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Adoptable - Laguna SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles Adoptable - Laguna SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles

Price: SOLD

OWNER: :iconhazard-is-here:

This Adoptable is available to purchase! If you are interested please reply to the "Buy Here" comment! the first person to reply this comment will get the Adoptable

Thoughts about the Character:

Laguna's name comes from the slavic and can mean "sweet" or "blessed", I thought she would have been a somewhat miracle child for the king and queen, they were trying to conceive a baby for years without any luck and as the queen grew older the healers told her it would be even more complicated to bear a child, even so, after everyone saying the king would die without any heir, the queen got pregnant and the kingdom rejoiced! Both king and queen decided that it didn't matter if it was a boy or a girl, they would guide their child to the path of honest and truth so it could be a great ruler!
And so, Laguna wasn't spared of any classes, lectures and knowledge! Her parents never cared she was a woman (and a lot harder to keep the trust for her people and the crown in her head) they dedicated every waking moment to give their daughter the brightest future they could.
As a response, Laguna is very well educated and polite (even tho she has an inner, very rude side, but she tries her best to keep it inside) she also had studied a lot and knows about war, economy, politics, and a lot of other things no one her age would know, she has an extreme organization power, as she can find time to study, administer the country, decide about political affairs and also leave the castle to be in touch with her people and earn their trust all in one day. She knows what is expected from her and really tries her best to live up to everyone expectation

You are not bound to use any of the information here! This is just an idea! The owner can always change anything he/she wants about the adoptable!

For more INFORMATION on concept art for character and weapon and EXAMPLES look on my Journal here!! : 

!!!!!  It doesn't matter when you buy your adoptable, you can always request any additional content for it whenever you like. (That is, the Character Concept Sheet, the Weapon Sheet or simply the coloring of the Adoptable if it's in B/W) !!!!

Note me if interested

Please read the rules before buying!



Serious buyers only.

No Refund.

The payment must be made within 48 hours, then i will send you the files
Hazard-Is-Here Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2017
Claim ^^
Asgard-Chronicles Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2017   Digital Artist
Thank you Hazard! I will note you =D
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June 6, 2017
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