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Ahh, to trace or not to trace. The most difficult discussion for heresies, excommunicated, and banned artists because they pissed off a few mods or admins is here!

Only with a plot twist this time. This time I'm putting 3D MODELS to the table.

The video lasts 31:56, so if you can't watch it right now I don't blame you.

The never-ending controversy of tracing art is still going on in the community art. Today, I want to give it a little flip by adding something else to the table: Is it wrong or okay to trace art by using 3D models in your computer? I hope with this video you can get some insight about this topic. Remember that I'm not an expert, I'm just sharing my experiences here, and I'm using exaggerations dramatically to describe certain things and issues.
(Extracted from my site:…)

As you know, I decided to get my stuff together a while ago (actually, a month), when I announced that I need to make a few major decisions, in Deviantart, in Minds, and in Gab.

I won’t go with the details, but after deciding to stop using Facebook, Tumblr and Patreon, my mind went on a perpetual state of fear, and despite it’s a very common thing to be afraid of something constantly, it’s not a healthy state to be for days… hell, even for months. I kept asking myself “What do I do in order to showcase my art, if Facebook monitors your PC history, if Tumblr doesn’t allow porn anymore, if Patreon can delete someone for political reasons…?”, while it’s good to ask myself these questions, I never attempted to search engine it.

Despite everything going on, I still managed to continue with my webcomic A Yurist Closet, practicing with a more anime style doing fanarts, revising (in secret, everything has to be said) how to continue my adult comic A Yuri Paradise… and yet I don’t feel like I have like a website that I consider a home for me. Not exactly a home replacement for my actual home, but like an artistic home for an index for all my works, a lighthouse for everyone who is curious about my drawings and comics…

A major problem I was having while I was sharing my projects is that every site I have (without asfoxger dot com) has their own audience, and while I use this website, the main purpose of it is to showcase my creations. But nothing else.

So, from now on, I will be sharing my updates here with every entry. Each update I make on DeviantArt, Minds, Gab, and some site coming soon -that I don’t intend to share yet ;)- I’ll post here so people visiting here (because there are people visiting this site regularly) will know when I posted something.

Also, I’ve set up my new SubscribeStar account so you can donate monthly (if you want) in order to support me. If you can’t give me money for some reason, you can always help me by sharing my work with others!

Lastly, I am very grateful for you, my fans, watching my work. I may make mistakes, but I’m always looking to go forward. In the past, I couldn’t get three webcomics working at the same time for issues related to time and emotion factors (there are many issues, but these two are the main ones), however, thanks to a new mindset I recently acquired, I believe I can keep four webcomics updated! And it’s thanks to you who motivate me to keep drawing and keep looking forward.

Take care, everyone!

My thoughts on the subject of the censorship of Senran Kagura, which will capitulate to Sony unless we do something about it. Subtitles included.

The other day I've received an interesting comment in Gab giving me feedback, and it really got my attention because it said in a very simple way and in two little paragraphs how could I improve my drawing. Specifically the eyes and noses, and hip to shoulder ratio on females.

I've thought about it and I've searched for anime/manga references in order to have a guide to improve these attributes without sacrificing much of my style, and I thought I could do it. That's the main reason I'm going to practice more, so I feel motivated in improving these aspects.

Therefore what I'll do from now on is putting a stop on my artwork drawings and The Yuri Paradise in order to practice privately. I won't be sharing my progress (that's what I was suggested), so I can't say for sure when I'll come back. I'll be drawing A Yurist Closet, no worries.

The artworks or The Yuri Paradise will come back unexpectedly, I can't give any exact dates to the final results of my learning. I appreciate everyone who has been following my works and I ask for patience once more. Thank you everyone, and have a nice day!
On 25 May, the European Council agreed to a negotiating position on the draft copyright directive. This will allow the presidency of the Council to start negotiations with the European Parliament on mass monitoring and filtering of internet uploads and a chaotic new “ancillary copyright” measure that will make it harder to link to and quote news sources.


Sign the Petition (people not from the EU can sign as well):
I'll be quick with several things to point about:

-The new project is a new webcomic in progress.
-The nature of the comic will be very explicit, meaning that I won't post it on DeviantArt.
-I'll be using a different site to upload the work, but I won't share links until half of the first chapter is done, on Gab and Minds, I'll directly upload the strips on these social networks. You can look for my work before that happens, though good luck finding it. =P
-I may post one or two pages on DeviantArt, as long as they don't have explicit content.

Take care!
Well. I managed to update three comics in a week, which was my goal since last summer, naming the plan as "The terrible idea", which was waking up at 3:30/4:00AM to draw, make, and upload my webcomics. It was essentially a schedule in the first place.

Yeah, of course I wasn't able to update three times per week, because of the lack of organization, my body trying to get used to it, and the insane amount of shit I had to deal with was unbearable at the same time I was doing Purity Three Years Back. I'm pretty sure if I've had a Whiplash-like mindset in that time (which is basically go all the way surpassing your limits) I'd finish it a few weeks instead of 3 months.

Now, I was able to update my three comics in a week. And I feel happy for the work I've done, very happy, I think I didn't feel that happiness in a long time. I think that I've figured it out, the moral of all this chaos and everything. I have a confession to make: most of my previous days were wasted in playing videogames, even in summer where I was "busy" trying to finish Hyperdimension Neptunia reBirth 3 or playing as space Hitler in Stellaris. And sure, you can have fun whenever you want, it's good.

But if you believe that your work has value, you know you gotta sacrifice that fun play and put it into something more productive in that work of yours.

To give you a quick idea on how I learned to deal with this chaos this week: I still play videogames, through I'm becoming more strict and put that play into 15-30 minutes and then time to draw.

Personally I try to avoid Stellaris because it's a time-consuming game. I mean, in Civilization V you've got "One more turn", but this game doesn't have turns so you say "One more hour", and then one more hour, one more hour because there's so much stuff to do DAMN THIS GAME IS AWESOME BUT DONT GET ADDICTED SON

Get well, everyone!
With A Yurist Closet's recent strips, it seems that they seemed to actually deliver half of the content of what the comic's description is in. I'll copy and paste the description of the comic here:

A comic parody about lesbians, videogames, lesbians, fads, lesbians, anime… and lesbians. If you like dark comedy, the Yuri genre, and want to lose your dignity, this is your webcomic. Don’t forget to bring your over-sensitive friend and to do Virtue Signalling about cancer and poverty in Tumblr.

Let's analyze this description according with the comic, shall we?

It's a comic parody about lesbians, videogames, lesbians, fads, lesbians, anime, and lesbians. As much a Yuri fan I am, I don't believe that this is 100% true. Because while it's a parody, it seems that I parody more of Puella Magi Madoka Magica characters than any other parodied characters that appear in the comic, sure that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm not going to post more non-PMMM content in the future, but most of my readers come from this fandom, they say they like my strips excepting highly biased ones (like #19 for example, which I consider the worst strip I've made for the comic of a multitude of reasons in retrospective on a personal level), they like my style, and therefore I believe I should change this part to something more centered in this fandom.

If you like dark comedy, the Yuri genre, and want to lose your dignity, this is your webcomic. The comic has dark comedy, contains Yuri, yes. With the phrase "lose your dignity" I have the feeling that new readers may think they'll gonna be mistreated, even that's not the intention. My intention with the phrase is to be satirical, but again in retrospective, I think that if I want new readers, I think I'll have to put more general adjectives about the comic such as "funny".

Don't forget to bring your over-sensitive friend and to do Virtue Signalling about cancer and poverty in Tumblr. I'll definitely change/remove this one. While at early comic strips I drew characters making several references to the Internet culture centered on SJWs, I consider this heavily biased and my spider sense tell me that when a new reader looks for a comedy comic, they'll be looking for genuine fun, not some kind of reminder about often depressing stuff such as censorship and indoctrination; that's what political comic strips are for, not comedy comics even if they use dark comedy. I admit that I make exceptions but only in scenarios where a large number of people discuss about X thing or when it's widely popular, something that :iconcypher-ds: achieves in all his scripts of my comics about Sayaka's shirt and Star Wars better than I do in my early comic strips.

On some questions you may or not may about to ask in the comments section:

Does that mean that A Yurist Closet will change its direction? No, of course not. I enjoy drawing dark comedy stuff and pure randomness with my faved characters and other characters in the media. Hell, I'll keep it offensive as usual. The only thing I'm only getting rid of is heavily biased perspective while making comics, because like I mentioned before when people wanna read a comedy comic, they want to have a good time, not to be reminded of this crazy world.

Are you considering changing A Yurist Closet's cover? Probably. I don't have any new ideas that could improve the representation of the comic in one pic. Suggestions are welcome.

Did you think in better descriptions for the comic? Actually I had a few ideas. Feedback and suggestions are always appreciated. Here I go:

A comic taking place in an alternate universe of Puella Magi Madoka Magica where crazier and weirder stuff happens involving characters of other works related to the Yuri genre.

A Puella Magi Madoka Magica parody that is funny, savage, and contains crossover characters in the Yuri multiverse.

But also, there's the option to keep the description the same, if you like the description of course.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Thank you for your support of A Yurist Closet.

Take care!

Metal Girls Galaxy 1st Anniversary Contest by AsFoxger



Today is 26th of November, the day that the first Beta strip of my webcomic Metal Girls Galaxy came out, which is the main reason on why I’m doing this contest!

I’ll skip the formalities, here’s what do you need to know:


Draw a character or more who appear in Metal Girls Galaxy. You can find my webcomic here to see them:

That’s the objective. Simple as that!


-You’re free to draw the character/s however you want and in any setting or theme you want (fantasy, drama, noir, erotic…) If you feel like making a shipping of any character (for example, K_Noa and S_Nia), you’re free to do it so.

-I accept unlimited amount of entries, however you can only win one of the three prizes.

-You can draw my characters in any personality if you like! You don’t need to stick to their personalities.

-The contest deadline may be extended if you happen to need more time to finish your drawing.

-My characters’ pic references are below this text so you receive more help in order to get your drawing done.


  K_Noa Reference by AsFoxger K_Noa

A_Xandra Reference by AsFoxger A_Xandra 

S_Nia Reference by AsFoxger S_Nia 

L_Dia Reference by AsFoxger L_Dia 

L_Rena Reference by AsFoxger L_Rena 

A_Ira Reference by AsFoxger A_Ira 

R_Sala Reference by AsFoxger R_Sala 

R3_614 Reference by AsFoxger R3_614 

There are more characters in the webcomic.


-1ST PRIZE is a Steam videogame* of choice from the list below:

-Killing Floor + Defiance Alliance 2

-Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

-ARMA: Cold War Assault

-Contraption Maker

-Gun Monkeys

-ibb & obb

-Murder Miners

-Space Farmers

*Important: You need an account in Steam to be able to registrer and play the game.

-2ND PRIZE is a detailed drawing from me of one character you want me to draw. Some examples:

Cailin in the beach by AsFoxger  Dave never asked for this by AsFoxger  New dress by AsFoxger

-3RD PRIZE is a SD (super deformed) drawing from me of one character you want me to draw. Some examples:

Do you trust me? by AsFoxger  Another page of AYC by AsFoxger


There are many ways to participate in the contest:

-By sending your drawing to

-By mentioning me in DeviantArt, or writing a comment in my DA page or in this journal.

Deadline: 15th of January

  Metal Girls Galaxy: Primer Aniversario by GroxCyborg by :icongroxcyborg:

Hi guys! Just a few quick things before I tell you important stuff!

I got the job, and to be honest I don't have any complaints. However I can't draw as much as I used to do. I have more time in weekends... assuming nobody interrupts me lol.

Purity R's poll from last week ended, check the results here:…
It seems that everyone wants to know the backstory! I'll be working on it when I can!

Another important information I should share: wikis.

For the ones who have been following Metal Girls Galaxy through the official webpage, you know that there's a page that's called "Wiki". Self-explanatory:…

The problem with the system in ComicFury is that everything's so separated and I don't remember several important commands, so I thought my Wordpress page should be useful for that. I'll be building a Wiki on both languages for Metal Girls Galaxy, Purity R... and probably A Yurist Closet. :)

That's all for now, folks! I ask you to be more patient with me from now on, the job is important, and my comics as well. And while it's difficult for friends and family to understand the unusual job of making a comic in Internet for free, I'm not giving that up, let's be realist, job is more important than hobbies in this crazy crazy world.

See you, folks!
What is "Three years back"? You may ask. As the title suggests, it's a page that records what happened three years before the story of Purity R takes place.

It's practically a summary of the story before the plot of Purity R starts. The reason I'm doing this is because a very small percentage of my readers actually know these previous events by a visual novel I created in 2012 in Spanish. And I want to give the summary of the story and important facts (with pictures!) to all my readers, in English and in Spanish.

However, there's another problem. The first chapter of Purity R is finished (I just want to add a few useless additions before moving on to the next chapter) and it's been a long time without updating. So, what I'm gonna do is this:

I'm going to let you decide on a poll which you can access here:

Do you think I should focus on Three years back or should I take it easy and updating it slowly as I'm updating the main story of Purity R?

Make your choice, VOTE NOW! :D

The poll finishes in a week!
All the eight characters' pic references are done! I'll resume to keep making my webcomics Metal Girls Galaxy.

However, I feel like I need to address another issue related to Purity R. But instead of making a decision, I'll let you guys decide democratically.

The poll will be out shortly. Stay tuned!!
UPDATE: I'm starting the job next week. I'm not gonna quit the job and I'm not gonna quit for my comics. It will be tough, I'm sure of it.

I've recently started to face, let's say, the outcome of all the story about the training project I kept talking about it since Summer 2017. Is not an explicit outcome, it's just a hypothesis, and I don't like it.

First, let's recap all this story because I don't want to miss any detail, without of course putting compromising information out there and getting a bad ending.

I was studying in an academy related to the hotel industry, it's a career I wanted to do because I like it and I thought that it can combine with my hobby of writing comics perfectly without feeling depressed. I finished the finals and waited for the academy reports (I don't know how to say in english exactly, it's a piece of paper that tells you if you've done good or bad in several topics). Just before Summer 2017, I was able to update my three comics on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It was tiring? Yes, but after each week of hard work on my comics it feels extraordinarily good.

A few weeks later I go to the academy to pick the report paper and turns out I have to repeat the course with the failed subjects. Not good, not bad. I had no problem with repeating the course. Then there's this bomb: my parents thought that the hotel industry was a waste of time and decided for me to learn the basics about mechanic industry and a few programs by self-educating ways.

That's the training project: I have to learn how to control two computer programs and the basics and the advanced things of the mechanic industry. All by myself, consuming much potential time for comics and hentai stuff. Though honestly I care much more about my comics than the hentai thing but that's another story for another time.

Each morning, I had to wake up early, had a quick breakfast and started to work on learning the programs and that industry stuff for hours and hours. "You have 2 and a half months before you travel to another country for your job", my parents told me. That's it. In 2 and a half months I need to become an expert and the best in that sector because otherwise I'm out of a job.

Then I started to do the terrible plan. I sleep at ridiculous hours and wake up at ridiculous hours so I can draw something before starting the study schedule. Because I wanted to get my comics done while I study. As I was studying I started to re-think my future-life plan, on how should I take this, how many hours will I work, how will I socialize with coworkers... Perks of having played strategy games lol.

Jokes aside, I basically renounced the hotel industry, and after these months with the training project I went to that academy to pick my stuff (my equipment, my notes, my clothing...) and told to my teachers about my fantastic adventure in the mechanic industry. They said they'll welcome me with open arms the day I get back in the academy. I wanted to sing "If you leave me now" by Chicago with them to get more emotional but I passed and just said goodbye and it was nice to meet the team.

September 2017 is ending. Not a single notification about my job. Something tells me that I won't be there no matter how well I'm studying. I have no proof about this. Like I said in my first lines, it's a hypothesis and I'm probably wrong.

I'm probably nuts now that I think about it, but hear me on this: I previously went to a mechanic industry academy many years ago because my parents wanted me there, not because I wanted to (and I accepted because I was too retarded to say no). After acquiring the diploma I've quit and decided to go to the hotel industry academy because I wanted to, because it's something I like and thought "that's it, I'm perfectly confident about this, I wanna do this".

And now, after spending hours and hours on that training project, I can't work on that job anymore? And the worst part about this?

I can't go back to the hotel industry academy until next September, next year.

Do you think, after seeing all this text, I'm enjoying this?
Folks, this entry will be short.

Things here are becoming more intense and I think I'll be taking a break from my comics Metal Girls Galaxy and Purity R for a few weeks. I'll still draw A Yurist Closet.

A main reason is because I thought in experimenting with drawing more Yuri stuff. Some or all of the next drawings may be explicit enough for DA, so you probably wanna check out my Tumblr site, the place where I store my most NSFW drawings.

As I'm making these drawings (and dealing with work stuff and the training project), I'll try to figure out what to do next.

Peace, ya'll!
This will be short.

As I'm waking up at 4 AM and drawing stuff for Metal Girls Galaxy I'm starting to feel tired. I mean, real tired.

"But Daniel, my man, didn't you have vacations this summer?"

Vacations? Me? HA! The training project didn't leave me alone at morning, afternoon, and at evening! I had no vacations!

Is this a good thing to brag about? I have trouble sleeping lately, but I must keep going on drawing stuff.

Side note: Remember I said I was gonna draw explicit sex pics that I wasn't going to post online? Well, I'll be posting them soon, so check out my Tumblr (Ill post them in DA but as preview and censored).
So, I just finished Akarin's future life story arc in A Yurist Closet. It's time to put the terrible idea to practice.

Before that, I thought in giving you a few details so everything's considered. Feel free to ask in the comments section and I'll do my best to reply.

First, it's worth noting that before this summer I was able to update my three comics each week: on Mondays I updated A Yurist Closet, on Wednesdays Metal Girls Galaxy, and on Fridays Purity R. It all went so smooth and nice until the training project thing happened.

That said, going through this terrible idea means I can't follow the same schedule like I used to do. Which also means I won't be following a specific order on updating my pages. For example: one time I think "I may update AYC, then MGG and PR." and other time I may think "I may update MGG, then PR and AYC."

As for A Yurist Closet, if things go wilder than expected, I may ask for a collab in ComicFury, DeviantArt (or another site) to draw the panels for me. As for PR's and MGG's drawings I'll be the only one who will draw these comics. If you are interested to collaborate, feel free to send me a private message and we'll discuss.

I have some drawings and panels already done. I'm also practicing with drawing lewd and explicit art, but I won't post them here, not even in other social media (not even Tumblr).

I'm sure I'm leaving something behind and I can't remember it. So any questions you may have I'll reply to them.

Take care!
I have an idea.

It is a terrible idea.

I've been struggling for one month in the infamous project and recently I talked with someone about this, that conversation gave me some perspective about this issue of not updating Purity R and Metal Girls Galaxy while I'm in this mess.

So, what is the idea? Update all my comics. How I'm gonna do that? ...with an insane method.

I'm going to keep working in the training project at morning and afternoon. And when it's night-time, I'm going to sleep until 4:30 AM, leaving me between 3-4 hours of fucking sleep at night so I can draw at early morning. Eash day.

"That's a stupid idea." you might be thinking. But it's the best idea in the world. I used to sleep 5-6 hours before this summer and I did fine at school and my comics. This is gonna be fine.

I won't be very healthy during this idea, but I prefer this than having to deal with this shit while my comics are in hiatus, in particular MGG and PR.

The idea will come to practice after I finish Akarin's Future Life story in AYC, which will end soon. I think two pages are left to be finished.

If you have a better idea, I'm all ears.
Alright, folks, take a deep breath. I have bad news, and these involve on the development of my comics Metal Girls Galaxy and Purity R. Long story short: they're in hiatus.

I'll try to explain the stuff that has happening lately without giving more details than necessary.

Since I finished this school year, I found myself in a situation that requires me to put more time in, let's say, training project that I have to do no matter what. It's way more time than I thought, and the time that I could use in drawing characters with correct human anatomy is already occupied in dedicating myself to that training project.

I'll still be drawing A Yurist Closet, given that the style is simpler than others. Besides, it's about time that I make another story in AYC like I did with Kyouko Plays Undertale last summer. This time Akari Akaza, from Yuru Yuri, will be the protagonist.

It's possible that I may update the comic more than once per week.

I don't know when the training project will finish. Hopefully soon, but I can't promise anything.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for supporting me.
Disclaimer: I played both games, both games are good, both games have fantastic characters, what you're about to see is my opinion since a different perspective other than gameplay. Enjoy the triggers, folks.

Ahh, it's been a long time without writing something that may be related to a controversial subject. I miss the times when I was writing about Ghostbusters 2016 and sexism in videogames and social media. But hey, since I'm updating my three webcomics per week it's a responsibility I have to do despite I have a few watchers in my DA account, maybe I have to put my work to the world more often.

Anyway, enough rambling about my stuff. Let's ramble about Paladins and Overwatch. And Battleborn. And Knuckles.

I tried Battleborn 20 minutes or so. I really wanted to play the game because there are interesting characters like Oscar Mike and game modes. My experience was awful, I played on low graphics and low resolution and the game goes below 20 FPS. That's it. I have a PC capable to handle Paladins at high graphics at 60 FPS, Overwatch at medium-high graphics at 60 FPS, but won't handle Battleborn at low graphics and resolution at 30 FPS? I guess the users who wrote bad reviews about its bad optimization weren't kidding!

Right, Paladins and Overwatch. Let's get to it.

There is already a video about a user pointing out on why he prefers Paladins  over Overpriced. Excuse me, Overwatch. These are points related on gameplay most of the time, like you can customize a loadout to make some of your champion's skills more better than other skills. Of course it's free, despite having microtransactions like in Overwatch, a AAA paid game.

I have other reasons on why I prefer Paladins over Overwatch. I played both games, had so much fun, I'm quite better at some characters than others, I played on all the maps... So, do I have to something to point that the video above didn't?

Yes. And that's an agenda on social justice. OW had so much history since the beginning of the beta state until the release of one of the latest skins of the game a few weeks ago. Every drama that happens in the game, Blizzard changes it most of the time -some of the drama they didn't respond fortunately, but that doesn't change that the game had history about it. Whenever is a single user who happens to be a parent, people putting fucked up signatures, or rage in the community, it's always having something to do with drama. Something that Paladins don't have.

Let's start with the number one controversy: the fucking pose. It all started with a parent writing a thread in the Blizzard forums, bawwing in a long-ass text how his daughter looked at Tracer's pose... One user. One simple user was enough to make a change in the game because feelings when there was a much simpler solution than simply removing the pose. You're playing a videogame that involves killing people, you can kill a fucking 19 year old girl with two shotguns and all you do is complain about a "sexist" pose. If one user was enough to change the game. What would happen if much more users wanna do it?

Then there was a petition to remove guns from the game. Exactly what you've read. Do you know how a First Person Shooter works? You pick a gun, you aim and shoot, and you better pray that your enemy dies by your bullets. I'm out of words for this, if you're afraid of using a gun, play as Mercy and only use the healing stick. Of course your teammates won't be proud of you for not using the pistol for self-defense.

What else? Oh yeah, some leader from the Hindu community wants two Symmetra's skins removed. Nothing much to say about this one, because Blizzard did the right thing here: that is ignoring them, or at least not changing the game because religion.

Another well-known controversy, when I shouldn't call it controversy when there wasn't any change in the game: Tracer is a lesbian. I don't care if she's a lesbian or not, I'm going to play with her whenever I want as long as it helps my team accomplish the objective of the game. What concerns me about, is that Blizzard's statement: “From the beginning, we’ve wanted the universe of Overwatch to feel welcoming and inclusive, and to reflect the diversity of our players around the world.” I believe that's the definition of creating a safe space, and we all know how much people love safe spaces. I'm up for diversity (these types of characters previously existed in gaming, like Fear Effect), but when you create LGBTQ+2Z8 characters just for filling a diversity quota instead of developing their characters, that sucks and give people the impression of "OMG LOL IM A GAY CHARACTER SO YOU KNOW GAYS EXIST IN SOCIETY".

Next we have another controversy on the subject of cosplaying. A Korean cosplaying Sombra gets bullied because she was using brownface. She even cut some of her hair to donate for charity, if SJWs didn't pay attention to this, that says lots of things about social justice. The cosplayer later appologized for it, which sucks.

There were a few users whose nicknames were changed. One is a popular youtuber Harmful Opinions because his nickname was "Cyberbully", the other one was a user like you and me who had "Trump4Prez" as their nickname. I'm not even a fan of Donald Trump, and we all know that bullying is bad, but this is ridiculous, while in Steam you can have any nickname you want, you can change it whenever you want. Again, if you can't be triggered by killing a 19 year old gamergurl, why would you by seeing names?

One or two months later, a cop skin for DVa was released and there was a shitstorm because "Police brutality", at least according with the Black Lives Matter movement. You're always complaining about racism from white people to black people, but DVa's asian! Oh wait... Just kidding, full disclosure: that's not canon.

Last big thing I remember in OW, Symmetra is autistic. Check the paragraph of lesbian Tracer above. I guess you gotta check all these diversity boxes! Since we're in, I want a Kekistani character in the game! ...actually not, I don't have the game, my brother does.

Overwatch is in the center of attention of everybody's sights because there are many types of characters, there are from minorities, there are women, there are gay characters... And I didn't mention the lore in the game, but that's another theme for another journal.

Now let's go with Paladins. What controversies do we have?

In February 2017 there was an implemented currency system called essence that is used to pay for perks (legendary cards) and cards you can custom for your loadout. There was a shitstorm of players because the gold you gained became useless. In case you don't know the game, there are three currencies in the game: Gold, you can obtain it in battles and daily logins and you can spend it on unlocking champions and unlocking skins; Gems, the premium currency, you can obtain it with money or daily logins and you can spend it on boosters for experience and gold gain; and the essence, obtaining it by duplicate cards and disenchanting them, and spending it on cards (which could be unlocked with gold).

And what did Hi-Rez respond about it? By lowering the essence prices and increasing the rewards, and giving free essence for every achievement you get in the game, plus giving amounts of spend essence to the players.

That's it, there's nothing to do with social justice. Just technical problems on the subject of pricing, nothing else than that.

So if you like Overwatch, play Overwatch. If you like Paladins, play Paladins. There's nothing stopping you. I can complain about things about Overwatch, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't play it. Let's respect everyone's preferences on gaming, despite the history OW and Paladins had. And that doesn't stop me from doing fanart of Overwatch, in case you're interested in my work. =P

And if you like Battleborn, you should own a big-ass PC or a PS4 or Xbox Juan, because I can't fucking play it properly.
For those who don't know me, I normally draw humans and a few times I've drawn Sonic OCs, you can see them below:

Daniel the Fox by AsFoxger DarkTailsXZ, The Phantom Pain (Gift) by AsFoxger

So I was thinking in practising a bit more on the subject of Sonic OCs, specially the ones that aren't based on Tails. =P

So do you have a Sonic OC? Do you want me to draw him/her? Then this is your chance, read these points!
-You must provide me clear visual references of your character.
-Only white (or another colour) background.
-Simple clothing is always appreciated.
-I can do SFW and NSFW, though SFW is more preferred so more people can see my future work with your OC.
-No revisions! I will send you the pic step by step, first the lineart, the colours and finally the shading. That's the whole process for this work.
-There'll be only one slot.

I believe that's everything. So, if you wish a drawing of your OC, comment here with a link of your character! I'll go read one by one and decide what's better for my learning process.

See ya!