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StandardDesk 3.5

By Asect
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*****Updated 08-24-2020*****

*Updated RegExp*

*Added Ability to Utilize Website Weather Icons*
*Updated RegExpressions for Improved Functionality*
*Updated Precipitation Information*

******StandardDesk 3.5 Utilizing Weather Parsed From - Updated RegExp******

**StandardDesk 3.5 Now Includes**

*Weather Parsed From Using XXenium Excellent LiveWeatherv3.0 as Basis for Skin
  Includes Settings Panel and Tool-Tips with Icons
*PocketWatch Now Contains Settings Panel for 6 Watch Faces and 4 Sets of Watch Hands
  Settings Panel Selected by Clicking on Watch Hands Screw - Includes Tool-Tips with Icons
*Cigarette Allows for Fast Burn (By Hour) or Slow Burn (By Day)

Standard Desk Rainmeter Suite. This Suite is a redesign and includes two Wallpapers (Lady Liberty & Liberty Drum Located in resources\Wallpaper Folder). Suite has also been updated to "look" better with greater symmetry and overall fit, as well as majority of config files updated to most recent Rainmeter.


Rainmeter Suite best for 1920x1080 resolution at 125% scaling. Wallpaper is included in resources\Wallpaper Folder

Credits Also To:

Tatenokai : Original "Newspaper Theme" Creator

Tatenokai & JpsCrazy for Cigarette Hour Counter

JSMorley For the Fine Examples of HWiNFO & Everything Else for Calendar

Falconer and for Datebar and Time

AvoidTheSky and JpsCrazy for StandardDesk Skin

Jessydior for GMail

Janbure for HDD for Launchers and StephStef and Poiru's 'Recycle Bin.ini for Recycler

easy-art for Notes & System Stats for System Infos

XXenium for Weather

Suite Includes:

*2 HWiNFO Panels - *CPU & *Motherboard - Redistributable.dll & HWiNFO Shared Memory Viewer
Included Along With Help & Example Links for HWiNFO - Link to HWiNFO Shared Memory Viewer
With Tool-Tips with Icons - HWiNFO Panels Include Settings Options

*Calendar with Link to Desktop Calendar App - Includes Tool-Tips with Icons

*CPU - RAM - PWR - UPL - DWL Meter - Link to Task Manager - Includes Tool-Tips with Icons

*5 RSS Feeds Available for Desktop

*2 Hard Drive Usage Bar Graphs - Link to Specified Hard Drives - Includes Tool-Tips with Icons

*14 Desktop Launchers Included in Settings

*Recycle Bin Launcher - Includes Tool-Tips with Icons

*GMail Count Parser - Link to GMail - Displays 3 Unread Emails - Includes Tool-Tips with Icons

*Weather Skin Based on XXenium LiveWeatherv3.0 and Link to - Includes Tool-Tips
  With Icons & Settings Panel

*3 Digital Clocks - 2 That Can Be Set to Different Time Zones - All Link to
  Includes Tool-Tips with Icons

*CPU Usage & Net In Net Out Traffic Graphs

*Cigarette That Burns Down as Minutes or Hours Pass - Link to Control Panel - Includes Tool-tips
  With Icons

*Antique Pocket Watch with Choice for 6 Faces and 4 Sets of Watch Hands - Link to
  Includes Tool-tips with Icons


NOTE: This Rainmeter Suite is Best for 1920x1080 Resolution Scaled to 125%

1. Download and Install the Rainmeter File.

2. Download and Install the HWiNFO Application (Links & Help Included in Skin) - It Will Help Greatly to
    Become a Bit Familiar with the App

3. Run HWiNFO App AND HWiNFO Shared Memory Viewer (Links & Help Included in Skin)

4. After the Rainmeter Skin is Installed - Locate the Lighthouse Icon
    (Located Between "Daily Standard") and Enter Variables.
    After Entering Each Variable BE SURE TO CLICK THE SET BUTTON!
    After All Variables are Entered "Refresh all" in Rainmeter Manage Panel.

5. Locate the Gear Icon Button to the Right of Weather "Update" and Click to Open Weather Settings Panel
    Left-Click on the Home Icon Button in the Weather Settings Panel to Open
    Enter Your City in the Search Area of - Copy Your City Location From Address Bar
    Paste Your City Location Into The Weather Settings Panel and Press Enter
    For the Weather to Fit and Look as it Does It is Strongly Recommended to Only Set The Location
    After Variables are Entered Refresh the Weather Skin

6. Locate the Small Gear Located to the Left and Towards the Top of the HWiNFO Panels and Click to
    Open the HWiNFO Settings Panel. Left Click on the Settings Button to Enter Variables. The Settings
    Are Included on All Panels Yet It is Only Necessary to Enter the Variables Once. After Entering
    Each Variable BE SURE TO CLICK THE SET BUTTON! After All Settings Are Entered "Refresh all" in the
    Rainmeter Manage Panel.

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Glad you got it worked out!

Lighthouse too big for wallpaper when set to 125%, too small at 100.

Nevermind, Reloaded the skin and it somehow fixed itself to correct scale

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Hey FetidCreeper...I've not experienced that. Have you tried to set the password from the variables file? You can go to wherever your skins are stored, open the StandardDesk folder, navigate to StandardSkin folder and open, open the file, and manually enter the GMail information. Save the file, and then exit rainmeter (right click on toolbar icon and exit). Restart your computer. Hopefully that will reset things and all will work.

Hey there. Not sure if you're still around, but I'm having issues with the gmail part. I've <set> my stuff with the lighthouse, but it won't stay set. Will some special characters in password field disable the script from working?

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The Wallpaper is contained in the Rainmeter Skin Folder - Subfolder - resources.  Path should be something like C:\Users\YourName\My Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\StandardDesk\resources\Wallpapers, assuming you have a typical install of Rainmeter on your system.

It seems there is no longer such thing as " resources\Wallpaper Folder " or even the mentioned wallpaper. That is a pitty.

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I posted a reply to your comment.  The Wallpapers are located in the "resources" folder of the skin.
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well done!! GREAT work!! ( & complete too) :clap:

Greetings from Spain 2 | FLAGS 
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Thank you KOTPA!  Glad you like it!
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