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Adoptable - Mepheth SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles Adoptable - Mepheth SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles

Price: SOLD

OWNER: :iconheidifisk:

This Adoptable is available to purchase! If you are interested please reply to the "Buy Here" comment! the first person to reply this comment will get the Adoptable

Thoughts about the Character:

I thought Mepheth would have quite a complex character, she was born as a kind dragonian, protector of the kingdom borders because that kindgom had a rule that forbade humans from trespassing, it had a great natural beauty, and a lot of different beings lived there and humans were also known to destroy their land and other creatures.
Mepheth always executed her role perfectly, if any humans would trespass her domain she would at first talk to them, tell them to leave at once and even show them the exit, she would only fight them if they didn't want to leave peacefully, one day, a young man crossed the borders, he was wearing dirt and old clothes and when Mepheth came to tell him to leave he told her it wasn't his intention to walk in her domain, he was a slave and that night he was suppose to be spanked because he didn't achieve the quota he was suppose to had, he became afraid because many other had died from that spanking. Mepheth felt compassion towards that young man, she let him eat some fruits and shared with him some old scales of her coat, her scales shined in the hands of the young man even tho it was night already and she told him to say to his lord that this would compensate for his mistake today, she sent him home that night but still pitied him for his life as a slave.
Some weeks had passed and Mepheth heard a noise coming from a very close spot of the border, the young man was there again, crying and hurt, she seeked him out and he told her the landlord beated him because his mother was ill and couldn't work too much, and so for the landlord to not beat her he protected her. The landlord also mocked him, saying that he would give him his and his ill mother freedom if he could pay a hundred dragon scales like the ones he brought back last time. Mepheth learned a bit more why humans weren't allowed in her kingdom, if they can hurt even their own species what could they do with another? Even so, Mepheth was nothing like humans and so she decided to help that man one last time, she took out 5 new scales of her body, it hurted and bleed a lot, but she endured, washed the scales and gave them to the young man, she said those 5 new scales would be worth even more than a hundred old ones when the young one looked at them he was mesmerized, the inside of the scales glowed so much more than last time and swiped colors depending on the light. And she sent him home again, hurt, but knowing she did the right thing.
Years later, the young man, now an adult, came back to the border and called for Mepheth, she answered his call and saw how much he was changed from the ragged boy she met but aside from the clothes, there was something else that changed but Mepheth didn't know what that was yet. They talked a bit, he thanked her for all her help and after a long time talking, he offered her some water he brought with him, but once she took it she became groggy, her head was light but she could keep awake and tried to leave, the man laughed nervously he told her to help him like last time and even when she told him no, he took a weapon to cut one of her wings, Mepheth tried her best to dodge but in the end he broke one of her horns, she entered her domain as fast as she could and called for help, but the soldiers couldn't cross the border to the human kingdom and the man fled with Mepheth's horn
Because of this, Mepheth learned her lesson, she would never trust a human again, because no matter how the human is, or how you treat them, they would always turn against you because of greed or even worse feelings. She locked the borders even thighter and whenever a human trespass to seek treasure she would kill them on spot with no previous warning. 
And thanks to the human race, one more being hate them too now.

You are not bound to use any of the information here! This is just an idea! The owner can always change anything he/she wants about the adoptable!

For more INFORMATION on concept art for character and weapon and EXAMPLES look on my Journal here!! :  ! ! Concept And Coloring ! !:new: It's now Available the HD Coloring Style!! :new:
:new: For B/W Adoptables! :new:
:new: See below for Price and Examples!! :new:
First of all, once you own any Adoptable I designed you can request extras for it anytime you want!
! ! Concept Sheets ! !
Below I will list all Concept Sheet styles I work with here with their respective prices:
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Black and White Price: $20.00
Colored Price: $35.00
In this Concept Sheet you can put on additions!
All the other addittions are extras, you may choose to have them or not and they will have a separate price.
The Additions and Prices are:
Character's Weapon (the weapon and the sheath - if the weapon has it)
B/W - $3.00
Colored - $10.00

!!!!!  It doesn't matter when you buy your adoptable, you can always request any additional content for it whenever you like. (That is, the Character Concept Sheet, the Weapon Sheet or simply the coloring of the Adoptable if it's in B/W) !!!!

Note me if interested

Please read the rules before buying!



Serious buyers only.

No Refund.

The payment must be made within 48 hours, then i will send you the files
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Rainbow-Mystique Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2017
Woah, what an interesting backstory!

It'd be such a waste for the owner not to at least incorporate it. It's really great! :)
Asgard-Chronicles Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2017   Digital Artist
Thank you Rainbow *-* I am really glad you liked her story!

I actually wanted her to be king of evil, but I didn't want people to think she was just born like that so I thought to explain a bit of what she went through (And that's why it got a bit big too XD) but still, I think it's the owner choice to use it or not ^^ And even if they don't I bet they could come up with a great story for her too!
Heidifisk Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Asgard-Chronicles Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017   Digital Artist
Thank you Heidifisk! I am glad you liked her! She is not an auction tho, that is the final price for her ^^ I will note you about the payment details
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