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Adoptable - Khriptha SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles Adoptable - Khriptha SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles

Price: SOLD

OWNER: :iconhazard-is-here:

This Adoptable is available to purchase! If you are interested please reply to the "Buy Here" comment! the first person to reply this comment will get the Adoptable

Thoughts about the Character:

I thought Khriptha would be brave and would always stand up to her enemies even if she knows they are stronger, warriors have short lives, she accepted her fate and prefers it than to lead a boring long life. Khriptha hates cowards and specially if they are men and she thinks the act of suicide is unforgivable, it's the lowest a coward can reach.
She is very intolerant with people victimizing themselves to the point that if they annoy her too much she would explode and lecture them orally and phisically stoping only to not kill the person (because she believed death relieves all this and the great challange is to be alive and need to deal with all the harsh situations and people fate brings your way, so she wouldn't kill anybody who she hates because she thinks she would be doing them a favor)
Even so, I don't think she would be hotheadded when talking to others, instead she would think before saying anything, she is very careful aroung others because she thinks they could be her enemies anytime and, just a little touch, I thought she would have one blind eye

You are not bound to use any of the information here! This is just an idea! The owner can always change anything he/she wants about the adoptable!

For more INFORMATION on concept art for character and weapon and EXAMPLES look on my Journal here!! :  Concepts and Coloring!Hello! =D
Just to make things better I have separate all the info about the adoptables in 2 journals, one for the rules and the other for the extras the owners can request!
First of all, once you own any Adoptable I designed you can request extras for it anytime you want!
! ! Concept Sheets ! !
Below I will list all Concept Sheet styles I work with here with their respective prices:
Deault B/W Concept Sheet:
Example: Price: $10.00
Default Colored Concept Sheet:
Example: Price: $15.00
3-Views Concept Sheet:
Black and White Price: $20.00
Colored Price: $35.00
In this Concept Sheet you can put on additions!
All the other addittions are extras, you may choose to have them or not and they will have a separate price.
The Additions and Prices are:
Character's Weapon (the weapon and the sheath - if the weapon has it)
B/W - $3.00

!!!!!  It doesn't matter when you buy your adoptable, you can always request any additional content for it whenever you like. (That is, the Character Concept Sheet, the Weapon Sheet or simply the coloring of the Adoptable if it's in B/W) !!!!

Note me if interested

Please read the rules before buying!



Serious buyers only.

No Refund.

The payment must be made within 48 hours, then i will send you the files
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Hazard-Is-Here Featured By Owner May 26, 2017
Claim =)
Asgard-Chronicles Featured By Owner May 26, 2017   Digital Artist
Thank you Hazard! I will note you =D
TheFimp Featured By Owner May 26, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh another lovely one~
Asgard-Chronicles Featured By Owner May 26, 2017   Digital Artist
Thanks Fimp =D!
Tanik228 Featured By Owner May 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
looks great!
Asgard-Chronicles Featured By Owner May 26, 2017   Digital Artist
Thank you *-*
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