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Twins Adoptable - Xillia and Axel  SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles Twins Adoptable - Xillia and Axel  SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles

Price: SOLD

OWNER: :iconsswolfdragon5:

This Adoptable is available to purchase! If you are interested please reply to the "Buy Here" comment! the first person to reply this comment will get the Adoptable

Thoughts about the Character:

I thought both Xillia and Axel would be very inteligent and they have a great knowledge about politics, history, and even about some secrets none was suppose to know, add that with a great deal of lies and bluffs and that's how they do their bidding. Xillia and Axel would rather be the deceiver than to be deceived and they are always looking for a greater challange at that, they have no master nor lord, they roam the land collecting information on everything they can and then they sell this info to whoever would pay more ,at least this is how they describe their 'job' but in truth they always choose who they want to get their information and would only offer to the other part if their first choice treat them bad or is someone unworthy of their help, they have a pretty high standart for people, they can trick everyone but they would never harm someone who treat others really well and ask for nothing in return, they believe good people lead a very difficult life, because other usually make it like that abusing them or treating them like trash and so both Axel and Xillia take this into consideration before they act (It doesn't mean they would not lie, they would only avoid making life even harder for them)
About their personalities, Xillia would be a great actress, she is very emotional and is almost impossible to go against her, she makes it so everyone would be compiled to do what she asks of them, she isn't afraid of anything and it causes a bit of problem for Axel because she usually ignores the fact that she is a pretty woman in tight clothes and sometimes she mess with the wrong kind of men, even so, Axel is always there for her and I believe this is what makes her feel so safe.
As for Axel, he is too great at acting, even more than Xillia, that's because she can't fake how she feels but Axel can pretend to be anything with no regard of how he is really feeling, it's a really helpful trait even tho it annoys Xillia a bit sometimes when he tries to do it with her, they know each other for a long time (I thought they could be siblings or long time lovers) and she hates when he tries to hide his feelings from her.

You are not bound to use any of the information here! This is just an idea! The owner can always change anything he/she wants about the adoptable!

For more INFORMATION on concept art for character and weapon and EXAMPLES look on my Journal here!! : 

!!!!!  It doesn't matter when you buy your adoptable, you can always request any additional content for it whenever you like. (That is, the Character Concept Sheet, the Weapon Sheet or simply the coloring of the Adoptable if it's in B/W) !!!!

Note me if interested

Please read the rules before buying!



Serious buyers only.

No Refund.

The payment must be made within 48 hours, then i will send you the files
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Ouca Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Omg I want to buy them so badly but I don't have the money x'D 
darn adult life and bills
Asgard-Chronicles Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2017   Digital Artist
Ahw , thats ok ^^ im glad you like them *--*
SSWolfDragon5 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017
I'll take it if u don't mind :)
Asgard-Chronicles Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017   Digital Artist
^^ sure i'll note you in a moment. 
SSWolfDragon5 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017
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