It looks like I'm the only admin of the group remaining. All the other admins have left! The group needs active moderators, so I will currently be considering applications.
Hello ASEpriters! Founder DragonDePlatino here. :wave:

We've recently had an explosion in submissions, so I took the opportunity to organize the group a bit more. Here are the changes:
  • New Gallery Folders: Pixel Art, Sprites, Animated Sprites, Scenes, Animated Scenes, Tiles, Oekaki, Other
  • Removed Gallery folders: WIPs, Member Artwork. All artwork has been moved to the new folders.
  • Folder descriptions: Please read before submitting!
  • Member submission limitations: 3 deviations per folder per day.
To account for the new folders, all pending submissions have been removed. Please resubmit to the new folders if you were waiting for something to be accepted.

And as always...If you have any friends that use ASEprite and haven't joined the group, please encourage them to join! We're always looking for new members to feature this great art program. :D
I haven't been on here much lately and the group deserves better!

Anyone fancy taking over?
Hi Peeps!

We need more submissions! To lively up our gallery!

Anyone? Anyone at all?

Also, A new version came out!

ASEPRITE 0.9.5 is here! Bugs fixes mainly

    Added support to resize the color-bar.
    Fixed regression bug introduced in 0.9.2: menu navigation using keyboard stopped working.
    Fixed  issue 143 : Crash in "File > Open/Save" when aseprite.ini contains an invalid path.
    Fixed  issue 160 : Crash Undo-ing Layer Delete.
    Fixed  issue 163 ,  issue 164 , and  issue 165 .
A new version of Aseprite has been released! Huzzah!


Now Shift key locks the X/Y axis when you drag & drop the selection.
Add support to load GIMP palettes ( issue 112 ).
Fix bug with Export Sprite Sheet when the cel is bigger than the sprite's size.
Fix regression bug: Enter/Tab/Escape keys don't work in list-boxes.
Fix bug showing "modified" status in the document tab.
Fix  issue 130 : crash redoing a "convert to grayscale mode" command.
Fix  issue 44 : problems browsing files when the option "hide extensions for known file types" is activated in Windows Explorer.
Fix  issue 129 : Return to frame/layer where action is undone (configurable option).

Mainly bug fixes. But it's still good to see that development seems to be going at a steady pace!

Go on! Go get it! :

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