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[MMD] Raccoon Girl Download

Raccoon Girl MMD Model

Model Edit:

Base model credits:
- Body: Montecore
- Tail: kitsune_tsuki

- Do not use for R+18 content.
- Do not use for works which include obscene, grotesque, and/or violent content.
- Do not sell this model for profit.
- Do not use this model for commercial purpose.
- Do not claim this model as your own.
- Editing is allowed.
- Edit Redistribution is allowed. Please credit me if you can.
- Do not redistribute this model unedited.

You can post pictures/videos of her unedited/edited. Please have fun with her ~
© 2019 - 2021 asdfg21
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Impresionant, good work. Love the model.

Kawaiii >~<! Thank you!

how would i use this in vrchat

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thanks so much !! DL !!!

kawaii !!!

SakuraHanakoChan's avatar

Oh that's so perfect, I was exactly looking for something like that !!

Thank you sooo muuuch

June oc
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Can I use only ears and tail from this model?

I can't find anywhere site to dl this tail qwq

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Yes, you can.
StrawberryLaVey's avatar

Yay, thank you <33

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Hello, stupid question. If you created it, how did you do it? I start on MMD and I would like to create many OCs but I do not know how. I would have liked to know, thanks in advance ^^.

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I used PMXEditor to make it. It can combine parts and edit polygons.
IntegraFav's avatar

Oh ok and it's complicated to use?

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It will be fine once you get used to it.
IntegraFav's avatar

I hope ^^. Thank you very much for informing me and taking the time to answer me ^^.

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You're welcome :D
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your work amazing

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She's adorable!
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really adorable wish there was more cute models like this:3
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