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The offensive webcomic artist who likes Yuri and stuff.

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Dan (Clone.Manga)
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Inside Out, Kara No Kyoukai
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Rick and Morty
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Kalafina and Yuki Kajiura
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S**t my Dad says
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(Insert something here)
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Grand Theft Auto 5
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I'm the king of things
AsFoxger is back from the attacks of censorship!
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Slow build up Materials are ready. Disclaimer: not here to hype things. You will see everything slowly being rebuilt for free. Stay tuned. -AF
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Friendly reminder Just because I was banned from one site doesn’t mean I’m gonna give up. And just because I’m in radio silence mode doesn’t mean that there’s nothing going on. Stay tuned. This is gonna take some time. -AF
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Hola buenas tardes, hace unos años habia jugando tu novela, Pureza y queria poder jugarla de nuevo pero no encuentro ningun link, no te molestaria darme acceso o algo para poder jugarlo? Era divertido y queria hacer las otras rutas.

Quién diría que alguien vería mi tweet y lo pasaría por aquí.

Igual sé que es un poco tarde responder a un tweet de hace medio año lmao, pero bueno, es una lástima que Asforger haya desaparecido.

Es cierto que su ""mala"" fama la tiene algo ganada por su actitud en el pasado, en especial cuando sacó dicha VN, y dejando de lado que trató de imitar a Kukuruyo y le salió como el churro, al menos desde 2015 se le veía con pinta de que estaba aprendiendo y mejorando su dibujo.

Ojalá vuelva en algún futuro.

wow muchisimas gracias por pasarlo, al fin puedo mostrarle a mis amigos este juego de hace muchos años que alegria


His comics and works are that bad.

Asfoxger is an alt right grifter who fetishizes lesbians while at the same time depriving them of actual rights and proper representation. He is a weeaboo who only takes shortcuts and refuses to improve his art, hence why he has given up now and is probably doing something better with his godforsaken life. He is racist (he thinks white people are better than blacks because if white people didn't exist blacks would still be poor somehow YES HE ACTUALLY MADE A COMIC LIKE THAT), homophobic (he hates that arthur has a gay character because THINK OF LE CHILDREN but at the same time fetishizes lesbians) and thinks censorship is literally 1984 when in fact it only affects toxic alt right dipshits like him who like to punch down and spread bigotry.

Happy 1 year anniversary of not being completely embarrassing.


Hello! Just popping in to tell you your work has some fine talent. I wouldn't pay any mind to that Alpacaman dickhead- they seem like the type that are just angry for no good reason. Cheers!

Thank you for your kind words! I don't pay him any attention either, he should be focusing on improving his own life instead of being angry at art made by other people like me. Take care!