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Adoptable - Jahangir SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles Adoptable - Jahangir SOLD by Asgard-Chronicles
World Conqueror

Price: SOLD

OWNER: :iconryukicabbage:

This Adoptable is available to purchase! If you are interested please reply to the "Buy Here" comment! the first person to reply this comment will get the Adoptable

Thoughts about the Character:

I thought Jahangir's mother was once the queen's maid but was suspected of having an affair with the king, even tho everyone stood up for the maid (who was someone very kind and quiet) the queen still kicked her out and forbid her to return.
The royal family there would have a special trait in which the heirs would be born marked, the mark could appear anywhere and in Jahangir's case it was on his left eye pupil, but he never gave it any thought and his mother never told him anything about it. When he reached adulthood (more or less 20 years old) he and his mother was summoned to the castle, once there, the queen was very mad, he ordered the guard to hold Jahangir and his mother and as soon as she looked in Jahangir's proud eyes she saw his mark and burned inside with hatred, she could never get pregnant with the king's child and blamed him for being infertile but right in front of her, was the living proof she was wrong, she ordered one of the guards to take off Jahangir's left eye so the only proof of his heritage would be destroyed and she told him she would never accept him as an heir to the throne. Jahangir's mother begged the queen to do her child no harm, that they would leave the city and never come back if she would spare his eye, but Jahangir was too proudful to let this chance slip, he laughed at the queens demise and told her that know that he knows he is the son of the king, he would never back off even if at the cost of his eye, he said all people there where witnesses, that he would rise up agaisnt her and when the time comes, there would be nothing she could do about it!
The years passed and the king's life reach the end, but no one expected what came next, the king wrote his will and in there he admited his affair with Jahangir's mother and recognized Jahangir's as his son and heir to the throne. Jahangir was now with more or less 27 years and was a great and strong mercenary, he was called to the castle for his coronation and as the queen watched it all, he went to her and told her he wouldn't kill nor imprision her, that her punishment would be to live in the castle and watch closely as he would be the conqueror the king couldn't become, and he would rise up more and more and she was to be consumed with her own rage and envy.

You are not bound to use any of the information here! This is just an idea! The owner can always change anything he/she wants about the adoptable!

For more INFORMATION on concept art for character and weapon and EXAMPLES look on my Journal here!! : 

!!!!!  It doesn't matter when you buy your adoptable, you can always request any additional content for it whenever you like. (That is, the Character Concept Sheet, the Weapon Sheet or simply the coloring of the Adoptable if it's in B/W) !!!!

Note me if interested

Please read the rules before buying!



Serious buyers only.

No Refund.

The payment must be made within 48 hours, then i will send you the files
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Vampirizian Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i love him
Asgard-Chronicles Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017   Digital Artist
:la: glad to know *-*
RyuCabbage Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2017
Yo Can I get him ;v;
Asgard-Chronicles Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2017   Digital Artist
Sure he is still available *-* Thank you very much RyuKi! I will note you
RyuCabbage Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2017
Yoshy just got it ovo/
Orcaleon Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017   Digital Artist
Asgard-Chronicles Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017   Digital Artist
Thank you Orcaleon!! :happybounce:
AidenIce Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017
wow, just wow. wonderful!
Asgard-Chronicles Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017   Digital Artist
Yay! Thank you so much *-* I am really glad you liked him! :la:
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