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Gazette 1.0 by Asect Gazette 1.0 by Asect

Modified Newspaper Theme Suite Called Gazette for Rainmeter.


This is a modified take on the Rainmeter Suite that Tatenokai created.  It has been modified for 1920x1080 resolution at 125% scaling for those of us with tired eyes. Much of the code has been rewritten and updated within the skins to rid of deprecation and add updated options.  Wallpaper is included here All the credit goes to Tatenokai for creating what is by far my favorite desktop theme.


Credits Also To: for Calendar

JpsCrazy for Cigarette

Falconer and for Datebar and Time

AvoidTheSky and JpsCrazy for Gazette Skin

Jessydior for GMail

Janbure for HDD1 & HDD2 for Launchers and StephStef and Poiru's 'Recycle Bin.ini' for Recycler

easy-art for Notes & System Stats for System Infos

VClouds for Weather

DYIDDO for Planting the Idea to Create the Skin for 1920x1080 at 125%


Without these fine folks sharing wonderful skins, posting my first Rainmeter Skin Suite would not be possible.


Suite Includes:


*Calendar with Link to Desktop Calendar App That Includes Tool-tips with Icons

*4 RSS Feeds on Desktop

*14 Desktop Launchers + Recycle Bin Launcher That Includes Tool-tips with Icons

*GMail Count Parser and Link to GMail That Includes Tool-tips with Icons

*Weather Skin Based on VClouds Weather 2 and Link to That Includes Tool-tips with Icons

*Running Pocket Watch and Link to That Includes Tool-tips with Icons

*Cigarette That Burns Down with Time and Link to Control Panel That Includes Tool-tips with Icons

*Notepad Pop-Up Above United States Army Card and a System Stats Pop-Up Above Drum Card


NOTE: This Rainmeter Suite is Created for 1920x1080 Resolution Scaled to 125%

1. Download and Install the Rainmeter File.

2.  After the Rainmeter Skin is Installed - Locate the Red Gazette Settings Icon
     (Located Between "Daily News") and Enter Variables.
     After Entering Each Variable BE SURE TO CLICK THE SET BUTTON!

     Location is 8 Digit City Code Found by Searching for Your City on (Example USWI0777).

     The Location Code is the 8 Digit Code Located Near the End of the Address Bar in Internet Browser.
     After All Variables are Entered "Refresh all" in Rainmeter Manage Panel.

3.  Locate the Triangular Button to the Right of "Weather" and Click to Open Weather Settings Panel.
     Left-Click on the Settings Button in the Weather Settings Panel to Enter Variables.

     After Entering Each Variable BE SURE TO CLICK THE SET BUTTON!

     For the Weather to Fit and Look as it Does It is Strongly Recommended to Only Set The Location

     8 Digit Variable Which Can Be Found by Searching for Your City on
     After Variables are Entered Refresh the Weather Skin.


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marclindsey Featured By Owner Edited Mar 28, 2019
Looks great and generally functions well!

Couple issues:

*Note: Followed instructions to left-click on the red icon and hit save after each. Checked in and values are being set there.  Also rechecked left-click of red icon and values are there. Refreshed from main Rainmeter admin panel.

1. Time stays in 24H mode even if setting is changed to "I"
     [Note I looked into Time.ini and while it does load, it doesn't seem to have code to interpret the value of "H" vs "I" as #Time# is not looked at.
2. Recycle bin is malformed (but clicks work)
3. Gmail stays as "Loading...".
Asect Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2019
Hello Marclindsey....sorry to hear your having problems.  Haven't heard of anyone else, but perhaps I may have a way to "jumpstart" into working.  If you open up the Gazette\Gazette Skins folder and see the that up with notepad (or whatever text editor you use), backspace out the I, type in H, then backspace out the H and retype I without any quotes.  Also, your username should not include, just everything that comes before the  Then save the file, do a full Rainmeter refresh through the right click menu on Rainmeter using the taskbar, then reboot your computer.  Also, could you explain the Recycle Bin malformed?  Thank you!
marclindsey Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2019
Hi Asect,

I and H still don't affect the time display when changed in and refreshed in Rainmeter's app (full refresh).  So I just hand coded it in the time.ini and it's fine.  

I still cannot get the network folder M: to show sizing (does work in Medieval), and for the recycle bin it shows (without quotes) "0b    RECYCLE" and there's some unreadable text over the RECYCLE wording as well.

Thanks for the email tip; worked!
Asect Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2019
Hey Marc,

My time is working without any issues, encoded as:
So I'm not sure about that one!  The Recylce Launcher for me looks exactly like the desktop screenshot posted.  You may want to try the AccurateText setting in [Rainmeter] section in the ini file and set to 0 (Turn Off).  If that doesn't work reset AccurateText=1 and try the [MeasureBinItems] in the ini file and adjust the X= & Y=r setting.  Remember on the Y setting you may need a negative number.  This may assist in aligning the text for you.  Hope this works for you!
Asect Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2019
Thank you for the kind comment desertedcat!  The link to the wallpaper has now been added.
desertedcat Featured By Owner Edited Mar 13, 2019
Very good! Wallpaper where? Thank.
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