the Adoption System!
This time I will make it shorter because I will make two journals, one for the system and it's rules and another one with all the extras the owner of the adoptable can request (for example: concept sheets or coloring for the B/W Adopt)

! ! Preview System ! !

All Adoptables will be posted as a Preview, it's title will be "Adoptable Preview - Name" and the Preview will last 1h - 3h, during this time no one can claim the adoptable but once the estimate time is right I will reupload the Adoptable (all watcher will be notified) and create a featured comment with "Buy Here" making the adoptable available to be purchased.
That is so everyone can see what is coming and have a fair chance of getting the Adoptable they want.

To buy the Adoptable after it's Preview Time is over one must reply to the "Buy Here" featured comment. The first person who reply to this comment will get the adoptable.

I'm on fire!  ATTENTION!  I'm on fire! 

Your reply to the "Buy Here" featured comment MUST express your actual intention of buying the adoptable!
I cannot consider vague comments as buying intentions, that's because only the vague comment is uncertain and don't really express the intention of buying the adopt.
So, please note that if someone reply first but only said "Hi" will lose the adoptable to another person who actually answered expressing their will to buy the adopt.

Try to use objective words like "I will buy" or "I will claim"
And avoid using words like "Maybe" "I think" "Perhaps"

Payment must be made via Pay-Pal.
And once you buy it there will be no refund.

Buyers have 48H to pay for ANY Adoptable in the gallery, if you fail to pay for ANY Adopt you will also be BANNED! (If you are having any issues about payment at least send me a note and let me know!)

! ! Adoptable Kinds ! ! 

The price for the all kinds of adoptables can vary depending on the level of detail it has.
The 'Base Price' listed bellow is the usual price an Adoptable of that kind is worth.

Black and White Illustration!

     Example:  Adoptable - Ra SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles  Adoptable -  Eydis SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles Base Price: $10.00

Detailed Black and White Illustration!

Example: Adoptable - Celeste SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles  Adoptable - Charybdis SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles  Base Price: $30.00

Colored Illustration!

Example: Adoptable - Muteki SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles  Adoptable - Jannicke SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles Base Price:$20.00

Detailed Colored Illustration!

Example: Adoptable - Alucard  SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles  Adoptable - Vilette SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles Base Price: $40.00

High Detailed Clored Illustration!

Example: Adoptable - Tanith SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles  Adoptable - Valkyria Project A-1 SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles  Base price: $70.00

Also, once you own any Adoptable I designed you can request extras for it anytime you want! It can be Concept Sheets, Weapon Sheet or Coloring for your B/W Adopt.
All the Concepts and Colors styles and prices are listed here:

Critter Adoptable!

Example: Critter Adoptable - Toppo Ninja SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles  Critter Adoptable - Kraken SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles
Price may vary rom $5.00 to $15.00

! ! Auctions ! !

At the moment I am testing a new system of auction! If you want to know more about it please take a look at my journal with all the rules here: <da:thumb id="681522371"/>

! ! Bundles ! !

The Bundle is an Adoptable with some extras already done and ready to be sent! For example, it can already have the Illustration and Concept Sheet done.

The difference is the discount of 5 ~20% of the total price making the Adoptable cheaper to buy as a Bundle.

 ! ! Holding an Adoptable ! !

A Recently Released Adoptables cannot be put On Hold. It can only be put On Hold after 48H of it's release.

The Hold On will last 3 days, after this time, if any other person get interest on the On Hold Adoptable it will be sold to them.

If you are Holding any Adoptable, I will note you after the first 3 days to check if you are still interested in the Adoptable! (if i fail to get any answer the adoptable will be AVAILABLE again ) 

If you plan on holding multiple adopts then a certain amount of money must be sent as a SIGNAL (again if you fail to reply or don't buy in the 3 days the adopt will be open again regardless of the signal paid for the adopts so SERIOUS buyers ONLY)

Also, one person can HOLD a maximum of 2 Adoptables.

Holding an adoptable is serious stuff since other people may want to buy them so be sure to hold ONLY the adopts you can buy.

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