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I haven't been on here much lately and the group deserves better!

Anyone fancy taking over?
Hi Peeps!

We need more submissions! To lively up our gallery!

Anyone? Anyone at all?

Also, A new version came out!

ASEPRITE 0.9.5 is here! Bugs fixes mainly

    Added support to resize the color-bar.
    Fixed regression bug introduced in 0.9.2: menu navigation using keyboard stopped working.
    Fixed  issue 143 : Crash in "File > Open/Save" when aseprite.ini contains an invalid path.
    Fixed  issue 160 : Crash Undo-ing Layer Delete.
    Fixed  issue 163 ,  issue 164 , and  issue 165 .
A new version of Aseprite has been released! Huzzah!


Now Shift key locks the X/Y axis when you drag & drop the selection.
Add support to load GIMP palettes ( issue 112 ).
Fix bug with Export Sprite Sheet when the cel is bigger than the sprite's size.
Fix regression bug: Enter/Tab/Escape keys don't work in list-boxes.
Fix bug showing "modified" status in the document tab.
Fix  issue 130 : crash redoing a "convert to grayscale mode" command.
Fix  issue 44 : problems browsing files when the option "hide extensions for known file types" is activated in Windows Explorer.
Fix  issue 129 : Return to frame/layer where action is undone (configurable option).

Mainly bug fixes. But it's still good to see that development seems to be going at a steady pace!

Go on! Go get it! :

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